What I Wore: Animals Prints, Do I Still Love You . . . ?

I found this sheer animal print top (what animal is this supposed to be?) at a local thrift store for just a few dollars. It’s really fun to wear, very loose-fitting, with dolman sleeves, but with a built-in elastic waist for shape. It’s very sheer so I wore a black tee underneath, and paired it with my favorite Laundry pencil skirt.

I am almost ready to put the animal prints away for a while; my passion is cooling (see my post about love affairs and clothing here). But I do really like this easy piece. I’ll wear it with skinny jeans a few times too, before I give it a rest. I think it could use a pop of bright color next time, with a bright bangle or scarf.

I do appreciate an open neckline like this.
Do you own a black pencil skirt too?
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  1. This is a gorgeous blouse…perfect with your skirt! I think it would look fabulous with colored jeans!
    I don't have too many animal print items, but I do love them! 

  2. I very much like that top and agree it will look as fantastic with a pair of great jeans as it looks with the pencil skirt!

    I have pencil skirts but I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I do not have any black ones. I tried one on this week but didn't buy it. They're never the right length on me and I'm never enthused enough by them to commit to alterations. I used to have one but it was from when I was a different size so I donated it.

  3.  Not yet, but I will thrift some (not ready to make a full-price commitment!)

  4. Cute outfit! Love the booties, too.

    I can't imagine giving up animal prints–it would be like giving up "red" to me. But I can also understand getting tired of a look I've worn a lot.

    I don't have a pencil skirt (though I love the way they look). Too hard to chase little kids around in one!

  5. I am just starting to wear pencil skirts, and found a vintage interpretation two days ago.  It's an exploration for me!  You look fabulous in this skirt and it looks great with your animal print. I have loved leopard since the 70's and my affection hasn't subsided.  But I do go through phases as life changes.

  6. I own so many pencil skirts! I find it to be something I'm really comfortable in. Although spring makes me want to make myself more flouncy type skirts.

  7. I have mixed emotions about animal prints, too. I think it's that I don't like them across the board like I used to – when they really became popular, anything with a zebra or leopard print I adored, but now I am much more selective when it come to them. I hope I am making sense 🙂 

    Your animal print top is unique in it's pattern and color scheme. I think it's lovely with that pencil skirt and the colors suit you, too. I have a pencil skirt in black that I like very much. I instantly feel feminine, chic and more out together. 

  8. I don't! I spend some time of my life working in Macy's, so I have strong antipathy toward black. 🙂  I believe, I still own couple black pants and maybe full black skirt, but definitely not pencil skirt.

    I absolutely adore all animal prints! I have leopard printed silk sweater, cheetah printed handbag, zebra printed scarf, and I'm looking for leopard faux fur coat in 60's style.

  9. I own, uh, several black pencil skirts. Differing lengths and fabrics! My excuse!

    I have no idea what animal that's supposed to be, but it's a great blouse.

  10. I have also been thinking about animal prints.  I don't see them out for spring in any shape or form.  I'm thinking women love them so much they'll stick around for fall but not sure.  Actually, since I live in Indiana they'll always be in style!
    I love your top.  It works beautifully with the pencil skirt!  have a good weekend

  11. Snow leopard! Hee hee. I love it, and I love your collection of animal prints. I hope you'll keep them and bring them out again in a few months/years/whenever to enjoy again.

  12. Oh it's such a pretty shape I can see why you like it.  My love of leopard has cooled quite bit, but I still love my little leopard flats and leopard print sunglasses.  I am avoiding both leopard and python at retail though, even though I loved loved loved them at first.

  13. It's a cute top, and works well with your skirt! But I know what you mean, I like things in phases too.

  14. Patti, I'm embarrassed to tell you how many black pencil skirts I own. Such a great career dressing staple!

  15. I love the top and think a bangle is the right way to go for accessorizing it. I love wrist bearing sleeves, I do own a black pencil skirt. However, it's leather. Lol! It's very demur for leather, but still. I did finally go out and purchase some black pants. I've had a bunch of dressier occasions that required business attire that I was unprepared for.

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