A Cheap Makeup “Haul” Is A Treat!

A cheap makeup “haul” is a treat. I had to put “haul” in quotes because I am NOT a haul-type woman. I buy few new things, almost always to replace something that’s used up or worn out (I’m looking at you, velvet couch covered in cat scratches). In this era when rampant consumerism is coming home to roost, I spend my discretionary cash on experiences, music, books, and white wine.

But I broke my own rules recently when I did a bit of online shopping at e.l.f. cosmetics. My makeup collection is haphazard, old favorites (L’Oreal tubing mascara) mixed with new impulse lipsticks (current best: Revlon Color Sensational in Red Revolution).  

I used to buy high-end cosmetics regularly, but have found less expensive formulations do the job just as well. One exception was a Dior foundation I bought ten(?) years ago at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC. I don’t even remember the specifics, but that foundation lit me up in a beautiful glow. And it was about $80. When I ran out, I tried some serum foundation from The Ordinary and it was so close to perfect, I made it my own new favorite.

Gorgeous, and pricey.

And e.l.f. has been a favorite try-out brand for me since they launched in 2004. The prices are good, they don’t test on animals, and sometimes they hit a home run with a great basic.

Here’s my recent make-up haul (heh), and I’d love to hear from you in the comments about your favorite affordable cosmetics:

Blush. This is the Primer Infused Blush which claims it will “grip your cheeks like second skin.” Uh, that sounds creepy but I can say it’s a lovely, fine-milled powder blush. This is my color, Always Rosy, and there are six other colors. I use just a tiny amount on a big fluffy brush, right on the apples of my cheeks. Instant happy face.

Pick this blush up here for $6.

Eyebrow pencil and eyebrow gel. I bought both of these so I could experiment and eventually offer one to my sister. Since owning them for a couple of weeks, I prefer the Instant Lift Brow Pencil, available in six shades:

This is Blonde. Grab one of these beauties here for $2.

And here’s the second brow product, the Wow Brow Gel. It’s a good brow taming tool, but I like being able to draw in my brows with the Brow Pencil above. Still, worth a try for $4.

Tinted lip oil. For just a slight wash of color and lots of moisturizing, this lip oil is life. I use it alone for days when I’m just running around town, and over my Revlon Red Revolution for a glossy finish. Not messy, just right, and only $6 a tube, in seven colors.

This one is Shimmer Red Kiss. I also want to own Nude Kiss.

OK, that was my makeup haul! I’ll never match some bloggers‘s loot but it was enjoyable to get a package of fresh beauty in the mail. Yes, part of me is still 17 years old. 😊

Stay fabulous and treat yourself to a new color, xo

Browse these wallet-friendly treats:

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  1. Oh, my word, lip oil?! I’m all over that. Thanks for the tip. I never check out e.l.f. products. I buy something when I’m out of it. Sometimes an item is replaced at a department store, sometimes at the grocery story, ha!

  2. I’ve got quite a haphazard makeup collection too. I’m always using cheap makeup brands, as I love experimenting a bit. I’m also using supermarket brands of day and night cream. That is, until I was given a sample of a more expensive cream some time ago, which was so good I kept using it. It wasn’t expensive like your $ 80 cream, but still multiple times what I would usually spend. xxx

    • Good morning, Ann. I know, those little samples have gotten me hooked too! Have a lovely Sunday, xo.

  3. My days of experimenting with face products are over; I’ve developed allergies. I wear almost no makeup and feel very fortunate if something doesn’t make my skin develop rashes. Nevertheless, I enjoy reading about recommended products. A few products don’t cause outbreaks and I’m always hoping for more.

    • Ah, sorry for your allergies. I understand you have to stick with what works! Thanks for coming by and commenting, Carol, and have a great weekend.

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