Am I Too (Whatever) To Wear This?

While Sandy was at the doctor yesterday, I took a stroll through the nearby H & M store.  I was smacked in the face with “I think I am too old to wear this.” The cropped sweaters, mini skirts, skin-tight jeans, neon tees – all looked perfect for my 15 year-old niece. They did have a faux-fur jacket that I can see myself in, but we only have about eight cold days left in Florida.

Cute, cute, but not for me. I don’t show the belly.

My next stop was GAP. I do buy my tees there because they’re soft and nice and last a good while. But my question at GAP was not “Am I too old?” but, “Am I too interesting to wear this?” Nothing fired up my creativity among the denim, denim, sweaters, socks, and denim. I did buy Sandy a “dressy” sweatshirt for Florida winter.

GAP is always wearable and mixable, but not necessarily inspiring to me.

I don’t believe in any fashion or style dictates for others, but I follow a couple of my own, for my own happiness – e.g., nothing too short, tight or low-cut for daytime. I might do some cleavage at night, I’m not dead yet.

Must see: Daphne Selfe still works the neckline at age 86. Source.

As a chubby child, I was given the implicit message “You’re too fat for that.” Ouch. That memory lingered well into adulthood and contributed to a distorted view of my size.  I finally discovered that I am not “fat” (and it’s not a bad word), and extra weight wouldn’t keep me from wearing what I love, anyway. Bodies are lovely, thin ones and fuller ones.

I don’t know who said it, but I endorse it.  : >

My firm non-professional-stylist opinion is: you’re not too (whatever) to wear (whatever) if it makes your spirit soar and doesn’t get you arrested. As Mr. Wilde said, be yourself; everyone else is taken.  Feel your beauty.

Stay fabulous,

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