What I Wore: Throw A Scarf On It

When I’m faced with a perfectly nice but potentially boring outfit, I throw a scarf on it. Voila: color, interest and some warmth for the office or movie theater!

The simple outfit is an Old Navy tee (very soft – I’ll buy a few more), no-name thrifted maxi skirt and Kenneth Cole Reaction wedge sandals. The scarf was thrifted in NYC.

Oops, I didn’t know my scarf was crooked until I saw the pic. Also did not know how messy the
hair was. Photos tell no lies!

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Have a marvelous weekend!

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  1. I'm singing "put a scarf on it" to the tune of Beyonce's put a Ring on it…because I do the same! Or a blingy necklace! Thanks for the link-up 🙂
    xo ~kim & chloe

  2. Patti, Wish my hair looked this good when its messy, lucky you with your wonderful hair. And, I like the scarf a little crooked, it makes it look effortlessly put together.

  3. Yay Patting, I have a smart phone now so I can comment at last!!!@ the scarf is a fab way of adding colour!

  4. I thought the different lengths was deliberate! What a beautiful scarf. I am such a scarf fan, it lets you pull together lots of random colours, or pick out interesting ones – like with your belt. This looks lovely.

  5. Such a pretty scarf! I love how those colors pop against the olive green tee.

  6. Strange that I said this about the skirt as I do not feel the same way about the skirt in the Monday post with your drunken zebra blouse. That skirt was fine in length in my eye. Hmmm… is it because this one is wider?

  7. Indeed photos tell no lies, but I like your hair a bit messy and I don't see any wrinkles in the scarf. You are right that scarfs are great uplifters for an outfit. Great shoes too.
    (Can I be frank and say that I think the skirt would be better on you if it was a bit shorter?)

  8. I love the scarf. I do find them difficult to wear in the summer. Maybe I'm not selecting the right kind.

  9. The good thing about a beautiful scarf with lovely colors is that everyone will look at it, and no one will notice if it's uneven or your hair isn't perfect!

  10. I love the asymmetrical scarf and thought it was intentional, until I read otherwise.

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