What I Wore: It’s a Wrap

Who doesn’t love the iconic wrap dress? It flatters nearly every woman, it’s easy to wear, accessorize, and winterize, if you need to!

At first I turned down this (no-label-intact) dress because it has pointy lapels. I don’t like pointy lapels. But my fellow bloggers are so crafty and creative, I just asked myself: WWCFBD? (What Would Crafty Fellow Bloggers Do?) I turned the collar to the inside, didn’t even need to cut or stitch, and now the dress has the clean neckline I like.

I really appreciate the herringbone print and the slinky fabric. It looks close enough to the classic Diane von Furstenberg 70’s dress that I’m considering it a cousin. I added pale grey leggings and black booties for Fall. I think I like my thrifty find now! (Total cost of dress = $3.00).

Thrifted dress: no label; Booties: Sofft; Earrings: handmade by a friend

Are you a fan of the wrap? Did/do you own an original DVF?

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  1. Such a great dress! Dogstooth is one of my favourite prints/weaves. Very this season Salvatore Ferragamo!

  2. You are radiant in the herringbone print!  I have a couple of DVF dresses that I found at estate sales.  You have inspired me pull them out (if I can find them).

  3. I love that you modernized it with the footless tights (is it that cool in FL?).  and I am with you–I dont like the collars on the wraps.  I have one wrap now, and its not my favorite dress.  Yours?  Fantastic!

  4. Arrgh! I cannot figure out how to get my picture to replace the silhouette on the left. It really bugs me that it appears to be a man.

  5. You look wonderful. You always seem to glow! Is that due to a great foundation or great genetics, I wonder? The print of your dress is terrific- so current and yet still classic. I am on the fence about wrap dresses for myself. They are much recommended by the *experts* for my body shape and yet I'm never really thrilled with how they look on me. Maybe I just haven't met the right dress yet. I sure hope I'm lucky enough to meet it for three dollars when I do!

  6. Oh gosh, I never would have thought of doing that with the lapels!  Now off to my attic to get a circa '99 Express wrap dress in a fab print that I love except for the collar!

    I have two DVF dresses from around '00 back when she came back en vogue.  I think they will fit by this time next year!

  7. This print is lovely! I don't have any wrap dresses in my closet though, I'm sure I should get some. I've never thought of just turning in the collar, it looks nice like that.

  8. Now I just start laughing when I see one of your beautiful vintage finds – where on EARTH do you find something like this in perfect condition for ONLY $3?!?! Unbelievable! Plus I'm still recovering from the velvet skirt and the Tahari suit.
    Well I'm permanently stuck in the 70s and I adore those crazy collars, dated or not. I love that you tucked it under for today, and another day when you're feeling wild, you can wear it out.
    I love the look of the wrap but always feel vaguely insecure when wearing – the skirt always seems ready to fly open so I end up walking with a handful of it clenched in my fist – a very graceful and ladylike look, I might add. Leggings are clearly the better way to go.

  9. Hi Patti, i think that wrap dresses are a great solution when do you do not know what to wear in the morning and + you always look chic and they are easy to accessorize. Your houndstooth is easy to style, anything goes with it.
    The pointy lapels would have been nice to see, but it looks updated the way you wore it- you look great lady!
    Have a good weekend – Ariane xxxx

  10. Such a gorgeous dress! The wrap is an essential item in everyone's closet. And that print is fabulous! I also appreciate houndstooth! You look lovely!

  11. very thrifty find, the dress looks classy on you, makes you look sleek and slim. I don't have any wrap dresses, not sure why, I'm not good at wrapping things around myself


  12. Oh, Patti, you look amazing.  That dress is just fabulous.  And I loved you trick to turn the lapels under – I'm forever turning stuff down because I don't think of these smart tricks.  You're beautiful and brilliant!

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