Oh, I Did It Again: Black Dress For Visible Monday

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I know, I wore a black dress for Visible Monday two weeks ago, and here’s another. How many black dresses does one woman need? Just one more, is my motto.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

This black dress was found on eBay, and it’s another COS design, the Scandi-cool company that makes good quality basics. The dress is super-stretchy and fun to wear; I love how it narrows at the hem for a modern shape. It has the best pockets ever, nice and deep and at the perfect height. I’ll layer it over smooth tees on a cooler day, about seven months from now.

black dress 1

A thrifted black and white scarf is a fine finishing touch, with double silver-tone necklaces, and ankle-wrap flats. My elbow scar makes me look like a multi-piece GI Joe, only not as scary.

The lipstick once again is “Dominate” by Laura Mercier, I think I love the name. And again, my hair is the Wiki by Ellen Wille. It’s one of my favorite wigs because the dark roots provide good contrast.

black dress 2

Ahem, someone has borrowed my scarf.


Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

    1. Whoever wants to can join in! Just compose a post that includes any outfit, accessory, piece of jewelry, hairstyle, cosmetic or other adornment that makes you feel more confident, alive and visible that day.
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Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo


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  1. Wonderful black dress! It really suits you! Gorgeous necklaces and hair that go so well with it.

    I haven’t owned black dresses since I was 20-25. I think that’s when I wore my last LBD. But this year, I actually felt that I needed one! So I got one for Spring/Summer, and I now sense that another one for Autumn/Winter is in my future – so I can wear my colorful Russian shawls with it. <3

  2. The shape of this dress is perfect, plus it has pockets – yay! I love those pretty sandals too; they look so comfortable. Thanks for hosting again x

  3. A sleeveless, comfy, black maxi is the best of summer casual to dressy flexibility. Great classic styling!

  4. sigh, its april and black dresses during the day are almost already unbearable for those of us in AZ. Love how your lipstick picks up the splash of colour on your shoes! thanks for hosting as always!

  5. Totally agree Patti , you can never have too many wearable black dresses. This one looks so very good on you and will be so versatile. Kitty wears your scarf well.
    Many thanks for hosting Visible Monday.

  6. A perfect dress on you, Patti, and pockets! Love the addition of the monochrome scarf. I need to check out that lipstick, surely Dominate is the best name ever … xxx

  7. It’s one of the holy grails of shopping, finding good quality basics in a style and price to suit.
    Thanks for hostingx

  8. I don’t know how I started following you. I think your blog showed up in a recommended reads list. I have to say, as a 58 year old woman, I love seeing your style. I will admit it. I like fashion and I like to be noticed. I like seeing how you are putting looks together. I appreciate that you give us brands and most of all, I love love love that you share that you are wearing a wig. I would like to know more about that. My mom has such thinning hair and I think I am going to probably go down that road as well. I would like to know about comfort. How hot are they? She gets headaches from some hats so maybe this would not be an option for her but maybe for me. I’ve had days when I just don’t want to take the time to deal with it and who doesn’t love to switch it up from time to time.
    Warmly, Pamela

    • Thank you Pamela for all your kind words. I’ve been wearing hair for years, from toppers to full wigs. I highly recommend your mom join the site Wig Support: http://www.wigsupport.com/forums/. They discuss *all* things wigs there, 24/7, and can answer any question. xo

  9. I ‘m a bit fan of Scandi anything (as I mentioned on my blog today)! that dress looks fab on you, the scarf is super cool and the sandals are lovely. Your hair is splendidly good. xxx

  10. Yes, there is always room for another black dress – especially one as fresh and flattering as this one! I love the length and shape, as well as how you have styled it.

  11. Patti you are too cute! The kitty cat looks quite pleased with the scarf. love the addition of a pretty printed scarf to a lovely dress. love the moto, something i can get behind with wine. clothes, etc. the pairing of the necklaces is lovely and your shoes add just the perfect bit of color.
    Have a great week!
    jess xx

  12. Ha ha! The cat looks good in that scarf although he might be saying, “I can’t breathe!”

    Ah yes…just one more is also my motto. Just one more cookie, just one more pair of shoes, just one more… I think they call that living without limits. ; P

    This is super chic. You’ll fit right in with that hip NYC crowd.

  13. Another fan of them. Black dresses are forever chic and create the perfect backdrop for accessories. Love that scarf btw. And the sandals with their little pop of pink are adorable.


  14. That’s a lovely black dress Patti. Love your sandals too with the pop of colour 🙂 Thanks for hosting.

  15. I love the shape of this dress on you, with the taper at the bottom. Really, a great line. And nothing wrong with black! The roots of this hair add sass to your Dominate.Thanks for the linkup.

  16. You have the affinity for black dresses just like a native New Yorker. I’m so glad that you are spending time here. That wig is fabulous, I also like the contrast. Now if you can just recover your scarf!

  17. Hi, Patti
    I have a ton of black dresses of different sorts, too. Luckily, I read that it’s a good thing because there are so many different styles available. So I don’t worry about it. But now I want to start getting some little white dresses (or long ones, etc…) Lol!

  18. Love the look! This dress reminds me of Stephanie of O D Y S S E Y blog which ended a few years ago – do you remember it? Like you, she lived in Florida, but her style was very NYC.

  19. Nothing beats an all black dress – so versatile and looks good with all kinds of accessories! This look is so perfect for your Florida lifestyle! BTW, I’m headed to Cocoa Beach this weekend and plan to make a pit stop at Molly Mutt! Hoping I find some fabulous treasures!

  20. Dresses with pockets are the very best, aren’t they? This looks like a high-quality piece, and you look just stunning in it, Patti! I love your hairpiece – it really suits you!

    Thank you so much for hosting, as always! I’ll be along shortly in a firecracker of a dress!

  21. This looks really comfortable Patti. Something like this would be great for my holiday. I like the pop of pink on the shoes too. Have a great week.
    Laurie xx

  22. I LIVE in a dress like that all summer; mine is COS too! I wonder if it is the same one, it sure looks the same. A quick change of accessories is all that is needed. xx

  23. Happy Earth Day Patti-what a better way to celebrate that with pre-loved pieces which are perfect for each other. I think we all agree with you-Never too many black dresses!

  24. You can never have too many black dresses, especially when you look as good as you do in them. Adore the narrowing hem!

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