The Only Four Makeup Products You Need (Unless You Want More)

Gorgeous vintage ad. She has simplified.  Source.

Simplify, simplify, unless of course you don’t feel like it. I like simplicity in my dressing room (fancy name for my small bath) but sometimes I go on a more-is-more binge with lipsticks and scents. My latest love is scented soaps from Marshall’s – almond, lemon and raspberry in the tub, for about $3 each.

But as for my face, being retired has made me re-visit my makeup habits. Not that I ever had to doll-up for the mental health center, but I did put on a nice professional face. Lately, I am letting my hair do the work, and have whittled my makeup down to:

Good stuff that lasts for a long day.
  • Blush. I have two choices here too: a soft rosy powder by Estee Lauder, and an all-in-one color stick in Pink Lemonade from e.l.f. cosmetics ($2 for that!)
  • Mascara. I have left liner and shadow behind and use Revlon Lash Potion in Black. One fat coat does what I need, and stays put, and doesn’t itch.
  • Lipstick. Where would I be without you? I’d rather go out sans pants than without my lipstick. I have two favorite reds right now: CoverGirl Hot Passion (now discontinued, sad, here‘s a similar) and Fearless by e.l.f., and one glossy pink, Miami by Ulta.
My future red, Garnet Flame.

Are you a minimal or maximal when it comes to makeup? No wrong answers, we all love what we love.

Stay fabulous,

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  1. My choices are a brow filler and an organic berry pink lipstick, If going to an event, I will add an organic soft blush. Maybe a touch of lip gloss.that’s it!

  2. while my stash is not too egregious, I will admit to owning a small stash of makeup. Half of which I hardly use. But still, I like to have my options. I used to use it, until I started working from home! But my essentials are similar to yours – concealer is a must, mascara so I can look awake and lipstick.

    BTW, love the new layout.

  3. I’m so with you on makeup. I never really wore much makeup until I started working full time in my late 40s. For some reason I suddenly thought I needed it. Who knows why? It’s not like the attendance clerk of my daughters high school was the hot fashion spot of the town. Ha ha. Anyways with my retirement at the end of this school year I suddenly realized that makeup except for mascara lipstick and blush were once again unnecessary. After all at 62 people just don’t believe me when I tell them how old I am and somehow I have linked that to years of a fresh face with little to no makeup. Well that and staying out of the sun. So I am back to my natural face and loving every minute of it.

  4. My four essentials are lipstick, eyebrow pencil, mascara and face powder. I have very rosy cheeks, so no need for blusher, but my brows are woefully underdeveloped. Love that vintage poster x

  5. Hi, Patti. Just discovered your site and love it. Wanted to let you know I linked to it on my blog, Thanks for the neat outfits. I especially love the recent explorations on black and white.

  6. Swap out the concealer for eyeliner and you’ve got the contents of my makeup bag. I’ve never been comfortable with concealer. I feel like it draws more attention to what I’m trying to conceal. I’ll apply it, then a fit of self-consciousness I’ll blend it until it’s gone!

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