Do We Like Jeans With a Flare/Flair?

I never want to sound like the stereotypical Old Lady when discussing fashion trends (“tsk tsk, I wore those when I was seventeen”). I try to keep my eyes and mind open for all the lovely new styles that pass by. I try to adapt them to my own lifestlye, body type and budget. I’m reckoning you do the same, and that’s why you’re here.

For example: all the variations and permutations of jeans. Jeans are in style for ever and always, right? We’ve been wearing them since we were tots, and intend to wear them into the Assisted Living Facility (where the Muzak will likely be The Stones and Led Zep). I’ve worn every style of jean since I was old enough to choose, including these:

and, sadly, these:

Now I am most comfortable in a pair of straight legs or a pair of boot cuts. I have medium and dark denims, no light wash or distressed. The waists are slightly low-cut, so as to be comfortable and, I hope, stylish. I feel great when I wear these, and look forward here in Florida to the slightly cool days when I can add my boots and a blazer. Those days are few, of course!

My current favorite brands are Gap, Nine West, and believe it or not, Target. I’m a bit of a cheapskate so I eschew the high-end brands. Nothing wrong with loving pricey jeans, if they make you happy or fit you just right. You will get your price-per-wear out of them.

So – this year flares are back and they are red-hot, the mags say. I will pass on them because they skew a bit too young for my look. I also have proportionately shorter legs and flares do them no favors. I do love looking at them and appreciate the style. And they remind me (sorry, here comes the Old Lady) of an exciting time in my youth, when the world was spinning like a top and everything was possible for us. Here are some current flared jeans I find attractive, though not necassarily for me to wear:

flare jeans

What are your jean-loves? Will you wear the flare? Do you go high-end or budget for your denim? Care to share any jean history?  : >

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  1. Hello eclectic! I checked out your blog and I like your writing very much. It sounds like you're a skilled seamstress which must be a *huge* advantage in wardrobing. Jeans do rule, and thank goodness there are so many to choose from.

  2. So glad to have discovered your site. I am closer to 60 than 50, and I live in jeans, and have since I was a teen, growing up in rural Saskatchewan, Canada. I wear mid-rise (to add length to a short, rectangular torso w/ no defined waistline), dark-wash (generally, as they can go anywhere), straight-leg or skinnies (I love boots, w/ the jeans tucked inside, or cuffed up, to show off the boots, and even boot-cuts have too much fabric around the ankle.And I have long, fairly slender legs-probably my best feature.)Most of my wardrobe is thrifted, but I have to buy jeans new, as I can rarely find used ones with long enough legs; I don't buy high-end jeans, but buy the affordable ones that fit.

  3. Angie, I saw your picture with the rolled jeans and they look super on you. I also wear skirts more than pants, but I make an exception for my jeans because . . . they're jeans! : >

  4. To my surprise straight cut rolled above the ankle is the length and style I think suits me at the moment.I'm a bit heavier at the bottom part of my body,so maybe skirts suit me more than pants.

  5. I'm right with you, GF! I also wear skinny jeans, and I have a few skinny, high waisted jeans that have details that make them look lower. Cuz I hate the muffin top thing now. The Flares? Like you, I will keep an open mind. I have long legs, so i can wear them–we will see!

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