What I Wore: English Schoolmistress

This is a more conservative, slighty masculine look for me. I do like the bright purple of the sweater though, and the modest V-neck.

The sweater is by Izod, all cotton, and was thrifted for about $3 at the Daily Bread Thrift Shop. I support all their activities, and I’m happy to contribute whenever I can. The skirt is an old standby, by To The Max.

I’m not sure about the Sonoma (Kohl’s brand) shoes: they’re a bit too schoolmarm for me, I think, although I like them with jeans. They’re also thrifted, from Goodwill, and very comfortable.

Maybe I should belt the sweater next time, for more interest?

Thank you for all your thoughtful and heartfelt comments on my last post, about saying farewell to our former faces. I wish you all a happy, peace-filled Friday.

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  1. There is nothing masculine about this look, sweetie, so pretty and chic. Love those purples with your complexion and hair!

  2. I don't think this is masculine at all?! What are you talking about? Beautiful color on you too. And the shoes? I just got a pair similar to them, and I wear to with skinny colored jeans. I really like the way they look with them.

  3. Great sweater.  And I resist the constant advice from others to belt every sweater.  This one, especially, would not benefit from that.

    Wearing leggings under the skirt is an odd choice.  I'd have chosen tights or pantyhose to avoid the line where the leggings end at the ankle.

  4. Hm, I don't think of v-necks as masculine!  And the shoes are the brown ones I've been looking for all winter.  Have not come across a pair in my size…but seeing a pair on you gives me hope I'll find them soon.

  5. Hi Patti!

    As you may know, I've also mused about the aging thing, and probably reached similar conclusions.  This outfit makes me smile amidst the reflection, though.  I smile at the combination of colors, the choice of sweater and shoes.  I think they're fun, creative, and funky.  I love lace-up shoes like that and plan on finding some.  You look great.

    Love, Jean

  6. You look amazing in this color Patti…and you will get so much wear out of the skirt!   You really need a warm weather shirt in this color…it is you!

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