What I Wore: Layering Under a Dress and Having a Good Time

I am getting a lot of wear from my Karina dress. Before I started studying and writing fashion blog/s, I would have seen this dress as a strictly Spring/Summer piece. I’d wear it only with black shoes and maybe a necklace (was I soooo boring?  : >)

This time, I layered a simple black GAP tee underneath, for warmth. I love the contrast of the black background for the print dress! I added a super-skinny belt, black tights and (gasp) medium-brown booties. I had such a good time in this outfit – covered up but still feminine, neutral but not boring.

Dress: Karina; Tee: GAP; Booties: Tsubo
I felt pretty sassy.
Bust out, my friends! Many of you don’t need this advice, and you’ve already inspired us with your creativity. For the less daring among us: take a fashion chance and have a blast.
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  1. I love the tee layered under the dress, and the funky belt! I agree–my creativity has definitely improved since I've started blogging too. How did I get dressed before? 🙂 

  2. Lovely dress, looks great with the top under it and the addition of the little belt. I never understand the idea that you put half your wardrobe away during winter – with layering, you can wear most things all year round.

  3. I so agree – I love how much blogging has expanded my fashion horizons! I have tried so many new looks.

    Love your brown booties with this, Patti!

  4. What a great way to extend the wear on your dress!  It's too cute not to wear it year round!  😉

  5. I love all the details in this outfit! the belt is very clever, very nice Patti
    Isn't fun to wear summer items in the winter, i can wear my entire wardrobe just by layering, good job!

    Ariane xxxx

  6. is that a wrap dress? Looks so snug and flattering on you. And I am so admiring your tiny waist. A great way to wear a summer dress for the cold weather


  7. Brilliant!  I used to put away my clothes seasonally.  No more!  I now add tights, boots, blazers, etc….You look WONDERFUL!  Hugs!  ~Serene

  8. Hooray, and good for you!  Isn't it great how much we've all learned from blogging? My Karina dress arrived the DAY before I left town for almost a month.  It was torture to have no time to play with it, so I'm looking forward to that when I get back!  I will definitely look at your pics for inspiration.

  9. Hurray for taking risks!  I want to try the socks with booties–have bought the socks, no pics yet.  And the dress works perfectly for winter with the tee.

  10. That belt looks really sharp with the dress. I've been layering under my Karina dressed too!

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