Visible Monday #35: Leather Mini Skirt?!

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Blogging has now taken me over the final frontiers: I wore a leather miniskirt. OK, not to the office, but on a date with my husband. This cool skirt was purchased from Serene’s (The Elegant Bohemian) eBay store. It feels wonderful, and as Serene pointed out, never needs ironing! It has a flattering, modified pencil shape. I know I’d wear it more if it were two inches longer. Suggestions?

I added a flowy top, tights and booties. I stayed all-neutral, although I could have added a colorful bangle or gone with a bright shoe. Next time.

Skirt: The Elegant Bohemian; Blouse: no label!; Shoes: Tsubo
The pointing cat foot says Yes! Wear a Leather Mini Skirt!

Now, I can’t wait to see what you are wearing today!

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  1. Does it need to be 2 inches longer? I like it on you the length it is – it's hardly mini mini and you have great knees – hope you wear it out more often with hubby – bet he was chuffed to see you wearing it!

  2. I have an idea. why not wear a longer black skirt underneath your shorter leather on to make it look longer. Check out te post I linked to see a different example of what I'm talking about. Ciao D

  3. Patti I LOVE this skirt on you! I do like the way you styled it, but here's my two cents. Since it's not really a tight fit on that lovely, svelte bod of yours, I think you could really get away with a more fitted top. I really don't think this is too short, since it's not too much above the knee, but think maybe some more opaque black tights could make you feel little more comfortable.
    Way to rock it like it's hot;)

  4. FYI, I've been having a lot of trouble over the last couple of weeks in getting my picture to load up. The picture page shows errors (it won't let me select or crop), and I usually have to upload the picture from my computer instead of using the one off my site. I've tried it in Google and in Chrome, and get the same result. 

    Anyway, no one else seems to be having issues, so I guess it's me!

  5. I say HELL YEAH to the leather mini skirt (and FYI, that's not mini!). You look amazing in it, Patti! If you feel a little self-conscious about the length, you could look in thrift stores for a vintage slip that has a nice border of lace at the bottom (like my grey Christian Dior one) and deliberately let that peek out.

    But you don't really need that – you've got legs! Killer legs!

  6. Patti, I LOVE that skirt. I'd wear it to the office with a collared blouse and a shorter blazer.

  7. i love the leather skirt!  i have a bright green one my mom thrifted and another brown one a friend got me from a garage sale.  i love em and can't wait til i fit them again now that i'm no longer preggo!!!  you look very cute and i think you could dress up the skirt for work with a cute blazer and conservative top!!!


  8. I love a good leather mini! I've not worn mine recently, but now am inspired to pull it out of the wardrobe soon, and give it a wearing.

    Thanks for hosting, Patti!

  9. Hello gorgeous patti, I nearly forgot to join you girls today.
    I am off to check you all.

  10. Nope, NOT too short. If you feel "insecure", wear super opaque hose or leggings with it. Black would draw away any focus on your knees and make one long line in the waist to ankle zone.

  11. I've never had a leather skirt–maybe I should consider buying one. Is it really comfy? You look so stylish!

  12. Not too short! I wish I had one. I often see them in thrift shops but they are always a bit off. I hope one day I will come across one that suits me like yours suits you. 

  13. Patti, you look lovely in your leather skirt. I don't think it is too short. Just make sure it is comfortable to work in. I always thought pencil skirts were best when one was standing. When you sit down, they tend to creep up a bit high.
    You always look chic and put together!

  14. Patti!  WOW!!!  You just made every argument for a leather skirt right there!  It looks divine on you and I think the length is great!  HOWEVER, I also realize that it really isn't about what anyone else thinks, if it FEELS too short, it's hard to get that out of your head.  The look is fabulous and you styled it beautifully!  Hugs and thanks again for shopping my store!  I've got some great things I'm about to list and even added about 3 more leather skirts!  ~Serene

  15. You have great gams, m'dear, but it you're uncomfortable, that's the final word. Tights are a good choice here. I was thinking maybe you could sew a strip of mid-weight fabric around the hem of the skirt or the lining if there is one, or wear another simple pencil skirt or dress that's just a tad longer underneath the skirt, or maybe throw on an extra long cardigan or blouse if you have one… Just thinking out loud. You look great regardless, loving that black/brown combo.

  16. I like the leather skirt, looks chic on you! And nice contrast with a feminine flowy skirt. You look nice in a sleeveless top. I am admiring your slim, tone arms! 


  17. The Brown booties are really working very well with the neutral tones of your outfit.  The look is very pretty on you.

  18. You look great in your "mini"-skirt, but it isn't actually very mini!  I'm glad to hear that Serene convinced you.  I'll be posting mid-afternoon on Monday in a suede skirt!

  19. I keep looking for the perfect leather skirt. Meanwhile, I got a faux leather one I like a lot from Club Monaco last year. You look great in yours!

  20. Wow, does that skirt look great on you!!! I agree with the pointing cat foot, two thumbs up!
    I had a leather pencil skirt back in the 80s, and it was surprisingly comfortable. It fell below the knee and because of that I felt fine wearing it with a conservative blouse to the office (although it would garner comments every time!). Loved it, but that was three waist sizes ago and it has gone the way of all beautiful, too-small things – into the ever-cycling thrift pool for someone else to enjoy.

  21. Patti-I don't think it's too short–you've got the legs for it!!  Really cute outfit and I'll betyyou'll find that skirt really versatile!!

  22. You look great!!  What about wearing over leggings and/or with knee boots for the office?

  23. I like that leather skirt and I just had one too! Can't wait to mix and match mine with floral blouse it looks really good on you. 

  24. Patti!  I think this is my favorite outfit of yours…it is great!  Excellent purchase from Serene and you styled it beautifully!! 

  25. We are leather skirt sisters!  You look great and no way is it to short.
    I wore one a few weeks ago (took some encouraging from blog buddies) but it isn't anywhere as nice as my older one.  The softest leather just to short.  Maybe I'll get it out and give it a whirl.

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