What I Wore: Man’s Shirt with Silky Underpinnings

I’ve written that I like to mix masculine and feminine elements in my outfits. I have a strong feminine side to my dressing, but I don’t feel comfortable in sweet, lacy things head to toe. Nor do I feel totally like “me” in a man-tailored suit and oxfords.

When “Everyday Luxury” designer Adea contacted me about styling one of their new camisoles, I thought a M/F mix would be perfect. Adea tops are so silky, you’d swear they were actual silk. But they’re not – they wash and dry in a flash, never wrinkle, and feel like heaven on my skin all day.

So a feminine camisole with a classic pencil skirt (but in an unexpected color), topped with a real man’s shirt = good look and feel for me. I think a colorful necklace would look great next time.

The cami looks more teal here, but it’s true emerald. Curls in rebellious mode.
The man’s shirt was thrifted, and it’s by Yves St. Laurent.
So happy I had to smirk! White Mountain sandals are out of storage, yay.
The Adea Bra Friendly Camisole comes in 17 colors. This is Sherbet, my next color for Summer.

If you’d like to pick up one of these camisoles, or any of Adea‘s lovely pieces, they are offering a 10% discount to my readers. Just use this code at checkout: NDYSP13 – it’s valid through June 30, 2013.

Happy Thursday, all.

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  1. I recently started reading your blog and I ordered a pair of leggings from Adea and they came today. They are amazing. Fit great, feel great and were packaged so nicely. It's great to order something online and have it arrive like a present. Thanks for the discount code – I will for sure be ordering more from them. Really good quality.

  2. I LOVE how you style men's shirts! Wow, they always look so chic on you! pippa

  3. Patti, I love everything about this look, the colours, the lines and how good it all makes you feel!

  4. I love men's shirts, especially dress shirts, and so many people have told me that they suit me. I am quite pleased to see you looking radiant in this one. You look wonderful and so much like yourself – happy in her own skin and sartorial choices!

  5. Is there anything better than a mans shirt and a pencil skit? great look!

  6. What a beautiful outfit, which is kind of unexpected for something so simple and casual. It's so slim and graceful, and the colors are beautiful on you!

  7. Very classy, Patti. Great combination of blues.
    I find a fair amount of fun stuff in the men's section of the thrift shop also. That YSL shirt is a real find.

  8. lovely blues Patti! I adore how you wear your shirt almost totally open and yet tucked in. That look is great on you.


  9. Very fresh mix! Very ocean-inspired too. Those camis sound awesome. Finding tanks that cover a bra strap is always hard.

  10. Oh, very chic! I especially like the popped collar; very dashing!

  11. This look is fabulous – the crispness of the shirt and the colours are really complimentary. I like how you turned the collar upwards and rolled back the cuffs to make a more relaxed style.

  12. I think this is a quintessential Patti look – perfect colours on you, that beautiful balance between masculine and feminine, rebellious curls, and a stunning smile. Love it! xxxxx

  13. Lovely outfit and the shirt is an amazing find. I love going to the thrift stores in Florida, some of my best finds ever are from there. I am glad I'll be going there soon again, looking for more treasures πŸ˜€

  14. So well said re: curls, Jen. May I borrow that? : >

  15. You always have just the right mix! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  16. You look gorgeous, Patti. I love men's clothing, too. Rebellious curls, what a great line. Curly hair definitely has an adolescent attitude to life, doesn't it? x

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