Visible Monday #66: September Lace

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Well, Monday is October 1st, but these pics are from September, hence the slightly-dated date! Naturally, it’s still summer-hot here in Florida but I am trying to at least dress in more Autumnal shades. Like this very cool bronze and cream full skirt by Nygaard, thrifted at the Goodwill. It has great swoosh and it falls to the perfect length for me.

The Democracy lace blouse has enjoyed many wearings, and I love its feminine shape. I don’t mind the full-over-full silhouette today, because neither piece is very voluminous. I am still wearing open-toed sandals by White Mountain, and envying the heck out of you boot-wearers!

I love a full swooshy skirt.
A touch of color from my thrifted bangle.
Skinny G: “”You bore me. I shall show you my tail.”

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Love your lacy top! So feminine! I love lace and would love to find something like yours to wear.

  2. My dear Patti, thank you for being such a wonderful hostess.I am so glad the brothehood is growing.
    love, love you in lace, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  3. Love your outfit, so carefree and feminine.  I have those same white mountain sandals in metallic.

  4. I'm really liking that skirt for fall. I'd love to see it with some tall boots?

  5. Hey, we wear almost the exact same gray kitteh!

    Seriously, you always look so pretty in lace. We're not getting much better in NC regarding fall, except that it rains like crazy, one day it's 68 degrees like today, but calling for near 80 degrees tomorrow, so whatever you wear is just likely to be not enough…or too much. I agree. I just want Plain Ol' Boots Weather.

  6. What a great look! Love that lace top, it looks great on you. And your curls are looking particularly pretty today. 😉

  7. Hi Patti!
    I love your blouse:-)
    So you live in Florida too?????? Where? You know I live in Florida too (West Coast).. Maybe one day we can meet!

  8. Patti, I love the texture of the lace blouse with the printed skirt.

  9. Oh, such a pretty blouse! I've been hunting a perfect lace blouse, and that one is just lovely. Drape, flow, awesome.

  10. I love the way you look autumnal in summer-like weather. Here in New Orleans, I'm trying to figure out the same thing. The flowy-over-flowy really looks cute on you!

  11. Up here in the opposite corner of the country, all us Seattleites are still trying to pretend it's summery, but it's so not! Gotta say, Patti, I'm a wee bit jealous! Loving your summery, feminine look in autumnal hues!!! ~Sarah

  12. That is a gorgeous skirt…and the color matches your cute kitty! 
    Thank you for putting Visible Monday on every week. I love seeing all the great looks. 

  13. I love me a full skirt too! That lace top is beautiful. You always look beautiful no matter what you wear, Patti.

  14. Absolutely love, love this top you have on – and if I lived in FL, I doubt I would change much about my clothing….lol I love the summer and would prolong it as much as I can…lol

  15. Fabulous skirt! Color is a great way to feel more like Autumn when the weather isn't cooperating. 

  16. You look great as always Patti, but that blouse is extraordinarily gorgeous.  The shape, cut and way it fits you is perfect.  Pay no attention to that cat, Skinny G is just jealous!

  17. Good look. I think the length of the top is flattering.  You see the skirt waist so even though top and bottom are full there is a curvy in the middle. 

  18. Gorgeous Patti: I adore your skirt collection, but this has got to be my favorite you have. The intricate work is amazing and it looks beautiful with another intricate, embellished item (that top). The sleeves and shape of that top are FAB.

    Loving the last photo with the cat, too cute!!


  19. your skirt with the fall flowers is amazing! you look marvelous and comfy in this combination! i wish i could still wear sandals, for me boots time has started yesterday definitely. 

  20. Your outfit is so beautiful, Patti! That is a marvellously swooshy skirt, and I have a fondness for cool, taupe-y bronze and leafy patterns. Thank you for hosting another fabulous Visible Monday! xo

  21. The skirt is gorgeous. I love the pattern with the texture of the lace blouse. Also love the metallic sandals. I could probably get away with sandals, but my boots are more comfy. Ah, mixed weather.

  22. Beautiful pattern mixing!  The blouse is so pretty and love the fullness of the skirt.  No boots for me either….yet.  

  23.  such a nice feminine blouse and your styling is so flowy and dreamy
    i did actually wear boots one day last week, i loved every second they were on my feet lol

  24. Beautiful, as always!  I especially love the skirt!  Your cat is lovely, too!  😉  -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  25. You always look so feminine!! You definitely can wear lace fantastically!! i love your outfit!
    I love  Skinny was giving you the tail….LOLOL Ours do it all the time!

  26. Very pretty and perfect for hot Florida. Send some of those warm breezes up my way : ) 


  27. This look is beautiful…so soft, feminine, and flirty…I really would love it for a date with my husband.  Great job!  have a wonderful week!

  28. Hi Patti, your blouse is stunning! such beautiful detail, i bet it looks great with so many things and must be such a pleasure to wear! xx

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