Thrifting Delight! When You Find a Key Wardrobe Piece

Mostly I shop at thrifts for inspirations and unexpected treasures. I don’t go there with a list like: cropped black blazer, tapestry purse, white linen big-shirt. But! I found a white linen big-shirt yesterday at Molly Mutt, in my size and in excellent condition.

This checks all my boxes: oversize but not sloppy; soft, not scratchy linen; roll-able sleeves and a collar that stands up. I’ve never heard of the maker, “Evviva”, and all I could discover on-line was a small shop in Massachusetts by that name. Have you ever heard of it?

That’s a shadow, not a discoloration across the middle.

I’ll get a lot of wear out of this shirt in Florida winter as well as summer. It makes a great topper over a simple dress, and looks fab tucked into a pencil skirt. Love it with straight leg jeans and a belt

And by next summer, it will be a great beach cover-up (when I no longer worry about staining it with sunscreen).

Big White Shirt

How about very dressy?

Via Bloglovin’

And super casual:

Via Etsy

I’m delighted to find a true wardrobe classic for $3. What have you found at the thrift lately?

Stay thrifty and fabulous,

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  1. GREAT find! Lately everything I have purchased is from the Family Thrift Outlet where every single item starts at only $2 and then gets marked down each day until it is only .25

  2. Wow! What a great find! And for $3!!!!! What? I need to go shopping with you! I thrift for staples quite often, but even then, it usually is between $5-10 for a top. This white number is so versatile. Love the length and how flowy it is!

  3. Isn't it great to spot something you know you will wear all year round, in various different ways? Nice find, Patti! No, I never have a mental list either, secondhand shopping is instinctive and spontaneous for me. Latest buy? A big battered tan leather bucket bag, Β£4. Lovely! xxx

  4. Your shirt is brilliant!!! Such a nice shape and it works,well with the trousers. X

  5. That is a great looking shirt and I can just imagine how well it will suit you and all the ways you can style it. Oh my thrift shop finds are embarrassingly excessive to confess to all of them here, but I will say that I found six amazing and fantastic skirts and dresses recently and ALL of them are awesome perfectly necessary. πŸ™‚

  6. The lift of things I found during my last thrifting spree is long… but among them was a similar white shirt. I love the version with the black skirt, so gown like, I think I have to try this.

    Alex – Funky Jungle

  7. $3?! Great find! Love the linen fabric. Never heard of that brand either. Looking forward to seeing how you wear it! -β™₯- Rachel (For the Birds)

  8. That's exactly what I need, too. Although the word "need" is not completely accurate. πŸ™‚

  9. Just picked up a pale pink linen blouse, and a white cotton blouse at my local resale shop. Both J Jill, both fit like a glove. Two for $6; score!

  10. That's a great shirt and it suits your style perfectly. I never seem to have any luck with thrifting (or charity shops as they call them over here). On the odd occasion when I've found something to buy I've tended not to wear it much as it doesn't really go with other stuff in my wardrobe or is a slightly odd style etc. To be fair I don't thrift very much and probably don't haunt the really good thrift shops (but then they get quite pricey so I'd rather buy new!)

  11. I love both styling ideas and I can see you wearing that shirt to death.
    I'm like Suzanne, I find loads of amazing things in charity shops. Whilst there's always a plethora of "useful" things I only ever buy the wildly impractical! x

  12. You find the best stuff at Molly Mutt – I may have to drive down and visit….

  13. I just bought a 100% cashmere full length black coat. Fits like a glove and although I live in Florida, this coat is perfect for the football and soccer fields and for when I travel out of state. I found it in my favorite thrift shop marked down to $24.00!!!! Can't wait for the weather to get a little cold…….

  14. What a treasure! I love, love white blouses but am afraid I have paid way more than $3 for mine. Way to go!

  15. That is a super find Patti! I really like it and I agree a classic piece! I am v fussy about white shirts and I require all the same things as you!x

  16. I actually have been searching local thrift shops for linen shirts for several months and found nothing . . .

  17. I found a buttery soft taupe leather double-breasted jacket for $20 — looked as if it had never been worn. Too big for me but fit my sister perfectly — was she ever thrilled!

  18. Oooh, great find!!! I never go with a list either, ESPECIALLY for anything white! To find a white shirt is pretty special! Sigh….haven't been thrift shopping much recently…so no exciting finds to share!

  19. This truly is perfect for your weather.

    I've also been lucky finding new pieces I like at thrift stores…but let's be clear…it is stuff I liked, not needed by any stretch of the imagination. A rust coloured wool skirt, a leather skirt in chocolate brown, a 1950's black and white poodle style skirt and some suede cowboy boots. I'm always so surprised what people choose to get rid of.


  20. Great find! I just picked one up on deep discount for our upcoming trip and am looking forward to styling it.

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