Visible Monday #103: I Am Wearing The Pants

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I am wearing more trousers lately than I used to. It’s no grand design, just an affection for the looser cuts that are making a revival. I like my jeans cut straight or skinny, but my trousers cut loose and flowy.

I just noticed this whole outfit was thrifted! The trousers are by La Perla, and they are a fine linen/silk blend, fully lined, and scored for under $6. They are snug at the waist, so nothing will be tucked into these beauties. ☺

I’ve worn the brown Loft polka dot shirt quite a bit, but recently added this little sweater vest. Each piece was less than $5. And the wooden bangle, another thrifty buy from last year, is probably under five cents a wear now. So today I am a frugal woman, but still Visible!

Some might say “cheap”; I prefer “careful shopper”

Now, let’s see what you’re wearing, Visible Women!!

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  1. I love this ensemble! And the great price makes it even better! 🙂

  2. Ok, that's it. Next time I'm in FL, we're going thrifting (I should have snapped you up when you were here in NYC!) I seriously can't believe some of the awesome stuff you find! Those pants are covetable. I would never have guessed that your whole outfit was thrifted, so talented you are at finding seriously chic pieces!
    UD Naked Palette giveaway

  3. Hello there lovely Patti

    Love your pants it has a retro feel to it and i love the styling, so chic, so you!


    Ariane xxxx

  4. Very nice outfit. So laid-back. When I read "La Perla" I thought "What?? That French expensive lingerie brand?" And yes it is that La Perla. Good quality.
    I like how you styled them. Thumbs up (is that the right expression?)

  5. This is such a great look. Casual and totally stylish at the same time. I love the vest. It has a really unusual but lovely shape. Great work!!

  6. Love this look! Just found your blog! You got a new follower!


  7. You don't LOOK frugal and thrifty…you simply look elegant. Love the silk/linen trousers, and the delicate polka dotted blouse.Lynaea @

  8. Hi there Patti

    Thank you so much for your nice comment
    I love you in pants, stunning outfit



  9. Sorry I'm a bit late! You look beautifully elegant, Patti, I love the drapey trousers, and hurray for being thrifty and ethical and green too! xxxx

  10. I'll bet this outfit is one of those that looks amazing in motion … I imagine the pants swishing and the ruffle fluttering as you swing down the street. Pretty, too! Thanks again for hosting, Our Patti!

  11. I am so in love with wide-legged pants these days, and you wear them just so wonderfully. Very sleek and drapey, and aren't they lovely in hot weather?

  12. Oh grand purchases there Patti! I find trousers are unflattering on me. I'm so top heavy that the big flares at the bottom make me look like a column on the Parthenon. hahahahaha. You pull it off well.

  13. You always look so at ease and classy. Thank you for getting us together again for visible monday. I enjoy browsing your and others' sites.

  14. I'm so happy to be visible with you this week, Patti- love you in your flowy pants! PS: I think this may be your biggest Visible party yet!

  15. Patti, you just look gorgeous – your legs look a mile long in those trousers! Wonderful cut.

  16. You are a very careful shopper, nothing you wear ever looks cheap. Quite the contrary!

  17. Very nice layered look. Nothing looks thrifted. I like the unique vest layered with the blouse.

  18. Lovely post, adore the pants, spoken like a true Madonna!

  19. I would love to find a pair of light summer pants like yours! I went searching the other day for some but came up dry. What a great find! Love that it's all from thrift shop finds.

  20. such a pretty pair of pants, and they're La Perla!, also lovely polka dot shirt, it's a really chic and elegant ensemble and you look very comfy and cool!

  21. So many possibilities for those flowy pants. I just love them!

  22. A 'careful' shopper is a great way to be described. I just call myself a smart shopper…usually everything I wear is thrifted.

  23. of course, I love to see your Link-up, linked here! : > thanks for sharing

  24. Hi Patti! Hope you're well, I really love this sotty top and those trousers are a great fit and cut too! Sharon

  25. "Careful" and clever, Patti! I love the way that clothes that were once described as, 'second-hand' are now known as 'vintage' and other desirable names!

  26. Glorious always, my dear Patti.
    I am so glad to join you yet another week.

  27. You wear the pants so weel Ms. Patti. Loving the Polka Dot Blouse & the Vest. What a Chic, Elegant Outfit!!

  28. I love the addition of the vest. I think it adds a little bit more of your personality into an otherwise "work look". It has the same breezy chic look I always think of when I think of your style.

  29. Good morning,
    a light and graceful outfit. I like it very much.
    Have a good time

  30. Frugally fabulous, Patti! Cheap? Never. I know that if you told people this ensemble cost a thousand bucks, they would believe you – if they didn't already know you were a thrifter. Lined trousers are dreamy. Everything here is so flowy, cool.

  31. patti you look beautiful, love that white wrap top on you! you are so delicate and pretty ( a look I never have been able to pull off! lol!) as always i linked my shiny t tuesday post, i do hope that is OK now that it is a linky itself (it's last week's post) if you would prefer i didn't link it now its a linky please do let me know. have a beautiful week beautiful lady. I am so grateful for this community of visible women you have formed xxxx

  32. Patti, you always look so lovely! That outfit looks graceful and fashionable! xoxo Lynn

  33. I think this is very elegant and chic without being contrived. I love the sheen on the trousers and the polka dots w/vest look cool and easy. I give this a huge thumbs up! 🙂

  34. I bow down to your thrifting prowess. Cute outfit as always.

  35. Great outfit and at such a wonderful price. This combination feels really fresh and young. Love the white sweater and wider legged pants. I've purchased a couple of wider legged pants lately. I'm thinking this style is feeling new again.

    blue hue wonderland

  36. Yay for a 100% thrifted (or op-shopped as we say in Australia) outfit! Especially such an elegant look. Thank you for hosting!

  37. This beautiful ensemble puts me in mind of Katharine Hepburn, dear Patti, I really love it on you. So graceful and flattering.

  38. I'm with you, Patti: jeans fitted, pants flowing. You look lovely and very visible!

  39. Patti–the term "pallazzo" came to mind when I saw these pants (not sure if that is correct spelling!) altho these seem a bit tamer! Love it~
    You were my inspiration for this week's look, BTW. I'm went for a looser style this week as well. xoxo

  40. Frugal and completely chic – that's my kind of woman! Love the pants, the flowy vest, and the classic polka dot top – one of my favorite looks for you!

  41. Not just a careful shopper, but ethical, too. I love the trousers! Big pants are on my must-find list, but I have to admit I haven't looked very hard yet. Must make a trip to Goodwill soon…

    Cute smile, Patti!

  42. I agree with Tamera…one of my favorite looks of yours, Patti! Very chic and easy…and of course the best part is the price!

  43. Looking lovely Patti! That knitted waistcoat-vest really adds something. I love your bargainous outfit.

  44. Patti, I see an evolution in your style which I'm loving more and more. This is one of my favourite outfits so far because it's still femine, very flaterring, elegant and comfortable, plus it looks a touch 30's/40's vintage which I also love and it's all thrifted!

  45. Patti, you're looking lovely as usual! Your outfit is a great nod to retro chic and a thrifted coup to boot! I'm loving the pants in particular – wish I could procure a similar pair 😉


  46. Loved your "Frugal, but still Visible" comment!!! I always get a kick when I realize I am in a totally thrifted look…Love this look, but so hot and humid, no pants in my near future…

  47. I think this is one of my favorite looks of yours… so chic, easy and elegant!

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