Simplicity, Style, And Self-Isolation

Simplicity, style, and self-isolation . I love to be at home, whether in our Florida apartment or our tiny NYC studio. Home is where all the good things happen. I feel safe and peaceful and there’s always a snack nearby. High-speed internet, all my favorite linens, my two sweetie-cats (in Florida), and of course my soul-mate Sandy. But I don’t like having to stay home.

My two old girls.

Everything about daily life is different and strange since the COVID-19 virus started proliferating. Now we’re being advised (especially those of us over 60, the “elderly”) to “shelter at home.” And to avoid bars and restaurants, gah. Restaurants and pubs make me live; please come back, safely and soon. It’s also become a time to step back from busy-ness, to simplify routines and be of service to others.

We’re learning to slow down and live more in the present, as the future is wildly unknowable. This quasi-quarantine is the perfect opportunity to catch up on reading, for example. My current novel of choice is Circe, recommended by my friend Sherry. The story is brilliant at taking one away from the chaos and headlines of Real Life. And Netflix: how I love you and have come to value you even more. And HBO, with your terrific documentaries and mini-series. PBS has a documentary at their site about the Flu epidemic of 1918, fascinating. Technology makes isolation less lonely.

There have been terrible pandemics in the past. This documentary is emotional to watch.

Simple style is part of the new world order. Even though I’m only seen by the delivery staff at our small grocery store, I like to feel pulled together and easy on the eyes. We may be in isolation but we’re not dead yet! So I’ve made some simple guidelines for myself, to look and feel better for the duration.

Skip the ratty sweats. I could easily get away with my men’s boxer shorts and an aged tee shirt – who would know? But I feel much better in a pair of jeans or my jean skirt and an expressive tee. It helps me feel like a normal person in an abnormal world. And just in case – when I am taking out the recycling – George Clooney is passing by, I have my dignity.

Simple jeans and a blouse, and ready for any movie star encounter.

Experiment with radical new hairstyles. For fun and perhaps for new ideas when we’re all going outside again. I put tiny braids all over my hair aiming for the “crimped” style. It was a frizzy fail, but fun. I’ve got Manic Panic in hot pink in the cupboard; it creates quirky looks that shampoo out.

I swear by red tinted lip gloss as a mood booster. Naked lips are always in style, but I love the feel and look of a lip gloss or oil. I skip eye makeup and concealer, but still spritz a few drops of Prada Infusion d’Iris on my wrist. It’s divine.

Love a splash of lip color. Source.

How are you dealing with the new normals? Stay fabulous, keep it simple and safe, wash, wash and wash, xo

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  1. I am now working from home, which is weird, and I miss my office mates, but so far it is going okay. My cat thinks that if I am home, I should obviously be directing ALL my attention towards him, so I’m grateful when he takes a nap. As for evenings and weekends, I would go crazy without my books, Netflix and HBO. Keep well Patti.

    • Cats, books, and Netflix – we are on the same page my friend! Stay well and fab, xo.

  2. So glad you’re still blogging through this nightmare. Thank you, it cheers me up to see all the people I follow keeping on.

    • Thank YOU, Laura, for continuing to read and for commenting. We all need a dose of cheer! xo

  3. These are strange times, aren’t they Patti? Like you, I love spending time at home, but hate having to stay at home. As for pubs and restaurants, they’ve all been closed here since last week, as are all non-essential shops. I still go into work but I’m mostly on my own in the office, so no worries. I do avoid public transport. But I must say I was relieved that my working week has come to an end and we can spend the weekend in isolation. Plenty of things to do, and I will do them dressed up and lipsticked! Stay safe, Patti! xxx

    • Hello Ann, and yes these are truly strange days! I’m glad you can still go to work, but the weekend will be much more enjoyable. Be safe and healthy! xo

  4. I’m with you on being contented at home but *having* to is getting on my nerves. I miss my beloved Starbucks outlet, sure I can get carryout, but it’s not the same. If I look sloppy I feel worse!

    • Hi Kim – and I totally agree, carry-out is not the same! But we persevere and slap a little lipstick on : > xo

  5. George Clooney never comes by when I take out the recycling. Damnit!

    You are looking fabulous as usual my friend.

    Stay healthy and safe!


    • Thank you Suzanne! I hope you have a beautiful (sanitary) day, and perhaps you will run into Drake when you walk the pug. xox

    • Right? Don’t make me stay home – but don’t make me go out either : > Big safe hugs to you and your family, xo.

  6. Thanks for recounting your daily routine which will keep up your spirits. I have similar routines, although it is a blizzard today and I am wearing sweats. Thanks also for the link to the PBS documentary on the 1918 Influenza; it was so moving. The fears people had then I experience, too; briefly, but real. I remember my house was built in 1920. By then, the 1918 flu was past; life was being rebuilt, and so shall we in 2020 rebuild our lives. Things will be different, though, won’t they.

    • Hi Carol and thanks for coming over! In times of social distancing it’s great to keep relationships alive online. I love your message of rebuilding and look forward to those days. Stay safe and healthy! xo.

  7. I believe in the power of Red Lipstick and Dressing Up!, ;DDD
    You look adorable, cool and comfy in your striped blouse and jeans, and elegant!
    I like your hairstyle too!

    • Thank you, Sra for all your kind words! Stay safe and fabulous in Espana! xo

  8. Dressing well “just in case Geoge Clooney is passing by” — Love it!!!! Thanks for this cheerful post 🙂

    • Well, he might be seeking me out! thanks for your comment and for coming by, Cynthia and stay healthy, xo.

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