Retirement Has Its Benefits: Visible Monday

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I love being retired. My workplace was casual, but I couldn’t wear this outfit to the office. Now I dress more for my mood, with more whimsy and attitude. Why not wear a Bee-Shirt that declares one of my mantras?

Always room in my closet for a graphic tee:

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This tee was picked up at a museum gift shop in Toronto, while shopping with Ally and Suzanne. It’s unusual for me to buy clothing at a museum, but I fell for the message on this tee (similar), and the actual bee images on the back. Today I paired my new tee with an old, thrifted tulle skirt (similar) and thrifted sneakers (sim).



My vintage bracelet, via Citizen Rosebud, goes everywhere with me.



This is the back of the tee. We take our bees seriously.



In the exceedingly hot garden. “Take the picture and get me indoors.”

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  1. You look hotter and hotter as the time goes by. Your style has evolved greatly and above all nicely. I wish I had your commitment!!!

  2. Patti you look adorable in this dressed down, uber cute outfit. I still haven’t found a tulle skirt and can see I badly need one now! Tee shirt and tulle = very wearable for daytime wear which is what I want. Thanks for the linkup party once again. Have a wonderful week x

  3. lovely t-shirt and tulle skirt ensemble, and lovely bees too!, I’m loving also your sneakers, as they look stylish and comfy, and that’s a fabulous combo!

  4. What a fun look Patti! Yes, I can totally imagine that being retired has its benefits, especially if you have to wear something something very corporate, I think I’m glad I’m working from home 🙂 Kirsten xx

  5. I love the T-shirt. Especially the back. You styled it so well with the skirt and sneakers. So modern. Well. done. And it is very important to take care of the bees. We cannot survive without them.

  6. I love the bees on tulle! And I’m glad you showed a view of the back of the T-shirt – so unexpected and a great contrast to the front. Glad you’re loving retirement! Thanks for hosting the party again.

  7. I am glad you are enjoying your retirement Patti. You always look great as you do today. Great sneakers and tee. I love wearing sneakers with dresses and skirts as I did today, also. =)

  8. A bee tee and a tulle skirt , simply perfect together. I must agree about being able to dress as you please in retirement.

  9. Such a fun tee! It looks great with the skirt & sneakers!

    I’m a college instructor and am only on campus a few days a week, and I take advantage of dressing for me the rest of the week! 🙂

    I’ve been looking for some fun graphic tees and found one yesterday. Looking forward to wearing it! 🙂

  10. I’ve been thinking about buying a tulle skirt for ages Patti so thank you for the suggestions I’ll take a good long look. As for retirement, I’m trying to get back into work! Hahaha Thanks for the link up xxx

  11. I adore that you’ve styled this with a tulle skirt. Now I’m going to have to seriously think about how I’m going to style mine : ) Twinsie.


  12. Couldn’t agree more, why not wear that amazing BEE shirt! I adore almost anything that has to do with bee’s (remember me bee tea party?) Maybe it’s time to do another one and you can fly on over in that stunning outfit. Love how you paired it with your tulle skirt and then sneakers!

  13. LOOOOOVE that graphic tee so much!! You are BEEtiful!!!!!! 😉

  14. I love your Bee T. Your whole outfit is fun and pretty. I’ve been wanting a skirt like that for a long time. Thanks for hosting this link up! Peace! Cheryl

  15. One of the best perks of retirement — being able to wear whatever you want. I’ve been known to start off the day in my bathing suit!

  16. Although my style became more versatile and occasionally more colourful than it has been before, I’ll always go back to an all black look!!
    Thank you for hosting the party tonight, dear Patti!
    Annette | Lady of Style

  17. Great t-shirt! I can see your point of dressing for your mood, that must be fun. I could actually wear a graphic tee to work, it might even be good idea. I often wear something a bit crazy (just a bit, nothing too over the top) to make my students relax. If they see that I don’t take myself too seriously, they find me more approachable.

  18. I don’t quite “get” the white ground of the back of the tee, but that’s just me being a picky designer type. Can you wear it back to front, or is it a one-way deal?
    The sporty tee and sneakers paired with the girly tulle are a fun contrast.
    I would be able to wear this to work, with no side-eye or rolled eyes from the co-workers. I’m lucky!

    • I may try wearing it in the reverse – you artists always have a new perspective. xo

  19. Oh my goodness Patti, I love bees. Your whole outfit is amazing. Thank you for hosting! xxx

  20. I want this whole outfit, right off of your back! I adore the bees, I adore the tulle skirt, and the sneakers are perfect with it. LOOOOOOVE this! xx

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