Bill Cunningham and Visible Monday

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I miss Bill Cunningham, although I didn’t know him personally. His photos and commentary in the New York Times were always so illuminating, kindhearted, and beautiful to see. I always hoped I’d run into him at 5th Avenue and 59th Street, but no such luck.

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This simple gray Calvin Klein dress (similar) stands up to the passage of time very well, especially with a thrifted bead necklace (sim), vintage cuff (from Citizen Rosebud’s shop) and blue suede sandals (sim). I bought the dress years ago for my nephew’s wedding and it’s still a favorite for when I want to go classic.

bill cunningham scarf

Hair once again is the Paige by Paula Young. Tip for add-on hair wearers: pull a little of your own hair out at the front and the hairline looks more natural.

But the outfit needed one more piece – a fab scarf I just bought at Bloomie’s (here, on a good sale). It’s silk and cashmere and the image is so delightful I couldn’t resist.

bill cunningham

Bill C is wearing his blue painter’s jacket and has his camera at the ready. The scarf is silk and cashmere, and feels wonderful.

bill cunningham

Even though you can’t see Bill now, I know he’s there, cheering on all women.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.

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Stay fabulous,

Here are some fab Visible pieces to browse through:

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  1. Simply adore your look Patti you look sophisticated and very modern and edgy. And you are such a lucky gal. And what does that tell us about fabulous Bill who loved blue so much??? Thank you for the party and have a great week. xo Sabina

  2. It’s a very classy outfit, Patti – ready for any Summer party! Love the necklace and the bracelet, and the scarf is simply wonderful! I feel the same about people who are gone… they are here with us, invisibly, I can feel their presence.
    Thank you for the link-up!!

  3. You can’t go wrong with a classic dress like that Patti. And what a beautiful reminder that scarf is! Thanks for the link up party x

  4. What a beautiful dress. It looks so good on you. The right shape, the right length and a wonderful shoulder part. The Bill-scarf is delightful and such good material. It looks good on this dress. Just a little bit of a shame that it hides the beautiful shoulder part.

  5. Oooo, what a fabulous scarf!! I miss Bill too. It was weird being in New York last fall and knowing that I would never see him on the street again. That dress has a beautiful flattering shape – it looks so good on you.

  6. I have a very similar black Calvin Klein sheath dress, so I truly enjoyed seeing the way you have styled yours. The blue shoe and statement scarf are great additions. Happy 4th!

  7. First of all, let’s talks about that gorgeous dress!! It most certainly is a classic and you look stunning in it! As for the scarf that pays homage to the late, great Bill Cunningham, I have only one thing to say – I have to have it! 🙂
    Have a wonderful Fourth, Patti!


  8. LOVE that a scarf! What a find!

    Did you see the movie on Bill? It is very good.

    Love the classic dress. You are looking extra fabulous lately woman!


  9. Oh my oh my I too admired Bill and was very sad to hear of his passing!
    Thank you for sharing the scarf, luckily i am in the states right now and will see if I can get hold of one!
    bestest wishes
    ashley x

  10. You look fantastic in your classic dress and that scarf is just the perfect finishing touch.
    A wonderful momento of a truly talented man- I so enjoyed his photographs and the stylish and original men and women he captured. Thank you for Visible Monday.

  11. Wow! that scarf is utterly incredible. I’d hang that from the wall.
    I’d never heard of Bill Cunningham until I read Shelley’s blog. I’m hopeless, aren’t I?
    That dress looks wonderful on you. xxx

  12. A fun and thought provoking scarf is a great way to spice up an outfit. I’m especially fond of the one of the muses from the Fashion Rainbow exhibit. You’re looking fabulous as always, Patti. Thanks for the inspirations and the link up.


  13. The scarf is fabulous! Looking very elegant and stylish in your little black dress Patti!

  14. I love the expressions in your photos, Patti. And you look fabulous in that dress. Mr. Cunningham had a huge impact on my life, appearing right when I was at the cusp for change, starting blogging and picking myself up. I’m glad you have this reminder of him, and such a beautiful one. Thanks for hosting.

  15. That is such a fantastic scarf — and so unique! I remember getting to watch the Bill Cunningham documentary premiere during the Abu Dhabi film festival when we lived overseas — it won an audience award! 😀

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