Meeting Fabulous Bloggers – What To Wear?

It’s not just another weekend getaway when you’re meeting up with a couple of fabulous bloggers. Although they’re as kind as can be, and the farthest one can be from style snobbery, I still want to step up my game for my rendez-vous with Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo and Ally of Shybiker. My baggy man-shorts, flip-flops, and graphic tees will not be adequate for all the fun and fashion.

fabulous bloggers ally and suzanne kensington market

A pic of the fabulous bloggers from our last meeting, a year ago. Love the wall art too.

The setting is the beautiful city of Toronto – fourth largest city in North America, and still so friendly and welcoming. Those Canadians – they can’t help how nice they are! Even the taxi drivers! (Remember, NYC is my usual destination). The US dollar is strong right now too, so some serious shopping may have to go down.

And the weather is expected to be darn-near perfect, with highs in the low 70’s. That opens the door for all kinds of smart outfits. Mixable pieces and layers are in order. Here is my preliminary pass at a weekend wardrobe:

Dresses: My new favorite style is wearing a top over a dress, thereby extending the dress’s versatility. I’ll wear one dress on the plane, and pack one more, both easy fitting and layer-able.

fabulous bloggers

A favorite look – airy blouse over a simple dress. The white hair is a wig, and I love it.

Versatile tops: A solid tee, and of course some excellent lounge wear. And for going out and about, some print blouses that are colorful and washable in any sink. These will go nicely over the dresses, as well as with my jeans.

fabulous bloggers blouse

A pretty, lightweight blouse goes stylishly over a dress, and looks good with my jeans too.

White jeans. A refreshing change from my blue denims, these look great with a tee and blazer, or floral blouse, or something amazing that I haven’t even bought yet. Remember, Suzanne is a Queen of Shopping (check her store here).

fabulous bloggers jeans

And accessories – they’re the easiest items to pack, and make repeat outfits look cool and different. A scarf, a bracelet and a couple of necklaces will do, as well as the most comfortable walking shoes I own.

fabulous bloggers shoes

Something like these super-walkable cork-wedge sandals.

Stay fabulous, and stay you,

Here’s some cool pieces that could take the trip north:

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  1. You guys are going to have (ARE having) a BLAST! Suzanne will be the perfect hostess and now she even has a shop in her home. Hahaha! I saw those scones…drooling. Can’t wait to hear all about your get-together.

    Patti, I love that wig, too. And that flowy outfit. The layering is perfect and space-saving.

  2. Have fun!! Oh, and I am dying to have more info on that fabulous wig!! Love it!

  3. Great look with the floaty top over the dress. The fact that the necklines match up is nice, but it would still work even if they didn’t. I love that wig on you! I know you’ll have a wonderful time with Ally and Suzanne, and make sure you leave room in your suitcase for some new clothes.

  4. I can’t wait!

    The weather is gorgeous. There is still a bit of humidity but nothing like what you have in Florida. I’d say you hit the mark perfectly for ideal temps.

    Don’t forget…I have 3 large racks of hand picked vintage that you can choose from as well…and that is before we even leave my house. Probably most of them will fit you too since we are the same size. I already have a couple of dresses semi “picked out” for you that you may like.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon!


  5. OOOH…have a wonderful weekend! The easy fitting dresses sound perfect….what with your hostess being an extraordinary baker/chef!

    I’d be tempted to travel light and shop her closet, LOL!

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