Visible Monday #90: Army Style?

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There’s nothing overtly military about this outfit, but it has that vibe. The olive drab skirt, precision belt and rugged boots, perhaps. Well, I’m an aging flower child but I still like this polished look. ☺

The black trench-dress-jacket thingy has turned out to be a favorite piece. It was thrifted for about $5, and it’s by CAbi (something similar here). Very nice medium weight, although it’s about to be retired for Spring/Summer. The silk skirt has also seen lots of wear; it’s from Talbots (very cute similar here in burgundy, I may have to purchase).

My belt and necklace are thrifted, and yes, I am wearing my Dr. Martens again. The price per wear is creeping down!

I think I look like a woman to be reckoned with here. Reckon with me!
Better with or without the scarf? I couldn’t decide. Guess I’m
not that formidable after all. ☺
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 Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Oh, Patti, I love this!! That looks awsome on you!!


    PS — I need to think of cost per wear. I'd say my Steve Madden lace-up black leather boots have been probably the best purchase ever for me. I love them. I love them. Did I say I love them? Cost per wear on them is probably pennies.

  2. I'm going to have to start thinking about your theory of cost per wear. Totally new concept for me, but one to start paying attention to. And by the way, you look fabulous!

  3. Either way … scarf or no scarf, you are so formidable! Say *formidable* with a French accent and it sounds so much better. You look some serious cute in this outfit … is it cold there all of a sudden?

    Again … sorry I'm so late. I'm missing deadlines right and left … weekends are long at the pub, and I bit off a big chunk with Style Imitating Art this week.

  4. Oh, you look smashing! I see what you mean about the military-ish look, but just so stylish!

  5. I love the decreased cost per wear theory. I love that you can end up having paid almost nothing for something. Logic be damned! Thanks so much for hosting.

  6. This is a very smart and elegant look – I love the way you've belted the jacket. The Doc Martens are turning out to be such a great investment!

  7. Chic & love that you are wearing Doc Martens! Your scarf is pretty with this outfit.

  8. I live the starkness of your ensemble without the softening the scarf provides. That way you can see the structure of each piece and the delicate details of the necklace and belt and cuffs. Very nice.

  9. "Reckon with me!" I love that! lol
    This black trench jacket thingy is so cool. I love that you wore it with a longer skirt underneath; I'd never think to do that. It looks so good. (Even aging flower children can use a little sartorial structure sometimes ;).


  10. Patti, you look great! The scarf is such a lovely pattern and color. Thank you for hosting the party.

  11. Boots are meant to be worn. The more worn in, the more appealing they are. I love boots. That is one of the items, I will miss wearing as it gets warmer. Very nice ensemble!

  12. I'm on the same wavelength as you today- wearing an army green twill jacket and skirt! I love the layered look on you- and the fact that your are to be reckoned with in your fabulous docs!

  13. #90? Such a cool achievement, both for you and the women who participate!!! Loving the soft structure and layering of your look today, Patti! ~Sarah

  14. My favourite look is without the scarf. The necklace, though not overly large, is stunning and I think it deserves not to have to compete with the scarf. Beautiful look Patti. And you're right, those Docs are going to be in a negative cost per wear soon enough. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for hosting Visible Monday.

  15. What great layering! Very cool you're getting such great use out of your shoes too. Thanks for the link up!

  16. Oops, thought I left a comment but can't see it here.

    Great trench dress styling again, Patti – what a versatile piece that is! I like the look without the scarf. I think, with the belt and the necklace, the outfit is chic yet crisp. πŸ™‚

  17. Hi Patti!

    Lovely! Those Docs! Yes wear them more often, they are so great
    I prefer without the scarf!

    Ariane xxx

  18. Patti, I love how you layered these pieces, it makes a very stunning outfit. Not a lot of women could wear a trench coat belted like that and pull off such a slimming look. You are an inspiration. Thanks for having your fun link up.

  19. You are positively gorgeous! So radiant and lovely. I adore everything about this; beautiful layering. I love it both ways, and the scarf is a pretty addition. πŸ™‚ I need to try something like this with a skirt. Love the boots and necklace, too.

  20. Love the outfit both ways, but the scarf really does give it a nice pop. And I am a sucker for a camo print.

  21. Patti…I am glad you are loving the trench jacket kinda thing because it looks incredible on you.

  22. Happy Spring! I've linked up. Crop wasn't working right so I hope the image displays ok.

  23. Dammit!! I wish autumn would hurry up and get here, I'm itching for some fabulous layering like you're doing here!! xo

  24. You look lovely. I like your boots and belting the top shows your waist nicely. You also have great hair!

  25. Ahhh, I love this outfit, Patti. I think it's one of my most favorites of yours. I like it with and without the scarf…both ways.

  26. You wear the best boots Patti! And you look great in that beautiful outfit! Love the necklace! Emalina

  27. Patti, I think the scarf helps tie in the colors in the boots and skirt. But because of the print on the scarf which adds detail, I'd go with either the scarf OR the necklace.

  28. I DO love this look on you so much!! How about your trench being so versatile and stylish! I love it both ways….but a little better with the scarf. Rock on, Patti!

  29. I like it with the scarf – it helps tie in the brown of the boots and the olive in the skirt. Looking lovely, Patti!

  30. It is you and me Patti – wearing "army-style" this Monday with brown boots. Let's see if someone more wants to join us! Have a great week!

  31. As much as I love scarves (umm…obviously) i think I prefer this outfit without. It looks very sophisticated in a cool-funky way to me, especially with those FABULOUS Docs. πŸ™‚

  32. So a cute combination! Whenever I see you in a dress worn with a dress or a skirt I feel so inspired. I love the combi of black and jade green and I love your leaf pendant!

  33. I really like your outfit, Patti! It has such a cool vibe to it…I really like your necklace!

  34. I think that your army vibe is very cool! The skirt and the Doc's (wear 'em everyday!) give you that edge, yet the rest of it is very clean and pretty! Too cute!!!

  35. I love your outfit and the silhouette it gives you! The boots are wonderful!

  36. Patti, I like it better without the scarf because I can clearly see the line of the long dress and skirt without the scarf adding visual gravity. I love the jacket and skirt combo. It looks very vintage but not dated. Thanks as always for the Monday party! πŸ˜‰

    Spashionista (Alicia)

  37. I like it with the scarf because it looks like an interesting scarf – the pattern and colors. But it hides the black trench-jacket thingy a little bit. (Is it a jerkin? I'll have to look that one up.) Either way, it makes a nice outfit! And I'm going to have to look into getting some Docs myself if I keep seeing them look so gorgeous!

  38. Hi there! The olive skirt with the trench and boots really adds an extra dimension to your outfit, I love the whole look! Have a good week xxx

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