Visible Monday #46: Stripes Forever

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I got the tip-off to buy this Breton-striped tee from fabulous blogger Allie at Wardrobe Oxygen. It’s from Land’s End Canvas. I really like the quality for the modest price (about $30).

This time I mixed it with a black silk skirt from Banana Republic (thrifted) and a teal suede belt (also thrifted). My lucky owl necklace is from Forever21, and perforated sandals from White Mountain (similar).

This is a perfect office look for me, neither too casual nor too corporate. It is that so-desirable “C” word – “comfortable”. I’d like to own this top in a more colorful stripe too, to make the outfit a bit more interesting.

The all-seeing kitties have their eyes on the Lucky Owl necklace . . .
I never wore black and navy together in my youth;
so many “rules” have fallen away  : >

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing!!

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  1. You look great, Patti! I love this. Love the stripes, the skirt and those shoes. 🙂 

  2. Hi Patti, you look gorgeous as usual! I am lovin' that blue color lately. I need to get me some items in that color.

  3. Hey Patti, great idea. I never thought to pair black and navy together! I'm going to try it. Thanks.

  4. It's a cute look for the office.  I love the soft pleats on the skirt.  And I can't believe how many are linking up these days!  Thanks for hosting this event each week.

  5. Very chic Patti.  I wear navy with black and think it's a great combo.  Opens up so may possibilities and contributes to visibility.

  6. My goodness, I think the ladies in this link-up just getting more gorgeous every week! Patti, I love everything about your outfit today.
    This week I'm showing off the top I won in a give-away on Pam's Over50Feeling40 blog.  I love it!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  7. My heart goes flippety-flip for a owl pendant and an awesome boat-necked stripe blouse. You look classic, yet lively and fun.

  8. Love Breton stripes! If you think the black skirt is too drab… how about pairing the top with your floral Shakti skirt? Or is that too SpyGirl for you? Haha.

  9. Patti, I agree with you I am all about comfort and looking good. I love stripes! You look great and thanks for letting me link up!

  10. I love the shimmery skirt! Gorgeous fabric. Also I love how you pair black and navy. That's still a color combo I struggle with, but I love how color expectations have gone by the wayside these days. It makes for a much more exciting experience.

  11. Happy Visible Monday, lovelies!

    Patti, I love Breton stripes SO much, and you look great in yours!

  12. I have changed many times my outfit before I left the house because it wasn't comfortable for the day ahead.You are lucky you wear casual in your job as this gives you many comfortable options.

  13. Didn't YSL poke a hole in the idea that you can't wear navy and black together?  You are following an established French edition, especially with the silhouette of your skirt and the flattering stripes of your Breton top.  Very nice!

  14. Love the look! I am partial to stripes, but afraid this pattern would make me look fat 🙂

  15. You can tell this was my first time linking to Visible Monday … I should have done a little photo editing!

  16. I love stripes – I think it's the pattern that shows up the most in my closet. This sweater looks so fantastically comfortable.

  17. I love your comment about the old rules – I still remember my Mom insisting you had to match the navy color in jeans with your top and accessories! 

  18. Darling top! You can't beat that price. Great look, Patti! 

  19. Cute! I like how this looks work-appropriate and comfy (and stylish) at the same time. I love stripes but need to figure out how to wear them so they flatter me. Hm…

    And I think I have a similar owl necklace that my kids gave me last Mother's Day! Love it!

  20. You would look great in a red and cream striped top too. I just love stripes. So French!  Don't forget the beret!

  21. Hi Patti, I love the striped top, and think navy and black is a smashing, sophisticated combination. Love the stripes too! 

  22. I like striped shirts for summer. I have a similar one, but I have to take care to buy mine with a slim waist so I don't lose my figure, so no Bretons for moi.

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