Boyfriend Jeans for Over-40 Rockstars

I really love the look of these jeans, heck with the age police  : >  I like the looser fit at the top, the reasonable rise and the casual cuffing at the hem. I don’t love the pre-distressed look or whiskering though.

GAP 1969 Boyfriend Jeans

So I bought a pair of straight-legs at the Daily Bread Thrift (for one dollar!). They’ve got a similar relaxed fit but a uniform medium wash. I’m going to cut and then cuff the hems. If I’m not happy with the look, I’ll make denim Bermudas.

My styling ideas include: Breton-striped tees, like the one glimpsed above, a casual scarf and chunky sandals; I don’t care for the nude pumps shown. Something like this:

Boyfriend Jeans

Are you a Yay or Nay for boyfriend jeans?

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  1. Definitely yay. IT is also an easy way to resurrect a pair of jeans that 

  2. I love the boyfriend jean trend! The rolled cuffs with heels thing really does it for me. Unfortunately it requires the perfect cut of jean and I don't own them (yet). I love the way they look on slim hipped women, and I don't have slim hips, so it might take a while for me to perfect the look.

    Can't wait to see yours on you!

  3. oooo, Patti you are going to look adorb enuf to eat in that look!!!!! cannot wait!

    i love my boyfriend jeans! they are pretty oversized, the crotch is almost halfway to my knees, holes in both knees and i cuff em. The part i love is that they're actually Faconnables i found on their way to the goodwill – ! not even a dollar, free. They are so soft and comfy (because they're HUGE! ah well).

    whiskerin's one thing i cannot abide. I accidentally brought a whiskered skirt into the thrift store dressing room a couple of weeks ago and i think i actually turned green when i saw what i had.

    But to each their own. Can't wait to see your new boyfriends! steph

  4. Not for me but I think you are going to look awesome the way you are planning on styling them!! Can't wait to see the final result!

  5. Total yay.  I think jeans look best if they are either the slouchy boyfriend type or tailor to the knee and then bootcut.  

  6. My Current/Elliots are so fabulous comfy, especially in summer (they're really worn, soft, light) that I'm a Yay, but I will admit that my husband's a Nay (they're considerably less fitted than the pairs you show, particularly through middle & bum).  Your styling here is perfection!

  7. Patti,  I'm not a jeans girl because they don't really flatter my pear shape, but I like your styling of these jeans.  
    I agree with you on the nude pumps, I'm not loving them, but I would wear my black Earthies Talera pumps with those.  Of course, the scarf ties it all together.  Very lovely styling.

  8. a big yay for you, an other big yay for your complete styling! for me a nay, i am two curvy and not tall enough to have a good appearance in this kind of jeans. I prefer straight ones with high waist. 

  9. i love boyfriend jeans and i am over 40
    tip: if you find a pair of jeans you love and want the boyfriend look…go up a size or two and viola, boyfriend fit!
    can't wait to see how your jeans experiment goes

  10. Love them. Love them SO much. Boyfriends and skinnies are my favourite jeans. Boyfriend jeans work well on my narrow-hipped figure, and they're crazy comfortable. Bonus points for button flies!

  11. Yay! Can't wait to see what you do with them. Bet you can show those age police a thing or two about how to wear boyfriend jeans.

  12. I like your idea.  I have a pair of mom or boyfriend jeans that i wear in the winter and the summer when I need to get dirty.  You might try rolling up/cuffing the jeans BEFORE you cut them.  If they fit loosely enough, they ought to roll.

  13. I like the look but not necessarily on me.  With my larger thighs I have to be careful not to wear anything too slouchy because it just makes me look bigger.  What I have found works for me are the Gap Real Straight jeans (which I dyed to get rid of the whiskering) or a pair of skinnies bought a size too big.  They're just slouchy enough then.

  14. Yay on others, nay on myself. I think my ankles are too thin to carry off the baggy jean look. My legs are quite thin, but my hips are not so nothing fits the way it does on the models or on other people. I stick to my skinny, straight, or wide legs.

  15. I do love the boyfriend jeans and am on the hunt for a pair now with whiskering and distressed details. I love the torn look. I think it's classic as long as they fit good, not too tight.

  16. I tend to look and feel frumpy in boyfriend jeans so I stick to the skinnys, or very narrow cut jeans. Love the way you have tied the look all together though and the scarf has some great colors. I have been wearing similar sandals this summer too!

  17. Yay to boyfriend jeans! I am like you, though – not a fan of the whiskering and distressing and it's everywhere these days. 

    Yay also for $1 jeans! Don't you just love thrifting? 

  18. I used to be a Nay until I found a pair that fit me just right.  Now I'm a Yay! and I love them.  Since I'm 5'4", I have to wear them with wedges or I look squatty.  I love the wedges you have pictured above.  Very "me."  Robyn

  19. Hi Patti, I like to try this one. Looks cool and care free. I have a problem with scarf  I do not know if it looks good on me I barely 5 feet tall, but I can wear high heel hehehe. ^_^

  20.  Wow, good to know about the commendations – I've papered the walls with all the citations  : >

  21. I find that straight leg jeans are my best style, but they cuff well too.

  22. I say yay but they probably wouldn't fit my curves very well.  But I like the "look" you created with wearing them.

  23. I hear the Age Police give out commendations for these jeans 🙂

    I maintain this is an ageless look that you will rock!

  24. I lived in that style of jean when I was in college.  Levi button-front. They sat low on my waist, the large pockets were flattering to my backside and I loved the way they hung off my butt. A turtle neck and a shetland sweater were my favorite accompaniment.

    I've tried to replicate that with modern-day boyfriend jeans but it's just not going to happen.  I finally decided that it's not the pants, it's me.  My ideal jeans were straight through the hip and leg.  I'm not that way anymore and most likely never will be.  Pants in that style cut for curvier gals just aren't what I remember.

    They bring back happy memories.

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