Cool Casual Look And Bad Llama Jokes: Visible Monday

Cool casual look and bad llama jokes. I’m a huge fan of graphic tees, despite their being not-advised for women of a certain age (I’m 64). I find them expressive and humorous, and a simple way to add personality to any summer outfit. And we are all about making our own “rules“, right?

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

Today’s casual look starts with flowy trousers I found at ThredUp, the online consignment store. They’re a lightweight polyester; I know natural fabrics are generally better in summer heat, but these are airy and cool. I recommend ThredUp for lightly used clothing (wear used), especially if there aren’t quality second-hand stores in your neighborhood.

These trousers are a bit over-sized – and over-long – unless I wear my 3-inch wedge sandals – but that’s what makes them feel more like pajamas than day-clothes!

The llama tee is from J. Crew Factory. All cotton and super comfortable, and with the most adorable girl-llama. I’ve purchased a couple of cotton tees from the Factory and if you buy there, I recommend you size down. I’m wearing an XS here, and I’m usually a Small in tees.

I added some ocean waves to the wall. Is the kitty too corny? Not if you llove llamas, and fun graphic tees. 😊

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  1. Great combination! The grey tee and palazzo pants look great together! Sandals ideally match your style

  2. A perfect stay-at-home look! a kind of pajama style combo. Love that print on the tee ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Cool pants! Literally, visually. I’ve been into that length for a while now and adore the pyjama-feel of oversized. You can never go wrong with a llama on your chest. The waves match the happy spirit of this great look. I might even be able to link up for the next one. Wow!

    • Thanks so much for your kind words! I really like the monochromatic white looks you put together, xox.

    • The llama is my new spirit animal. Cheers and love to you for your courage in taking on corporate stupidity, long may you run. xox

  4. Pjs were all the rage last year in Britain, tops and bottoms. They now seem to have been superseded by very pretty floral dresses. The joyful thing about today is that you can wear anything with anything!

    • Yes, I agree that is the joyful thing! A pretty floral dress is always welcome too. Thanks for coming by. xox

    • Thanks Pao and thanks for linking. As always, your sewing creations are amazing. xox

    • LOL! What a good memory. Thanks for linking up, and your wide leg cropped jeans are super-cool. xox

  5. I can see why you fell for that cute llama tee!

    Every time I’m thrifting and I normally skip the t-shirt aisles I’m reminded of your brilliant collection of graphic tees. Oh the fun we’re going to have thrifting on your next visit! : )


    • Yes we are – maybe we can get them to close the stores except for us! Most thrift tees are not too special, but every now and then . . .
      Thanks for sharing your great tutorial on vintage clothing. xox

  6. Hi Patti, I so appreciate your linking readers to ThredUP. Omg. I love the treasure hunt that is thrift shopping and that site is a true Mecca.

    • Thank you dear Jess. I love your post with the blue gingham dress, and adorable Toto/Gibson. What a sweetie. xox

  7. Patti I haven’t linked up in so long due to severe lack of time, but I think I may be on top of my workload for the first time in I-don’t-know-how-long! Thank you so much for hosting as always – gotta love a llama t-shirt! Plus the pants look lovely and cool in the heat.

    Hope to be back again next week, if I stay on top of the work! Would be great to see you back at #iwillwearwhatilike if you get the chance ๐Ÿ˜€

    Catherine x

    • It’s so great to see you again, Catherine. Thanks for linking – you never fail to show us a terrific look xox

  8. I think you have a concept for a perfect graphic tee up there — swap a lounging llama for your wooden kitty, add your speech bubble, et voila!
    Thought of you as I tromped around the East Village on Friday. Have you been to Search and Destroy? OMG.

    • Ooh, I love the way you create, Anne! Yes, I’ve been to Search and Destroy – I like that neighborhood and the store is divine. xox

      • We kept walking east after S+D and, OMG! Alphabet City has turned into a Millennials’ Bacchanal! Didn’t recognize it at all. Odessa is still there, but for how long?

        • Alphabet City is pricey now! We rarely go east of Tompkins Square park, as there’s plenty of cool in that neighborhood. Lots of vintage shops, but no real bargains. xo

  9. Nice outfit. I like the tee – I can see me wearing that tee with a blazer and some denim for casual Friday. I also like your pants – looks like palazzo pants. Length would be perfect for me as I always wear heels.

    • Thanks for your kind words, and for coming by, Iris. Have a great week ahead! xox

    • Thanks for linking up, Linda! Your closet-shopping paid off with that lovely purple dress. xox

    • Hello Mireille and thank you for coming over. And your multi-use lace cardigan is terrific. xox

    • Thanks, Kim, and thanks for linking up. Love your cool pencil-skirt outfits! xox

  10. You always find the best graphic tees and wear so well. Love the loose and pretty pants, they look so cool and comfy. Yes to breaking those silly rules, Many thanks for hosting Patti.

    • Thanks for coming by, Jill, and for sharing your “winter reunion.” I feel similarly to you about vintage fur, and would not support new fur. xox

  11. Re graphics on clothes–it depends. Your llama is cute and whimsical. Some graphics are tacky–either aggressive, sexual or marketing. Those look bad at any age.
    I agree that the oversize-ness of the pants make them cooler and more pajama-like, but at the risk of losing the long, lean look I would hem them up. What’s the point of being cool and comfortable if one has to teeter in heels or even platforms (my foot still has a bulge from when I broke it in the 1970s, falling from platform sandals).

    • Thanks for coming by, TOF. I was taken in by your pictures of the beautiful Abbey! xox

  12. I’m totally a fan of the cool and casual club! Your your outfit–the pants and tee are very cool together.
    Have a great week, Patti!

    xx Darlene

    • Thanks Darlene, and thanks for sharing your look too – love the paisley tee! xox

  13. Love this cool and comfortable looking summer outfit, Patti! The Llama tee is adorable. I have a graphic tee from J Crew, also, with two dogs on it that I am not about to give up-whimsy is for all age groups!

    • I like that – whimsy is for everyone. Thanks for coming by and have a great week, xox.

  14. Ahhhh, perfect T-at one time I was a llama mama-now I just have Alpacas. I used ThreadUp and they are very reasonable and i was happy with everything I purchased.

    • Alpacas! How great is that?! Thanks for coming by and linking up, Terri, and have a great week ahead. xox

  15. OMG, they’re coming for our graphic tees, Patti! I plan on wearing my graphic tees for as long as I frickin’ want, ha ha, take that twenty-somethings!

    Love your flowy trousers and that cute tee – you look perfect, Patti!

    Joining you with a pretty casual look for me. Thank you so much for hosting “Visible Monday”!

    • I’m with you on the graphic tees, Sheila. They can pry them off my senior citizen body! Thanks for the kind words, and I’ll be over to see you soon. xox

  16. Yes to making our own rules! Love your airy and lighthearted summer outfit, Patti! Aren’t llamas the best? Such a warm genuine smile. Thank you for the link-up! Hugs!

    • Thank you Natalia, and it’s so wonderful to see you again. Your rose gold amber pendant is a gorgeous piece! xox

  17. The trousers definitely look airy enough, but hazardous to wear. They are so long that one could get them caught in something, trip, fall . . . Also, in no time, the hem will become filthy from street dirt, i.e., not elegant. I think that shortened the trousers would make the outfit look nicer!

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