What I Wore: I Try To Scarf

As you probably know (because I repeat myself a lot), I am trying to work with fewer pieces in my closet, and change them up with accessories. It’s been a fun turn-around from a year or so of thrift accumulations. And I do enjoy looking at a smaller wardrobe every morning. It’s true! A smaller closet makes dressing easier.

So here I am, enjoying some old favorites and trying to raise the style level with accessories. The Laundry pencil skirt’s been around for years, ditto the black tee. I added a couple of bangles and a colorful silk scarf.

Scarves still intimidate me. I know! I’m 57 and I’ve conquered a lot of fears. But these slippery rectangles get me all anxious. So I reviewed some of my how-to videos (like this, this, and of course, several from Une Femme), and decided on a simple necklace design. I like it. Not high fashion, not even very French, but a good change for me.

I don’t call my hair “bad” any more but this is an “interesting”
hair day  : >  Curly sisters, you feel me.
I’ve found colorful toes and fingernails help me feel more chic as well.

How do you use those scary silky things to pump up a simple outfit?

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  1. I nice scarf colour choice, looks great with black. I'm usually always wearing a scarf around my neck, I like the ability to add another colour or texture to an outfit that way

  2. Very classy looking.  I do okay with long scarves but struggle with the short silky ones.

  3. I'm n ot scared of scarves since I watched Wendy's Lookbook tutorial on scarf tying about 50 times on YouTube. I go back to the videos every few months when I get in a scarf tying rut. 

  4.  You look lovely, very polished. I like how you tied the scarf, need to try it for myself. Also the bracelets bring out the scarf's colors. Great shoes, too.

  5. Hi Patti,  That scarf looks awesome…and professionally tied if I do say so myself.  But I'm really here to tell you I have nominated you for that Liebster Award.  I know, I know, it's silly to give you such an award, but I wanted you to know how appreciative I am for you in getting me out of the closet, so to speak.  If you want to know the wheres and what fores, go to my site at  http://projectminima.blogspot.com/2012/08/not-just-another-award.html

  6. Patti, my first thought when I saw these photos what a beautiful stylish outfit and secondly I love the way Patti styled her hair today. Sorry, but women with long beautiful curly hair are not allowed to complain! 🙂 I think you are doing just fine with your limited wardrobe.

  7. I love your outfit but I must admit, I love your hair pulled back and then
     you silhouetted by a drawing that looks like it was inspired by your hair!!!!!

  8. those colors suit you so well. scarves (and hats) are something to get used to but they are so fun to add in a wardrobe. let your scarf journey begin!

  9. Love the outfit! It's so chic. The nails do help with chicness. It's all in the details I think.
    As for scarves I went trough a big scarf moment a while back but now I'm less interested. I like te way you tied yours.

  10. Those small silk scarves are just the most frightening item in a wardrobe, that I could think of. I don't have a single one – I don't know what to do with them! Well, I do now of course! A "scarf-necklace", I'm certainly going to try that one! And I'll visit the links in your post too!

    Your hair looks great to me – and allows focus on the beautiful scarf. Your sandals are really nice as well. Altogether a very elegant outfit!

  11. I think I find the scarves intimidating too – I never wear the small silk square scarves – I'm usually wearing a bigger scarf to keep my neck warm anyway. But i do like the way you've dressed up a simple tee and skirt here with yours – it does work a bit like a statement necklace.

  12. I often avoid scarves too–though I admire them.  Yours really makes this sleek outfit standout!  I think this is a success.

  13. Great job on the scarf Patti.  And I think your hair looks great, up or down.  Nice to have variety, but I wouldn't know.  My variety comes in the form of a hat.

  14. Dearest Patti,

    Love my old Hermès booklet on scarfs as it contains so many different styles for different shapes. I'm like you, keeping my wardrobe pieces for a long time but working them up with accessories. You did well here!
    Hugs to you,
    Mariette's Back to Basics

  15. Really nice outfit and scarf treatment.  I can tie only one scarf knot, the "loop and pull it through"… not really a knot.  I love your hair done up like that, not a bad hair day at all.

  16. Love the scarf colors and the juxtaposition of wave in your hair to geometric in the scarf is terrific!!

  17.  Ah, the wooly look. I have had it too  : >  Curls Rock is really terrific.

  18.  I just folded a rectangular scarf into a "tube" and tied it off with a simple knot at the back – like a necklace  : >

  19. Love the simplicity of the scarf, and I'm right there with you in my fear of scarves. I think it is because I worked on a cruise line in my 20s and had to wear one with my navy blazer and white skirt every day. I did used to know how to make a pretty cool halter top out of one of the big huge scarves, but I no longer have one. thinking about getting back into it though…

  20. The colours are beautiful on you, excellent job tying it! It works so nicely with your neckline. I usually fight with the shorter, silkier ones all day, haven't got the hang of them. I very often wear longer, larger scarves, fling one end over my shoulder, and call it done. 🙂

  21. I don't use too many silk scarves because they are slippery.  I like the way you tied yours and I like the way it fills in the neckline!  I'll usually end up with a long cotton or pashmina type thing depending on the season.  However, you may have just inspired me to be a little more adventurous.

  22. I think this look is lovely!!  I tie little scarves like this in a variety aways and around my handbags.  But, I think the way you did this looks great!

  23. Excellent use of the scarf. It adds a great pop of color. I admit, I find scarves too much for my style. I never know how to tie them right and they often flop around in my experience.

  24.  perfect amount of color near your face to brighten up this outfit
    love a good scarf, but you are right the small silky ones can be more intimidating to wear.

  25. i like the colour and the pattern of your scarf and especially the way you tied it, very sassy! and i love how you have done you hair today! i also have curls but not long enough to pin them up, unfortulately. sometimes i try to tame them with a scarf but that looks a bit special. sometimes i wear scarfs to protect my hair from wind or sun. 

  26. I really like the simplicity of that tie — streamlined and in keeping with the rest of the look. As for your curls, they look very well-behaved compared to where mine are at today. I've been trying a new (Aveda) hair product instead of my beloved Curls Rock, and we're looking a little wooly here. Not my favourite . . . 

  27. The scarf and bangles are great pops of colour. Tying scarves is easy once you do it a few times. I don't fuss with mine I have a few routine ties and tie them without even thinking. Hermes has a book on ties and their website has some great inspiring ways to wear them.
    Just have fun with scarves…

  28. I think your outfit is super cute and the scarf does just what it should – add a pop of color.  Those shoes are killer!

  29. I love how you've tied the scarf here. Not too secretary/flight attendant either.

    Love your expression "slippery" because I find that they're even hard to keep straight in my drawer. I'm like you too…I try and try to wear them and I do have several, but I often take them off frustrated because I feel like they look like I'm trying too hard. Or they're too sophisticated. But I love them so much, I just keep on trying!

    I love your outfit today Patti. The scarf is playful against a neutral background.

  30. This looks GREAT. I usually don't use scarfs around my neck, because I LOVE jewelry/necklaces! But, I do have an awesome collection of scarves, and I usually tie them to my bag or purse to add a little color, OR, sometimes I even use it as a belt. Occasionally, if the scarf is small enough (more like a handkershief) I will roll it up and tie it on my wrist like a bracelet and then pile on the gold bracelets to have even more fun!

    GREAT outfit!

    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  31. LOL, I feel your hair pain. It's super humid today & my white girl afro of curls is exceptionally…..fluffy.

  32. Love your outfit and the scarf is PERFECT!! Just the right pop of color.
    I'm longing for cooler weather to wear scarves again (just been too hot and sweaty here) I have a large basket full of thrifted and vintage scarves. I often pull out a scarf and plan the rest around it!! 
    I saw somewear on a blog a gal who takes those fashion rings with the stretchy bands and uses them as scarf rings instead of tying it. I want to snag a couple and try it myslef.

  33. Nicely done! The colors are so pretty on you and the simplicity of the arrangement complements the outfit. Just keep playing until you find a few ties that work for you, but I give this one two thumbs up!

  34. I think you have accomplished your goal!  Its a great outfit; the pencil skirt and simple black top with the scary look very classic an pretty.

    I wear scarves often except during the summer.  I'm not very good tying them, but I just make do and I think it works out ok.  I guess we will see when the weather gets cooler….

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