You’ve Hooked Me On Trench Dresses

I got so much love from you all re: my coat-dress on Visible Monday (it was a pass-along from blogger friend Megan)! Thanks, and since you inspired me, I had to try this trench-y, jacket-y dress. It was thrifted from The Daily Bread for under $5. The maker is “Talie”, and I couldn’t find a thing about them. It doesn’t have a pricey feel.

It’s an odd piece, probably meant as outerwear(?) but too cute to hang on a hook. So I wore it over a simple tee and black pencil skirt. My spider-web Cydwoq booties really sing along nicely with this look, I think.

Kind of monochromatic – next time I’ll add a colorful scarf.
Oh, pockets!
Has a touch of Secret Agent. Remember that old song?

It was actually comfortable all day, not too bulky or hot. Love!

Hope you have a spectacular Thursday. ☺

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  1. I'm a jacket wearer including those that are suited for outdoors but wearing all day indoor. Hadn't seen this option in a dress coat. Thanks.

  2. I can't get the feel of the fabric but it's a great outwear piece.And anything that can double-dress or coat is fine with me

  3. I LOVE this look on you!! The tiny dot of color in the necklace adds enough in my estimation, and the shoes are killer. The back view is fabulous as well.

  4. Great find for 5 bucks, Patti! I love that you're wearing a trench as a dress – it looks marvellous. It would be great as a dress- up trench for an evening out too. 🙂

  5. Patti!
    I'm thinking this is one of my fav looks from you!  Very very chic in black!!  And those boots are really fabulous!

  6. OK, after catching up, post-holiday, I am now totally seeing the point of trench dresses. You have convinced me.

    And those boots are amazing! I wish Cydwoqs came in my gigantic size.

  7. I love the boots! I checked out their website. All the styles are so uniques. I love the heel. Me being 5'11", I don't need to wear a high heel. 🙂

  8. I like the monochrome! It lets the sheen of the fabric and print of your boots stand out. These trench shapes definitely work on you, Patti. I still can't get over your awesome score on those boots. I pine for another pair of Cydwoqs, but alas such small sizes are hard to come by.

  9. Out of the ballpark again! I love the unexpected fabric; the sheen and the way it drapes add interest and make it feminine. I never thought I'd see a trench that looks sexy rather than utilitarian–this one is more like Secret Agent Provacateur. And my lord, do I love the booties…

  10. You say it doesn't feel pricey, but in the picture it has an expensive look to it.
    Great find!
    Becky 🙂

  11. It's definitely a shape that really suits you, Patti. The outfit might be monochrome but the boots and the satin-y sheen of the trench add glamour and interest. I like it very much! xxxx

  12. Really cute jacket!! It has loads of potential in your wardrobe!! Love how you styled it but i agrre–a bright scarf would really be the icing!!
    Those booties are way-cool!!

  13. Great find and well styled!  i seem to be starting a collection of trenches and now own 5!  I wish I could say they are thrifted finds I scored for a deal, but nope….

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