What I Wore: A Sheer Red Midi Skirt, Why Not??

Well, not sheer-sheer. There’s a full and modest lining. But it’s still a funky and outside-the-norm skirt for the office. I’ve worn it before with a solid black top, but I think I like it better with this ruffled print blouse. Tucked in, it shows off the skirt’s leather waistband.

To quote my best-guy Tim Gunn, this could be a “lot of look”, so I added only my ring, a simple silver pendant, and black Aldo boots. I felt good all day, super comfortable because nothing was grabbing or pulling me. And hey, a swishy skirt is fun. Dressing should be fun (but not hysterical).

Blouse: Anne Klein; Skirt: DKNY, thrifted; Boots: Aldo
The skirt has mini-pleats over a smooth lining.

Have a great evening, and I hope you are wearing something very fun right now.

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  1. That's a pretty skirt – i love that leather at the waist. I think it would also look marvelous and almost red carpet ready with a white crisp button down shirt a-la- Carolina Herrera.
    I have a midi skirt that I have not been able to wear. But not because of color or fabric but because of length….

  2. This is what I call a style  challenge piece .Great but unconventional and difficult to style. It looks really nicer this time but I'm sure you will come up with many more ways.

  3. "Dressing should be fun (but not hysterical)."
    What a GREAT line!!  I love it!  Something to keep in mind. lol
    This is one of my favorite outfits.  Beautiful print and ruffles in the top.
    I'm always standing in different lighting asking my husband before I leave the house "Can you see through this skirt?  Can you now?  Are you sure?"  haha

  4. what a fun skirt–I can imagine all kinds of creative ways to style.  The leather waistband is a great touch.

  5. You are just so on target, GF with the sheer look!  There is a big spread in this months Lucky Mag on how to wear sheer.  This looks mahvelous!

  6. How much fun! I don't know what it is about a red skirt but it always makes me feel extra special. And swishy skirts just make me want to sway back & forth all day. Which isn't really appropriate for the office though.

  7. That's such a pretty red – I love the pleats.

    Hee, your ceramic cat reminds me of Inigo sitting watching me do my pictures. 🙂

  8. I love the feel of a longer skirt with a bit of swish — especially combined with boots. I wore a midi-length myself on Thursday — but quite different in spirit as it was grey wool tweed, box-pleated, one of the best things I've ever picked up at The Gap (I know!). Wore it with a grey-taupe cashmere v-neck pullover and black Granny-ish booties (small heel). 

  9. What a great skirt – sheer pleats and a leather waistband! You find the most interesting clothes, I am always inspired by your outfits.
    Although at this moment I must say I am still in PJs. That's fun, right?

  10. Of COURSE clothes should be fun! That skirt is beautiful, I especially like the detail of the leather waistband. I would love to see you in it with the plain black top too, a more fitted top half would turn it into a more evening/dressy outfit. You look gorgeous.
    PS. Confession – I think maybe my clothes are sometimes a bit hysterical. Other people seem to think so anyway, but hey ho…!  Have a great weekend. x

  11. The unique red skirt with leather waistband looks great with your black boots.  I agree that dressing and self expression should be fun!

  12. Beautiful color. I love the juxtaposition of the sharp, linear pleats with rich, bright color and soft, ruffly but graphic print in anything but bland neutrals. So interesting visually. Not too much- just enough- perfect!

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