Culottes/Midi-Pants/Gauchos: Would Ya? & Visible Monday Reminder

I’ve been seeing a lot in the fashion mags and on style blogs about culottes/midi-pants/gauchos lately. I haven’t decided yet if I’d wear them. I am tall enough to carry them off but don’t really have an outfit in mind. Flat shoes? Platforms? Slim or full top?

Anyway, The Guardian had a couple of articles (here and here) article about this newly revived trend, and featured these specimens. Let me know what you think?

Lightweight, $60,
Floral and striped silk, £360, by Mother Of Pearl, from
These are my favorites, except for the price!
Navy, £125,
These are classic and washable, but still kind of pricey.

So, would ya?

Have a glorious weekend, and see you at Visible Monday,

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  1. yes I would!! Want! I try hunting them in thrift stores, but never find ones that fit me in the waist. Either too big or too little.

  2. They are great, although I am not so sure they would flatter my figure… Love the monochrome print version! xxxx

  3. I would do the style that is full like a skirt. I'm partial to that one. Debbie @

  4. I don't know why my comment was eaten, but yes I would. Well I have, since I own a pair in black.

    I really like the print on the Mother of Pearl ones, but I would probably go for the navy blue version.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  5. Oh, come on, Patti. You *know* I would. I love culottes. I'm currently trying to figure out how to wear them into fall!

  6. I love them. Am looking for a pair to replace some I had to move on. I like black, mid width, fluid fabric. I prefer a slightly unconventional silhouette and would wear an ankle boot with them.

  7. Definitely not my cup of tea… I don't find the cropped, wide length flattering. At only 5'4 I either wear long wide leg trousers with heels or tight ankle trousers but not a mix of both.
    I'll return for your party tonight… in a dress 🙂

    Annette | Lady of Style

  8. Are they long or mid length? I think they are a lovely functional but soft piece of clothing. I happen to have none in my cupboard! Maybe I should get some!
    I do love the second pair with its interesting pattern, and the first pair is very elegant. But I think I would prefer if they were long. Mid length would just remind me of the uniform physiotherapy students wore:-) XO JJ

  9. I would, but now I can't afford them. I had some tweed gauchos in high school, that I loved, and then some denim ones in my early 20s, which I wore all the time. I'm glad they're finally back!

  10. I've been doing my emerald green culottes for a couple of years now! I find that you have to really wear a fitted/slim top to counter the fullness of the bottoms. Also, the right shoes are crucial – nothing too chunky. You've inspired me – time to get another wear out of them this week!

  11. Yes I would. Yes I did. I've posted an outfit with these twice already on the blog and I love them as pants for summer. I like the 2nd pair here, but would personally probably go for the navy ones.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  12. I wish I could wear these! I would in a heartbeat if I did not have the hips I do! But, if I am able to slim down enough on my current diet, I am so there!

  13. I have been wearing those types of pants for over 20 years now – they're the best in the summer, and for bike riding. It's my 'thing'!

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