Visible Monday #96: Dark Florals and a Black Cat

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It’s time for summery dresses, yay! I love an easy summer dress that’s not too fitted, a bit swirly, and washable too. This dark floral number was thrifted from the Molly Mutt store for under $5 (lots of pretty dresses here). I added blue tights and my workhorse black Sofft booties.

The blue stone bracelet was made by a friend (similar). I wore a businesslike blazer for seeing clients. Everything was thrifted or handmade or recycled, except my underpinnings! I didn’t realize that until I started writing. Even my magnificent black cat King (hind parts Visible below) was born feral in our yard and was seduced into being a house cat. Recycled cats are the best.

That’s a proper white camisole underneath, really.
“Oh hey, I’m showing you my nether end.” His front end is camera shy.
All business-y with the addition of a pinstripe jacket

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Adore your dress! I had one with a very similar print, gorgeous.

  2. Hehe, always like to see snippets of your black kitty cat ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I love the pattern of this dress, Patti! You look so vibrant and beautiful! Thanks for hosting Vis Monday!

  4. Black cats are the best! Very nice thrift. I linked up a guest post from Bella Q of The Citizen Rosebud this week. Hope everyone can check it out! Debbie @

  5. Beautiful dress on you. I think it looks great with or without the jacket. Thanks for hosting VM! You're getting close to #100!

  6. Look, dark florals on us both! Love this dress, needless to say … and you look wonderful, cool, comfy and pretty. Have a great week, Patti, and thank you again for hostessing everyone!

  7. I think you look very stylish in this dress with and without the jacket.

  8. I have to agree, love that dress! So pretty! Very stylish Monday indeed!

  9. Yes, I am in complete agreement – a swirly twirly summer dress, preferably in a great colour and print, is what I find easiest to wear too! Love it with the boots, and disappearing cat, and the fact everything is secondhand only makes it better! xxxx

  10. You K.I.S.S. very well. That means "keep it simple sweetheart". Love the dress. I love dresses that are not complicated and can be worn with so many other pieces.

  11. Lovely dress and it sure does dress up smartly with the jacket. Love that cat butt there!! I love it when blogger's pets come for the ride. They must think we are an awfully strange bunch doing what we do. Thanks so much for hosting!



  12. yes, our condo has a fireplace, and it is unusual : > one of the reasons we picked it, it has soul. King mostly sleeps (he's 8 now), but does like to play with us for about 20 minutes a day. He adapted very well to condo life, good boy!

  13. Love the dark florals. We had 2 days of summer and now it is raining. Not normal SoCal weather!

    Oh and love the kitty photo bomb ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Hooray for dress season! This dress is an excellent find Patti…colour and design lines both very flattering on you.

    Coincidentally, my post this morning mentions cats. I'm being nosy…I assumed your outfit photo location was in a communal area for your condo. I never imagined Florida units having fireplaces. Does King follow you around?

    Sue xo

  15. Patti you are one funny lady who can rock a recycled frock (and a recycled cat! lol) better than just about anyone else I know. Happy Monday!


  16. What a beautiful floaty dress! You're a breath of summery fresh air Patti, thanks for introducing us to your lovely black kitty!

  17. I love Visible Mondays! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  18. i love your dress , patti. it's very pretty. thanks for having me over.. lucyx

  19. Top-to-toe second hand? Your clients will never know!! ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  20. You look so gorgeous in that floral frock and I love your cheeky smile!
    Everything's better second-hand – cats, clothes and men! xxx

  21. Such a pretty dress, but I love it especially with the jacket! Great styling as usual Patti! X

  22. Your sparkling blue dress is marvellous, Patti! I love the short sleeves, the pattern and how the ruffles looked out of the blazer.

  23. You look so cute in your little summer dress – and the fact that you get everything second-hand just blows me away! I love how you're so incredibly fashionable on the cheap!

  24. Wow Patti you find the Best dresses for a awesome price!

  25. A gorgeous dress!

    Hello King-butt! Lol! I do love a recycled cat. My ferals are the most grateful to have a home. Even though Annabelle is skittish to be held, she is overwhelmingly sweet when she wants to be. Sammy, our saddest story rescue, has turned into a big ole lap baby who wants to be petted forever and ever.

    The other three, born and raised house cats, are like spoiled rotten teenagers.

  26. Love summer dresses and this one is a perfect way to begin the season. Seriously can't believe the price you paid for this floral wonder.

  27. I cannot believe you got that dress for under $5! I want to go pop some tags with you.

    The colours in the dress are so pretty, they remind me of a Monet painting.



  28. This is just beautiful on you, Patti! I bet it's all flowy in the breeze.

  29. Such a pretty dress!! Great thrifted/second hand outfit. Enjoy your tights– it's already too hot for me to wear them.
    Becky ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. When I saw what you were wearing (after I published today's post ๐Ÿ™‚ I was so stunned to see you wearing a blue patterned dress and booties, too. You were the reason I pulled my own long-neglected Impo booties out of the back of the closet. I was considering Goodwilling them ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    I love recycled kitties and dogs. My Cairn Terrier is a prime example of the benefits of getting out of your car in a bad neighborhood to rescue a ball of mud ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. k
    Hi Patti!
    I love the dress and i too have recycled cats, yes they are the best !
    Nice to purchase for a good cause i'm all for that!
    Ariane xxx

  32. Patti, looks great with the pinstripe jacket . The blue pattern and hues look great on you!

  33. Very pretty dress Patti – I love that at the moment we are all in similar transitional weather. I'm finding so much inspiration from you lovely Northern ladies!

  34. I am loving that floral pattern Patti! I also appreciate how we can turn an outfit all business-y with one little jacket! xoxo

  35. Hurray for summer dresses! I bought myself two new ones today – oops! I think I might have said it before (and maybe more than once), but it is worth saying again; that blue is a great color for you!

  36. Great dress, Patti! I really like it with the jacket…you should get a lot of summer wear out of this one! Thanks for hosting as always! Have a wonderful week ahead!

  37. Great minds think alike this week, Patti! You look so lovely in your flirty floral dress – and no one would ever guess you bought it second-hand unless you told them! I also love that the jacket changes the tone of the entire outfit so nicely.

    Spashionista (Alicia)

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