Visible Monday #58: Lace Encore

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I had so much fun with my lace blouse last week, I decided to go lacy again. This time, I chose a sheer lace topper that I picked up in a NYC consignment shop. I wore it over an easy knit dress by Lauren Ralph Lauren, with nude platform sandals by Anne Klein.

Unlike Thursday‘s mildly self-conscious outfit, I felt very confident and authentic in this look.

Picasso’s lion has similar hair to my own!
A couple of silver-and -goldtone bracelets were the only accessories.

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. Hi Gorgeous Patti

    I love lace as well – i  have this lace dress i have to style soon!
    About the previous post, the good looking guys! I am old as well:)
    Oh My! Clint isn't he gorgeous! and what about Michael Caine! my all time favorite!
    I do not know how many times i saw Alfie!
    Christopher Walken is a dream!

    Take care lovely!


  2. Very pretty!  I love that lacy look.  Makes me wish I had splurged the 4 bucks and picked up the thrifted lace top I found today!  But my daughter had some nice finds so we spent our mad money on her.  I save the rest for a chocolate milkshake, which my hips will be mad about tomorrow.


  3. This is a beautiful dress.  I love the lace top over it.  The outfit looks like a nice fabric and fit for warm weather.

  4. Usually I put something white/solid under a top like that, so I think you've got an innovative idea.  I like the picture behind you.

  5. Love the lace over the print dress! I takes the lace in a classy and fun direction rather the more usual sexy styling. Love it! 😉

  6. These are great! I will have to check out some of these blogs.
    And you look radiant. Lovely skin!

  7. Another lace top over a dress!  I love it.  I'm definitely going to keep this combo in mind.  Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Ah, lovely lace.  It deserved the encore.  You look like summer and yes, your hair is totally Picasso.

  9. That look is so cool, Patti.  You get more and more creative all the time!  I don't know if I would've ever thought of mixing the two – but the delicate lace over the delicate print looks divine together.

  10. The lace is fab but I am really digging the print of your dress.  I am so in love with black and white floral prints.  Thanks as usual for the link up!


  11. The effect of the lace pattern on the black and white pattern is so interesting! The white lace top is very beautiful, and I love your shoes with this outfit!

  12.  I like the effect of the lace over black and white. Nude shoes was a good choice. It would have never occurred to me and I would've spent 15 minutes trying to decide between black or white ones!

  13. you look so beautiful! i like the black-and-white flower dress, i hava nearly similiar one, and i like the idea to combine it with a lacy blouse. enjoy your day!

  14. Patti you are radiant as always my dear!  I want to thank you once again for hosting Visible Monday. What a supportive community you have been able to create.  Speaking of supportive, thank you for your wonderful and eloquent comments each week on my posts.  I treasure and appreciate each and everyone!

  15. AI think I would wear that lace top every day of the week!  It's just so pretty on  you.  Great purchase on your part.

  16. You are lovely in lace, Patti! Great idea to layer the patterns that way.

  17. I love the two patterns together – the overall effect is super delicate but the black and the shoes help keep everything grounded. I laughed about the comparison of your hair with the Picasso piece!

  18. You look so pretty and happy, Patti!  I loved the way you restyled the lace!  Have a great week…

  19. I love your lace!!  I loved the way you styled it before, and this is another great look.  I adore lace because it covers but still looks airy and pretty, perfect for summer especially.  I'm in the process of making another piece that features it.  After that, I might have to create something similar to yours.  You look fabulous. 

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