What Are Your Personal Closet Essentials?


A couple of years ago, I bookmarked this article by fashion photographer and writer Garance Dore. It offers a wonderful, breezy view about one’s wardrobe, not taken too seriously. In the post, she’s responding to a comment comparing her style to that of French Vogue Editor Emmanuelle Alt (also fabulous). Garance says that while she admires Emmanuelle’s Parisian chic, she (Garance) has her own ideas.

Garance’s adorable sketch, conveying she is not Emmanuelle, or any other woman: she is herself.

“We all have our own style and we can all share a few good ideas about basics. For me, the things I’m always coming back to are….”


 . . . then she lists her ten closet essentials, all so very French-girl chic (that is a compliment, not a dig!) Among her favorite pieces, quoting directly from her article:

1 – A white shirt that saves me in every situation. I always get a men’s shirt because I don’t like the overly refined feminine shirts.

This white shirt is more my style than Garance’s – I like mine slightly fitted.

2 – A pair of slim jeans. I wasn’t much of an early adopter, ohhh noooo, but I got real tired real fast of the boyfriend pants. I don’t get ’em hemmed, I never really knew how to do it right anyway, I just cut them right off with scissors, right above the ankle.

3 – Grey cashmere sweaters. Bompard. The only ones to understand a true plunging V-neck. Sexy, soft, and warm!

You can find a good cashmere sweater at a lower price than Bompard (although they are luxurious), like this pale pink one.

4 – Still a V-neck, the super thin Gap t-shirts. They get the most perfect wear-holes.


We see these pieces on lots of “closet essentials” lists. My own list would contain some, but not all of Garance’s favorites. What I like about her article is she’s not being prescriptive; your own favorites could be the complete style opposite to hers. You just have to love them. My list would contain black tees, cuffed jeans, sneakers and/or combat style boots, a simple leather bag, denim skirt, vintage bracelets. I also need my velvet technicolor blazer, tulle skirt, and floral booties.

One of my essentials: this multi-color velvet blazer, picked up at Suzanne’s online vintage shop.


Take a peek at the comments on Garance’s post; there are some fun suggestions in both English and French. And I’d love to hear below what’s on your lists.

Stay fabulous, xox,


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  1. This is such a fun post! We do all have our own style…some basics apply, like a good pair of jeans, tee shirts and I think everyone needs a white blouse. The fun part is to add your own personality and create a look that is totally about who you are and the life you live! You do that so beautifully!

  2. My summer essential list is much different than my winter one. For summer, it would be: my wide leg cropped linen pants (black and grey), loose t-shirt style dress, oversized linen tunic to wear over pants and skirts, sneakers and my fly London sandals.

  3. Essentials??
    Hmmmmm….. cashmere jumpers in bright colours, skinny jeans, white trainers, silk scarves, polo necks.

  4. Hmmm… Essentials? Bootcut jeans. I mean, I know skinny are in style, but I prefer worn bootcuts. A flowy top – I hate sucking in. A cardigan because the library is always cold. And funky jewelry because accessories are essential.

  5. That blazer is one cool piece. Thanks for the shout-out! : )
    I still favour my skinny jeans and a graphic tee. It’s not what a show on my blog or what I wear if I’m going out but it is what I wear daily to walk the dog.


  6. I never get tired of seeing your velvet blazer, Patti! If I owned it, I’d wear it everywhere! My closet essentials are black ankle pants and colored tees that I can wear with different jackets and sweaters.

  7. I’d have a difficult time listing my 10 essentials, but my denim jacket must be one of them. It’s my go-to jacket in Summer, as it goes with most of my frocks. That said, how beautiful is that blazer you picked up from Suzanne! xxx

    • Hi Ann – agree that a denim jacket is a staple. And there are so many other cool choices too! xo

  8. I enjoy men’s shirts for the same reason, they’re just roomier and more comfortable. I need to really give some thought to 10 items that really are important to me. Usually I feel like I am all over the place when it comes to clothes because my taste seems so varied. Now that I am working from home though I feel like I have more freedom to choose what I really want so maybe my personal style is starting to fully develop.
    BTW – I am planning a trip to Molly Mutt tomorrow! Can’t wait!

    • You’ve inspired me to try a man’s shirt – maybe from J Crew or other preppy brand. I enjoy your style and think you have marvelous taste! thanks for stopping by, xo

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