Four Surprising Hidden Treasures I Found At Home

Four surprising hidden treasures I found at home. We are all getting more creative and for some of us, feeling like a cat on hot bricks, at finding projects and diversions as we shelter at home. Are everyone’s cabinets cleaned and sorted? Spices alphabetized, and socks color coded? Finished five or six long Russian novels? Don’t give up, I’ve found some hidden treasures and you will as well.

Personal note: I try hard to not complain about staying isolated. I think it’s important to show confidence and solidarity with the experts who advise social distancing. You won’t find me at the Free Ohio! protest, waving banners and demanding to get back into the bars. I do however have empathy and concern for the many millions who have lost their jobs, and of course for the brave medical professionals. Hoping for a safe, graceful transition back to normal. Here’s a list of charities helping the unemployed and those otherwise in need.

There are hidden treasures lurking in those closets, jewelry boxes, online, and under the bed. Here are a few that have made me happy in the last week, and I ‘d love to hear yours:

My high school ring. Nutley, N.J. High School, class of ’73. High school isn’t a fond memory, more like a slog to get through it as a chubby teen. But finding the class ring did bring back memories of close girlfriends, the ones I would walk home with, then call on the phone the moment I walked in the door. And listening to Crosby Stills, and Nash on my record player, and wearing Yardley frosted lipstick (check the price, I should’ve saved mine 😊).

Nutley High School, home of the Maroon Raiders.

YouTube series about Tudor England. This got started via YouTube, after I finished the virus vids and the unsolved mysteries series. I searched for “Kings and Queens of England.” Fast-forwarded through the early monarchs with the funny names, lingered at the War of The Roses (confusing and exciting), then settled in at the Tudor Kings and Queens. Jackpot! for drama, intrigue, high crimes and fabulous wardrobe.

I learned to tie headscarves for those rare (heh) bad hair days. Where have you been all my life, you delightful scarves that turn into hats? It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon, learning new twists – literally – and tricks. I have even tried tee shirts (good) and leggings (scratchy) as head coverings. Here is one of my early efforts, and you can find a great starter video here.

I’m still learning! But having a good time with my scarves. This is a Christian Audigier for Ed Hardy scarf I’ve had for 15 years.

I rediscovered this beautiful song, and I’m learning to sing it. L’heure Exquise is a haunting French art song composed by Reynaldo Hahn in 1892. My favorite, swoony version is by this young tenor, Ben Bliss. Call me, Ben.

How are you staying creative? Stay fabulous and safe, wash and wash and wash, xo

Listen to the professionals for all the latest news on the virus! Meanwhile, browse these simple treats:

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  1. Patti! Congrats on the IFB roundup.
    Sad to say, I don’t visit you as often with the lack of Visible Monday. Heck, I’m hardly bothering to write SpyGirl outfit posts. Well, work-at-home may be more of a culprit on that issue. I’m planning to go all out for Miz Bagg’s Vog-Off however! Bwahahaha.

    Because my computer setup was feeling like the Digital Dungeon, I totally rearranged my office/dressing room room. Did I find treasure? OF COURSE! It’s still in a state of major disarray, which is my natural state. I think the most useful item was finding my original analog Art Inventory cards that list lots of vital info about my art. I had shoved them to the back of the closet because I entered all the data into a digital platform. Which I can’t access because I can’t remember the password, which I have stored on a computer that died in 2015. Urgh. Finding the cards reenforced my policy of Not Throwing Anything Away. Ha.

  2. This is a beautiful song. I can imagine you singing it along the ocean at sunset. As for treasures, I found a lock of my hair from when I was about 1 year old. Why must our hair age too? Your reminiscence about high school brought back some of my own. There was a makeup called Pot ‘O Gloss or something like that. My older sister had it and I wanted one so bad!

  3. Patti, I had to laugh when I saw your tagline and head wrap! I can relate. Really? I have to wash my hair? Didn’t I perform that weary task four days ago? I did find my copy of War and Peace, and two Brahmin handbags I forgot I had. How can you forget handbags? Looking for more treasure, and thanks for your great posts.

    • Hi Sharon! We are saving valuable shampoo for future generations! I’d love to see your handbags, nice treasure-hunting. Stay well, and thanks for coming over, xo.

    • Sharron , glad you loved it but picture of model wearing is sure not I and I am assuming that the person that posted it is the one the has stolen my identity and needs to be reported To the Department of treasury for forgery and I do need to gift which is a federal crime

  4. I really enjoy your posts! Always original! I’m working on learning to tie a shemagh–head covering and mask in one.

    • Thanks Suzanne for your complimentary words! Now I have looked up shemagh-head covering and mask, and have a project for today : > xo.

  5. patti….now you got me thinking about where my high school ring is! Oh my!
    wonder if i can melt it down and make something more attractive? or keep because you never know when it might be Pinterest’s next sensation!
    xo Eva

    • They are not beautiful pieces of jewelry, right? : > But so sentimental. Keep checking Pinterest, stay safe, xo.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beauty, positivity, creative chic styling, and carpe diem life strategies.To answer your post I am rediscovering books at home I meant to read but never had time till now especially Art books as I have always gravitated to shop the Art book sale table at the Metropolitan Museum on my many trips there. I am finding truth in the saying ” Books are an endless treasure for the soul “.

    • Hello Joan and thank you for your kind words! Books are for certain an endless treasure – enjoy your art and stay well, xo.

  7. Hi Patti, since I began reselling on Ebay, I have found all sorts of things I had squirreled away in corners of the house (maybe hiding my purchases from the Mr.?). I have 3 large bags of clothing to take to the clothing exchange so I can pick up some cute, unique pieces.
    I am looking forward to thrift shops reopening so I can buy like a madwoman!

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