What I Wore: Animal Prints Again!

Am I in a rut? I really only have four animal print pieces in my whole wardrobe, but I am wearing them a lot. Did you see the movie Cat People? Is it possible I am morphing . . .

Anyway, here is a simple, comfortable way I wore my new skin leopard print tee: I added a gray knit slim  skirt and the usual tights-and-boots. The skirt’s a bit of a puzzle. It is a medium weight knit, finished very well, but with not a single tag. I thrifted it for a couple of dollars, so I don’t know the provenance. It could be as old as the 60’s when two-piece knit dresses were very a la mode.

I like my newly thrifted knit skirt – it’s totally comfortable with all-way stretch

I think this outfit falls into the category of: “I like it and I don’t care terribly much if I’m working this look too hard!” Who knows, in a few weeks I may be excited about something completely different. That’s why fashion is so much fun.  : >

The skirt reminds me of this kind of 1960’s two-piece dress.
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  1. I never tire of animal print, and you are radiant in this outfit.  Great look!

  2. That blouse is beautiful. I love the tulip shape to it. I tend to gravitate to my 'statement' pieces more often than others. I like the boldness, and it always makes me feel a little peppier than normal.

  3. I think this is a really lovely combo. The grey skirt sets off the pattern really well. Also I do not thing you've gone 'to far' with the animal prints. I have seen the movie 'Cat People' and while I'm pretty sure you are still safe you might want to be careful the next full moon. 😉

  4. I've been buying and wearing animal print items too…. for me they WORK and take any outfit to the next level. Plus they are totally timeless.
    Maybe we could do an animal print week ?I like your top and think that with such a pretty figure you can also belt it or tuck it in 🙂

  5. What a great look! I'm loving animal prints too right now. I have a few pieces of fabric to work with (including one for a coat!) and I just bought a couple of scarves…

  6. I don't own anything leopard print except for a scarf and now I really want a leopard print top! This one looks so great on you 🙂

  7. I wonder if you can ever be in a rut if you wear animal prints.As for the skirt you can try a belted look.Hugs*Angie!

  8. Who cares about the origins of the skirt?  Comfort first.  I've been known to break up matched sets…though I tend to keep the blouses, and return the bottom half.

  9. It looks super comfy! I really like the neck on your top too. Sorry that I have disappeared of late — I think that I have lined up a place to stay in VA a couple of nights a week … it will be expensive, but help my body out a lot. And my nerves I think.

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