VisibleMonday #143: A Long Vintage Dress Is Modern

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I like long dresses and skirts. I don’t mind showing my legs, but long skirts feel so great, and I can ride my bike, cross my legs, climb the stairs and etc. This cool vintage 80’s dress is via Citizen Rosebud’s Etsy store, go there and shop. I think the open neckline keeps the dress from being mumsy, although I don’t mind mumsy on occasion.

I wore a thrifted blue suede belt and open wedge sandals, as the temperatures are back to the upper 70’s. Will my boots ever get a chance to come out and play??

Long dresses are actually very freeing. I never have to wonder if I’m flashing something personal.
My best boy, King, likes to hang with me at photo time.

Now, show us what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. oh my gosh! so sorry I missed this last week- not as much time set aside for online blogging or visiting. but you look so wonderful in that dress, a classic beauty! I love the sweetheart neckline on you- very lovely. hope you had a great T-day, and time with fams. xo. (ps and thank you for the mention and link to my shop- you are the best!)

  2. I got confused with the weeks – you look wonderful! I totally love the belt, what a find!

  3. Oh thanks for hosting Patti and I love etsy πŸ™‚ Cute and modern dress. Sabina @Oceanblue Style

  4. I love this outfit! The flowing fabric, small floral print, and detail on the front are adorable!

  5. That belt adds just the right amount of colour to your dress. It's 70degrees where I live too, and I was just thinking it's time to bring out the boots! Thanks for hosting. Off to check out some sites!

  6. Nope, no "mumsy" here (Hey, what about the feelings of all those mums out there … KIDDING!) You look delightful, and I'll bet this swirls and flows around your legs when you walk! Gorgeous piece, so pretty and so Patti. As always, you styled it so well. And, of course, if in doubt, add a cat-bomb. Never fails to impress!
    No kidding about this … a lovely Florida Late Fall outfit!

  7. What a pretty dress, Patti. It reminds me of the long ditsy print dresses I wore in the mid-90s actually, more than a 1980s style – not that it matters! The neckline looks beautiful on you, and a cat is always the best accessory, right?
    It won't surprise you at all to know I adore wearing full length dresses – cool when the weather is hot, warm when it's cold, and always very stylish. Visible too! xxx

  8. Have to admit am bit jealous of those sandals. Blue suede + wedge = LOVE Plus, it is lovely that you can wear them in November.

  9. Is it so warm there still? I love those 80s dresses. You can do so much with them and you can get them easily and in abundance!

  10. You are lovely in a maxi, Patti. Even better that it comes from Bella. Thanks always for hosting this fabulous party.

  11. I love that 70s bohemian look, it suits you so well Patti! Enjoy the warmth (if you can) for me, pleeeeease!!

    Thanks for hosting, have a great week πŸ™‚

    Catherine x

  12. Always a pleasure to join you, dear Patti.
    Love your dress and want your shoes.
    I do hope you can also join Share-in-Style.

  13. Loving King's photobombing!
    Yes, send some heat this way, too. The thought of sandals is but a distant memory.
    The dress looks gorgeous. xxx

  14. Your floral dress is lovely. I love the length. And those wedge sandals are perfect with it.

    Enjoy this week and Happy Thanksgiving Patti!

  15. Good morning Patti – what an amazing vintage dress! I like it (could be mine). The cats want often a fotoshooting too πŸ˜‰
    Have a great new week πŸ™‚

  16. Love your look. It's hard to find a maxi dress that cute nowadays. VINTAGE FOREVER!

  17. You look wonderful in your long dresses, Patti, and this one is no exception! The blue belt adds a cool vibe too. Come to the PNW for some boots weather. πŸ™‚

  18. Don't worry, absence makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to great boots. I love this long dress and your curtain backdrop. Maxis have such great coverage but oddly sometimes they feel more revealing to me, probably because I'm so relaxed. It doesn't make sense, right?

  19. What an adorable dress! love the belt very much! You look glowing! Thank you for the party and have a wonderful week!

  20. Patti, I love long skirts and dressing too, and for about the same exact reason. I actually think I would take this lovely number off your hands any day. What a perfect item to add to your wardrobe.

  21. You look fabulous. I personally welcome our midi-skirt overlords. "Mumsy" is an adjective invented by the pushers of above-the-knee skater skirts.

  22. Good style never goes out of style… great vintage. And I could use some sandal weather now… snow for a couple of days, already tired of winter…

  23. Heat wave? hrumph. Nevertheless, long flowy dresses are the most fun to wear, I do agree there. And that neckline is very sweet on you. You mean you can't even wear booties yet?! oh my.

  24. I agree, they ARE freeing (as long as they're not total maxi and drag on the stairs as you go up and down, leading to tripping!) . You look so pretty and freh in this- I agree, the neckline is really pretty and youthful on this! Hope you are well.

  25. Very cute boho dress Patti, it looks fab on you! Thank you for hosting πŸ™‚ hugs and have a wonderful week xxx

  26. Send the heat up here! I'll take anything I can get : )

    I like this dress and the smaller size of the pattern. I could see it working with a black leather biker jacket and some black booties…but of course that would be neither at your place nor mine…more likely in San Fran where the temps are moderate.

    I love that the pets always know where to be in order to suck up more attention.


  27. Your vintage look is very modern, Patti! You look great! Thanks for hosting!

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