What I Wore: Shorter or Longer?

This is a familiar work look for me: a print blouse and neutral skirt. I go between pencil skirts and full skirts like this one, enjoying them both. The lion print top is from ASOS (similar) and I really like the girly details.

This particular Ralph Lauren linen skirt (via eBay, similar) falls at a length I love for casual wear – with a tank or tee and long pendant, and sandals. It looks “off” to me here, maybe a little school-marmish, so I hiked it for the camera.

My Colour of Cocktails sandals. Like I said, they go with everything.

I think the shorter length is better. Something to do with the covered-up top makes me want to show more leg.

A bit of knee makes the whole look more youthful?

So please give me your vote: shorter or longer:

The black skirt should be:
  • Longer (as-is). No need to show all the goods.
  • Shorter. You’re not dead yet, woman.

Have a happy day, and stay fabulous,

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  1. Hi Patti, I am back again. Been so busy. I agree with most women: shorter. Something to do with proportions I imagine. The blouse is very playful and suits you so well.

  2. Lovely blouse! I think it's the dropped waist and ruffle that don't work with the calf length skirt. Short looks great and I suspect ankle length or full maxi would work well too.

  3. You have such beautiful legs, show them off! While my own aren't horrid on their own, I have a bad scar from having had knee replacement surgury four times within 7 months. So I tend to hide mine right now.

  4. So funny! I said almost the exact same thing and then read the rest of the comments! I totally agree!!

  5. You have BEAUTIFUL legs! I'm in the minority, I know, but I voted for the longer style and not for modesty reasons, but just because I think you wear the midi length so beautifully! With it shorter and fuller with the full top, it looks a bit too frilly for my taste. The longer length is elegant and gives such a long lean line to the already longer top. I think a heel or a pair of your booties would give it a more "sexy"(?) or sophisticated feel that you may be looking for. I know how you feel with the longer skirts and covered top….it's so easy to FEEL frumpy. I don't know if it's our age, or just the cut of the clothes. In those situations heels and and open neck are my friends!! LOVE the blouse color on you!!! Hugs pretty girl! Serene

  6. I like the shorter length, but as Jan says, this has nothing to do with age or looking more youthful, I just think you have fabulous legs and it works well with the blouse! Love that shade of blue on you, bet the blouse would look gorgeous with your denim pencil skirt or over white trousers. xxx

  7. It is strange since I almost always see you wearing very long skirts it shocked me a bit when I saw you wearing a shorter one. I had to let my eyes adjust : )

    Shorter is better.


  8. I totally agree – has nothing to do with displaying what you seem to think are unattractive legs (wish I'd had legs like that in my TWENTIES!) and everything to do with proportion. My general rule of thumb is long over short; short over long. Or, in some cases, if you have a long straight top over a long bottom, belt it.

  9. Shorter, but it has less to do with youthfulness to my little eye as it does with season and proportion ( You are ageless, Patti, we all know that …and your legs are so gorgeous that you can show 'um or hide 'um according to daily whim.) The whole look seems more summery as you have it hoisted. That skirt will be completely nifty with a winter treatment … shoes, booties, boots, tights … so many items. If your top was cropped, I might have liked a longer skirt better, but I like the shorter version with the shirt length. Mind you, I have no idea why that's what my little eye likes, and because that's the case my advice is worth just what you pay for it!
    I love a black skirt, in any season.

  10. Yes, maybe the longer skirt with a higher heel? Still a lovely outfit either way. πŸ™‚

  11. I like the longer length, but not because you don't have lovely legs, Patti! I think the proportion of the dropped waist on the blouse, plus the peplum, looks better with the long stretch of the skirt (plus its ruffle). It's a kind of flapper-ish vibe to me. The sandals actually look a little too casual – I would like this with a t-strap shoe.

  12. Shorter! It does look more youthful. Just on the knee if you don't want to show them all.
    Lovely shirt too.

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