A Woman Needs Her Jeans: Visible Monday

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I usually wear a dress or skirt for Visible Monday. I love skirts, especially, and find them so comfortable and easy to style. But a woman needs her jeans, too. I’ve been wearing and loving them for about 50 years.

A classic pair of jeans has never let me down:


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These dark denims are my current favorites. I love the cuffed hem, the mid-rise, and the slightly baggy fit (room for dessert). They’re courtesy of J. Jill, who make a number of comfortable, stylish jeans for women over 21. The white linen shirt (sim) was thrifted from Molly Mutt for a couple of dollars. And yes – here is my new love, my tuxedo jacket featured in last week’s Visible Monday. It looks good with everything, gosh darn it.



Windy on the beach today, but I don’t mind a bit. I’m wearing my leaf pendant (sim) and faux-zebra belt (sim) to complete my look.



With and without my tux jacket; un-tucked (a little boxy) and tucked (better).


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  1. I think you and I are channelling each other’s taste in jeans. These are perfect. I love that comfier jeans are coming back into style again. Ever since I split my beloved Rag and Bone skinny jeans when I was in Italy, I’ve been a little trigger-shy about skinnies.

  2. Such a cool look, Patti! I am always envious of anyone who can wear jeans and make them look great, I’ve never managed it (and have given up now!) That is such a smart little jacket too. Thanks – as always – for hosting, and apologies for my lateness… xxx

  3. Jeans, a white shirt and a blazer is such a fabulously classy combination! You look great Patti!

    Emma xxx

  4. Patti, so unsurprising that you’re wearing the tux jacket again. You’ve styled it so well with jeans too. I especially love that you can hit the dessert buffet in these pants. Hahaha! Thanks for the party, as usual. Hostess with the mostess.

  5. GAH….I LOVE your look Patti! I could just say ‘ditto Glenda’ because she’s spoken my thoughts…classic with just that little touch of the unexpected. And the proportions are perfect for you!

  6. I knew the jacket would be nice on jeans. Great belt you added.
    I have uploaded two totally different looks with jeans. And of course linked back.

  7. You’re right, a woman does need her jeans. And I forget we don’t see enough of Patti in these wonderful jeans. They look so great on you and I don’t know about you but I think they’re so easy and fun to wear.

  8. I don’t own any jeans but that’s not to say that i don’t love them on other women, you included!

  9. love the denim!! very chic with that shirt and the blazer, I like the tucked version! Definitely shows your nice figure!

  10. I am different to you all – I don’t wear jeans! Actually, I never wore trousers (pants) until a few years ago as I was a skirts/dresses only person. So as for jeans wearing you never know…….!!

  11. Patti’s wearing jeans!! I know you don’t wear them very often, but when you do, you do it right. The white shirt and tux jacket are classic and cool, and you rock them!

  12. Such a classic and classy look, Patti! Love the men’s shoes with it. Thank you for hosting, my dear!

  13. I’m terribly jealous of that amazing tuxedo jacket.

    This whole look is so chic.

    I adore the animal print on the belt.


  14. Fabulous outfit, Patti. Love every piece you’re wearing. You never make one wrong move. All my life I had hated (on myself) and would never wear a dark wash jean. (I was weird and had no style sense. haha). Now the dark wash are my very favorites.

  15. You look great in jeans! I would say jeans are my favorite thing to wear. I guess growing up in the country, they were my uniform. Call me crazy, but I am looking for the perfect pair of cropped flared jeans now. What am I thinking!!! But they are so cute. Peace! Cheryl

  16. Nothing quite like a black blazer and crisp, white blouse with jeans! You look fantastic!!

  17. I didn’t wear jeans for years and years and years, but I’ve finally made peace with them again! You look adorable in yours. xx

  18. You look fabulous in this, most probably the ultimate in casual chic Patti. Nothing beats & great fitting pair of jeans paired with a classic white shirt & black blazer – love it!

  19. A quintessential classic look, Patti. The deep blue denim, combined with the black blazer and crisp white button-down always work perfectly together. Love the little unexpected element of the belt.

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