A Nod To Gothic, On A Sunny Day: Visible Monday

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A little nod to Gothic today (watching too much Penny Dreadful, perhaps). I found this vintage 80’s dress at the thrift and even though it doesn’t check all my usual boxes, I love it for a shot of drama.

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I’ve shown this dress before, with a belt and tights, and it felt more playful. Today it’s moody, with no belt, a fab vintage bracelet (via Citizen Rosebud), and a long black bead necklace (via Suzanne Carillo). I could have gone with black boots too but couldn’t resist my ancient Cydwoqs (sim) – they are a little Gothic too, yeah?

I’m wearing hair by Ellen Wille, one of my favorite lines. I often get asked if I cut my own hair when I’m wearing this one.

gothic look

Trying to copy Kitty’s foot pose. Fail.

Goth dress

Even Goth Girls have been known to crack a smile.


Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

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Stay fabulous,


Here are a few of my favorite Gothic things, almost all on sale:

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  1. I liked this black dress the first time you showed it, but I absolutely love it styled this way, free and easy. And pairing it with those booties is fabulous. Now for the hair, I can’t believe how well you wear wigs, I would never have guessed.

  2. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from your boots, they are fabulous Patti.
    Doesn’t everyone look lovely in their summer finery. Sadly we are back in our winter garb after only two days of sunshine

  3. Who knew you had a little penchant for the Gothic? ! When I was teaching I had quite a few students who favored this look . What was really interesting was that those kids were really just wearing a style and although they may have appeared dark, ominous and unapproachable, they were really just kids, finding their way in the world; just like the rest of us ..
    I doubt that you’re planning to readopt an entirely black wardrobe and I think you look smashing in this dress Patti! I LOVE THE BOOTIES TO DEATH!!!!! oops….

  4. Love the moody feel of the outfit, Patti! The hair is very natural on you! I wonder what you answer to that frequent question? πŸ™‚ Thank you for the link-up!

  5. Oh if only we had fancy tv, Penny Dreadful looks good.
    Talking of looking good that dress is fantastic on you! x

  6. I love a little black dress and this one is fabulous! It is perfect with your booties too! I think I can smell the ocean! Peace! Cheryl Tucker

  7. Oh heavens if this is Goth, then I’m Goth half of my life!! Love the black! AND the cute crack of a smile. Always so classy and fun Patti!

  8. Love Penny Dreadful. I just finished binge watching the whole series and wish it continued. Love your take on a goth look. Heck, half my wardrobe is black! The sleeves on that dress really make it stand out. Great accessories, especially those boots. Didn’t know about that brand.I just checked their site. Some really cool, unique footwear.

  9. I never would have guessed that you were “wearing hair!”

    Next-level accessory styling, as the kids say–love the mix of pearls with the cydwoqs and cuff.

  10. You find so many fabulous pieces where you work! I like the looser styling and think your boots were a great choice. I love Penny Dreadful and am disappointed it is complete.

  11. It’s a very interesting dress, I love the details and silhouette! Gothic is fine by me, whatever the weather πŸ˜‰

  12. I need to check out Penny Dreadful. I keep hearing about it! Thanks for the tip and as always thanks for hosting this link-up!

  13. I really like this look, Patti! I love the dress, and the accessories are perfect with it. And what a cool wig! It does look like you cut your hair!

    Thanks for the link up & have a wonderful week!

    • Penny Dreadful is amusing and not really very scary. Good acting and crazy plot lines! And Timothy Dalton, still very handsome, in a lead role. xox

  14. Goth reminds me of my college days—black, black & more black!!
    And I’m glad you added those booties—that’s one way to grow up the goth!!
    I must admit, I’d have never guessed that was a wig!! You found one with curly hair…I may have to try this line!

  15. I like the goth. I don’t often see you in this silhouette nor in so much black but it looks fabulous, especially with these accessories. I wonder if you even walk differently when you wear this, it has that spy-kind-of feel to it, slow, low-to-the-ground. “I wanna be evil…” – sing it! Heh. Thanks for the linkup.

  16. I wouldn’t think of you as goth even in an all black ensemble. I get the impression of a very stylish woman who knows what’s modern and fashionable. You have a gift for putting together a look that brings out your best features and still looks unique. You look fabulous, my friend. Thanks for inspiring and hosting.


  17. Patti, you give me such divine inspiration!! This back is so sleek with a touch of edge and those boots, oh those boots make me pump my fists in the air with a BIG “YES!!!”

  18. I have always loved a total black look-it’s so versatile. It can be goth, romantic and a just one bit of color somewhere can make it striking, even just silver jewelry. Those boots are fantastic. I had to click on the photo to get a better look. That’s a perfect going to the art galleries look on a Friday night-love it.

  19. It’s a black dress, but SUCH a nice one! The shape is amazing, and your styling with the boots and necklaces really suits you. This reminds me of your last post about feeling right at home in your clothes… you look so edgy and elegant in this. LOVE!

    • You have put great unique views in this content. I agree with many of your primary points. This information is clearly written for readers that enjoy very challenging content. This is perfect for us thinkers.

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