Tragedy, Then Triumph (On A Small Scale) And Visible Monday

You know I love the vintage Egyptian-style bracelet Sandy bought me for my birthday (from Citizen Rosebud’s Etsy shop – go check out her offerings). So of course I wore it to NYC. But at one of our fabulous lunches, I noticed the scarab had fallen out.

My husband is so sweet, he said “Let’s retrace your steps.” I pointed out we’d walked about four miles around the city so far that day, so it wasn’t a practical plan. “Maybe we can find another scarab,” was the next strategy. To find the right size and shape was daunting, though.

See the awesome Egyptian style scarab in the center? It’s somewhere on the streets of downtown Manhattan.

So we hatched the idea of substituting another stone in the empty space. Yesterday I went to Karen and Friends Bead Shop in downtown Melbourne (Florida) and yes! They had a nice selection of cabochon stones. The lovely women there even offered me this aquavit stone at no cost, and glued it in with jewelry epoxy. That’s above-and-beyond service.

After: A different, but still gorgeous bracelet.
I mourn my scarab but I love this re-made bracelet.

Many of you are very creative and crafty. Do you have a jewelry rescue story to share?

Stay fabulous,

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  1. You seem to have found the right stone Patti. You can still wear the bracelet and so enjoy your birthday present. It looks equally beautiful or maybe more!

  2. I can imagine how disappointed you were at losing the stone. The replacement looks great, and if you didn't know it wasn't the original you would think it came that way. Still doesn't completely make up for the loss of the scarab. I hope someone finds it and thinks it's a treasure!

  3. Such a shame to lose the scarab, but the replacement stone looks wonderful.
    One of my favourite jewellery pieces is my glass apple; it fell off when the original chain spontaneously broke, and I was frantically looking for it on the pavement, before spotting it on the road. It only sustained a small graze, hardly noticeable, and is now safely on a new chain! xxx

  4. It happened with two of my bracelets too: stones fell out and got lost. But living in Nepal makes replacement easier, they have really big choice of stones of different quality, size and shape. Glad you managed to re-made your bracelet, it looks no less charming now than before.

  5. thanks Bella – I hoped you would read here how much I loooove the bracelet, then and now. xoxox

  6. OH NOOOOO! So sad the scarab jumped ship- i loved that piece and the fact that your hubby bought if for you as a surprise! BUT I must say, I love love LOVE the solution! That's a true treasure- full of loss and triumph and loads of good memories. So sorry the beetle moved on (symbol of new life and great change?) but hello beautiful blue skies and new incarnations!

  7. I feel your pain. I lost the centerpiece coral out of a favorite turquoise bracelet while hurrying through an airport. I did eventually get it replaced by the woman who made the bracelet but the coral she replaced it with was very red, not that lovely coral color. I still wear it but it's no longer my favorite. πŸ™

    Someday I'll look for a new coral stone but not sure where!

  8. I wore it today with the necklace you created – a wonderful combination. xo

  9. What a shame. It truly would have been a miracle had you retraced your steps and found it. I do love the colour of the replacement. Blue and orange are meant to be together.


  10. Ooh the blue stone is so pretty with the others. I'm sorry you lost the scarab but happy you were able to find such a beautiful replacement.

  11. I love the replacement. Someone's been lucky enough to find your scarab, no doubt, and perhaps it's been used to replace a lost stone on their bracelet. πŸ™‚

  12. Oh, but the new stone is gorgeous in this setting! Hrmmm…I wonder if it's just the season for defective jewelry (you remember my necklace debacle)?

  13. I know you were sad, Patti, but I love the blue one! The bracelet is stunning and the blue just makes it glow…like having two different bracelets at different times. I hope whoever found it in NYC appreciated its beauty and value! Glad you returned safely.

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