What Will You Never Wear Again?

What will you never wear again? Fashion is cyclical, we know that. Styles I had sworn off are now back in my closet: midi skirts, wide leg jeans, subtle fishnet hose, and Mary Janes (OK, that one goes back to 1959). I don’t have my original wide leg jeans, of course. I try to modernize the recycled looks, so I don’t look like a faded copy of my younger self.

But every now and then, a trend re-asserts itself that makes me say, “Oh no, not you again.” There are some styles that, in my universe, were unflattering the first time, and the decades have done them no favors. I’m looking at you, hot pants. 😊

Twenty-somethings can sport these recycled trends, and look ironic/hip/chic. Irony is a tough look to pull off in my 60’s, heh, and runs the risk of looking plain old silly.

“Sometimes I can’t figure designers out. It’s as if they flunked human anatomy.”

-Erma Bombeck

I am seeing a lot of (I giggle at the very word) culottes in the Fall and Spring designer collections. OK, sometimes they are called “divided skirts” or (I’m dating myself) “gauchos”. These are supposed to give one all the ease of trousers with the flowy femininity of a skirt. To my eye, they give even gazelle-like models a rather stumpy, gym-uniform-gone-wrong look. As always, if you love them, rock them, and pay no attention to my rants.

Actually, these look dramatic and kind of beautiful. Add 5″ to the length and I am in. You can buy this vintage pattern here.

Other trends that I did enjoy the first time around but won’t wear again include:

  • super-low-rise jeans
  • “city” shorts
  • harem pants
  • mini skirts (some of my sister-bloggers rock them, but I don’t have the legs)
  • rompers
  • potholder crochet vests
This is a gorgeous handmade piece, but so not me. When I was 21, though, I would’ve worn it every day. Source.

I’d love to hear from you: what did you used to love, and now makes you chuckle; what recycled trends are you enjoying once again? No wrong answers, we all wear what makes us feel great!

“Every generation laughs at the old fashions, but follows religiously the new.”

Henry David Thoreau, Walden

Stay fabulous, xo

Wear what you love, always. Here are some goodies to browse:

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  1. I am definitely late in responding to this post, but it really resonates with me! Heels over 2″, pencil skirts, and sheath dresses and I have parted company. The heels I jettisoned because of fussy feet and zero tolerance for style over comfort. Now there are more options for stylish, lower heeled footwear. I still like how pencil skirts and sheaths look on me, but they just don’t fit with where I currently am on my style journey.

    • I never really wore heels over 2′ (have trouble walking in them), pencil skirts (I hate the restricted movement), culottes (never made sense to me) harem pants (same). I am not a huge fan of high waisted pants even though it’s hard to find anything else now and I didn’t mind them the first time. Short skirts have always been a problem. Nor do I imagine loving shoulder pads or neon ever again. Also, I will be perfectly happy if I never see another bell sleeve in my life.

  2. Culottes! I had a burgundy pair that I took with me on my Peace Corps stint in Africa in the 1980s (when culottes were last in style). They were highly controversial. Local women didn’t wear pants back then, only dresses. Being topless was OK but wearing jeans was not. Anyway, I figured my very full culottes were more like a skirt than pants. But one day a guy came up to me as I was walking down the road and just yelled and yelled about how indecent I was, wearing pants. I put the culottes away for the rest of my stay.

    • Fascinating story, TOF, thanks for sharing it. Topless OK but no full culottes! You have the most interesting fashion tales. Stay fabulous and well, xx.

  3. totally echo everything about “round again” fashion. Gotta larf. Me and hotpants willnever meet again ! XXX

  4. Oh, my goodness! OK, I liked culottes/gaucho pants first time around (prol’ly not again, but I haven’t seen any show up here yet). What will I never wear again? Stilettos, sadly. In fact, any heel over 2.5″, hot pants, mini skirts, fishnets, hip huggers, spaghetti strap sundresses, bikinis, tie-dye, macramé vests (I was never into crochet), anything baring my belly, florals (altho there are some large tropical prints I still like), jumpsuits or rompers, shorts, pant suits, tailored blazers. Things I still wear & likely always will that some say “never” to: capris (I live in a resort town & they’re practically mandated here in summer), my fringed leather vest (we’re into motorcycles, so it works), heels every chance I get (albeit lower than in days of yore). Other things I wear that occasionally earn me a raised eyebrow: leather pants, tight blue jeans (especially with sparkles on the butt — I’ve spent 40 years of daily yoga keeping that butt sparkle-worthy!), big earrings, palazzo pants. Some of these are on their 2nd or 3rd time around — there are only so many things designers can do, after all — but some of the things I was wearing in the late 70s are best left there & never mentioned 🙂 Fun post!

    • Good morning Janet and thanks for your comments. I have old pictures to prove your last point (“some of the things I was wearing in the late 70s are best left there & never mentioned”)! Loved your list of what’s in and out for you. Stay fab, xx.

  5. I agree with all the above. For myself I will not be wearing very high heels and any shoe that bares a lot of my foot. Bunions are not attractive. I am also rethinking wearing prints in general. especially florals. Although they can be pretty they often brand one as an old lady. Of course i am one but no need to shout it out.

    • LOL, Darby, at your last sentence! I am in a similar place about prints – other than stripes I see very few in my closet. Stay well and fabulous, xx.

  6. i am 63. No to jumpsuits,dresses with multiple tiers,low rise jeans,pedal pushers,slip dresses outside of my house,high heels,platforms,. I am sure there’s more but I forget. Lol

    • Hi Robin and thanks for your comments. I fear platform shoes now! Enjoy being 63, we are Not Dead! Stay well, xx.

  7. In the “never again” column: fringed leather vests, mini anything, lo-cut bell bottom jeans, sky high platform shoes, embroidered denim shirts, Gunne Sax and Laura Ashley prairie-style tiered ruffled dresses. But small accessories are a different story! Bring on those classic Vera scarves, the sweet wicker handbags, Mom’s 1950’s Lucite baubles, and suede boho belts.

    • Hi Patti and thanks for coming over – love your Etsy shop! Oh yes, I too love a Vera scarf and wicker handbag. Stay well, xx.

  8. Patti, it always a delight to read your posts and ponder on your musings. I agree with most of your “no going back for me” trends except the potholder crocheted vest. If done right, I think they have a timeless and ageless appeal. One other style I’m likely to never repeat again now is the ’90s skirt suit of which I had many.


    • Hello Rena, it’s always great to see your gorgeous silver mane! Thanks for reading and commenting, and big YES to no-more-90’s-suits. Stay fabulous, xx.

  9. When I was in junior high school, in the late 50s, pedal pushers were all the rage, and I wore them along with all of my little friends. We were so cute. Never again! As you mentioned, they are once again having a moment. I have never embraced the capri pants/crop pants look, and don’t expect I ever will. The only other style from “back then” that comes to mind is the jumpsuit. I had one in the 70s that I adored. I still love the look, but at my age (74) it’s no longer practical to wear anything that makes a trip to the restroom more problematic! Too bad, because I still like the style. Thanks for the fun post! Yours are always thought-provoking and enjoyable.

    • Hello Judy, thanks for your kind words and for coming by. Except for the restroom thing, I love wearing jumpsuits and am glad I can find them now. But I am with you on the “no pedal pushers” stance. : > Stay well, xx.

  10. My daughter recently dug out some of my late 70s clothing my mother had packed away in her attic….About half her wardrobe is Han me downs from my youngest sister’s 90s clubbing wardrobe. She especially loves the 4+ inch platforms…although her boyfriend isn’t too thrilled (she’s taller)
    I can relive my “groovy” fashion days vicariously.

    • Hi Pal and thanks for your comments! How cool that your daughter is loving those 70’s clothes. And you get to see them all again, and skip the heels. Fun! xx

  11. Thanks for your enjoyable post it made me smile and reminisce about my white gogo boots & mini skirts those were fun days dancing to the Rolling stones at fraternity keg parties..To quote Edith Piaf Non Je Ne Regrette Rien . I do not regret being fashion experimental and adventurous when young as now a golden girl I can be content with more age appropriate conservative styling with slight edge for joie de vie.PS I not only look forward to your posts I also enjoy your goodies to browse:section as regular store sites are so overwhelming. I have been very happy with purchases of items you have featured Merci beaucoup .

    • Hello Joan and thanks for being here. Yes, go-go boots, how could I leave them out? And thank you for all your kind words and for having an occasional shop too, xx.

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