The Four Best Affordable Online Style Shops

The four best and affordable online style shops. We are home more now, and probably online more than usual. This status quo is working fine at chez Not Dead Yet Style, as I have a most pleasant, handsome isolation-mate. And several extra bags of Famous Amos cookies, have you tried them with peanut butter? I’m still interested in fashion, though you couldn’t prove it by my usual daywear: running shorts and a gray tee. But I still have urges to shop, at least to window-shop.

My personal style purchases over the last two months: two tank tops to wear over my sports bra if I have to go downstairs to get the mail or take out the recycling. One super-soft purple tee for dress-up days (supermarket, pharmacy, cat food). I’ve also been purging, and one dark denim skirt had to go — too matronly; one pair of sneakers — too tattered; and a couple of necklaces that have served their time.

OK, these are not running shorts, they are men’s boxers from Hanes. I like the plaids. Favorite plastic sandals and no pedicure. My piggy print mask is from Etsy.
I swapped the boxers for a thrifted denim skirt, and the flip-flops for cute sneaker-oxfords. Ready for The Plaza Hotel.

Here are the affordable online shops where I’ve been hanging out:

Poshmark. I give this online consignment store a solid “A”. Their website and ordering process have run smoothly for me every time. Their offerings will cover everything you need/want. I often sort by designer and size – that’s how I found my new Fly London perforated peep-toe wedges. Love.

Everlane. The only retail store on my list, I love their stuff. It’s not for everyone; it’s an unapologetic minimalist brand that also tries to follow ethical manufacturing practices. I have tees from them that have lasted three summers and still look new (try the Japanese go-weave fabric). They offer meaningful discounts, and the full prices are not hilarious like some sustainable brands. Simple, refined shoes and bags too.

Loving these sling-back flats in bright orange.

Goodwill. During this no-shopping-in-person interlude, I like to browse the offerings at They have an auction section, where I may be bidding on this Nanette Lepore lace top, and a Buy It Now area, with good-looking deals for the patient shopper. Example: this Spring-y pleated skirt in fresh mint green, for $12. The photography and listings aren’t slick or sexy, and the descriptions are skimpy, but the bargains are there. Check purses and jewelry too.

Best for last: Etsy. It’s a wonderland of vintage, handmade, recycled, and artistic clothing. I could spend hours looking at 1950’s Mexican circle skirts, and 1970’s fringed leather bags. My favorite store is Suzanne’s VintageBySuzanne. She has a keen eye for vintage, and her prices are reasonable. Full disclosure: she is one of my besties. 😊 Other favorites include ClementyClothing, and LeMuse.

I’d love to hear where you are shopping, if at all, these indoor days? Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these goodies:

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  1. Thank you for the shout-out! I appreciate it : )

    When I was travelling through Italy with my sister (we had our bags stolen and had no clothing and couldn’t afford to buy new) we walked around wearing men’s boxers and tees for days. Your outfit sure brought back some memories for me.

    I need to see what this Freestyle is.


    • Haha! I bet you two looked a heck of a lot cuter in your boxers! I remember you telling me that story and how resilient you were. Yeah, I am checking out Freestyle too. xox.

  2. I have been favoring the clothing exchanges. Since I find so many garments at thrift, not all fit me so I exchange them for credit and cute pieces at Freestyle.

    • Hi Tami! Are you going to a local exchange or shopping at their online site? I hadn’t known about Freestyle till now. xo

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