Take Two Favorites and Call Me In The Morning


I often plan my outfits, especially for work, the evening before. I don’t actually try them on, but I lay them out and think about the accessories I’ll add.

Occasionally on the morning of, something doesn’t work as hoped. Yesterday I found my dress was itchy, and this morning, I felt too, um, constrained (I blame the laundry!). When this happens, I prescribe myself a dose of Favorites.

This isn’t today’s Favorites, but it’s a reliable go-to: denim ankle trousers and a no-iron white shirt.

I stand in my closet and ask “What do I feel great in and love to wear?” I give no thought to how recently I wore it, or whether it’s new/trendy. Today I chose flowy wide leg trousers by Soft Surroundings, and a black long-sleeved tee from GAP’s Body collection. A necklace and bracelet, and out the door. I’m still wearing all these things as I type here at 7PM.

I am moving more and more toward this simple model of dressing. It keeps my closet much more manageable and affordable, and allows me to splurge on delightful shoes. I am taking fewer Outfit of the Day photos, because there’s a lot of repetition. You don’t want to see all my black tees, do you? ☺

Do you have a strategy for a morning when your first choice doesn’t pan out? Share, please, we all need good morning strategies!

Have a freakishly fabulous weekend.

Visible Monday is on its “off” week this coming weekend, so we can recharge and refresh. ☺ We’ll be back on Monday, November 18th (actually, the Sunday evening

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  1. Black trouser or skirt, with black pumps and a plain cut shirt – always does the job when the wardrobe feels like aliens dropped it off and stole my mine 😉

    You look gorgeous Patti!

  2. I find that starting with the bottom is easier for me – leggings, tights, etc and then i work my way up, i know funny, but i works for me –

    Dresses are an easy alternative for me – I have a love for DocMartens – I try to buy as cheap as i can and splurge on Docs –


  3. You do look very Audrey!!!
    I plan out my weeks wardrobe on Sundays–often trying things on if I haven't worn the item recently. IO still have misfires that just don't work out after a days wear!

  4. Great, fresh look! Go-tos are great when you're in a hurry or just not "feelin' it". Those shoes give your outfit a great pop of color.

    Laying out a work outfit the night before is always a good idea, especially if you have to dress while it's still dark.

    I agree with you that keeping the closet pared down is working better these days. I find it's easier for me to put outfits together. It's easy creating a variety of outfits when pieces no longer linger unworn as a result of being overlooked.

  5. Ankle length black pants/jeans, grey long/short sleeve tee or sweater, a scarf and a silver cuff. Usually, black or silver flats or boots. These always work for me.

  6. Patti, you rock those white shirts like nobody's business. Yes, those "old faithfuls" in the closet are worth every penny!

  7. I have to think of an outfit in the evenening for the next day. I have to get up at 5.15 in the morning when my husband is still asleep. Cannot wake him up and half my wardrobe is in the bedroom. Wrong choice? Tough. (Unless I can find all items of a can-never-go-wrong outfit in the other half of my wardrobe.

  8. When all else fails me jeans, t-shirt and leather jacket with boots is my standard to-go. I feel comfortable in them, casual, but the leather adds a bit that makes me look like at least I tried.

    Nothing more classic than black and white. I like how the yellow belt pumps up the whole look.


  9. I plan out my outfit posts for my blog but my day to day work stuff I just throw something together. Sometimes that is disastrous and change up the combo 2 or 3 times.

  10. I'm afraid I'm not great when a planned outfit doesn't work – I just keep switching things up until it does and sometimes it takes quite a while!

  11. I often plan things in my head – if not the the night before, then in the shower in the morning – if that doesn't work, then it's a quick last-minute rummage to find something that does. You look lovely in your monochrome basics, Patti.

  12. When i have a fashion brain cramp, i reach for my jean skirt. And sometimes, i reach for those REALLY comfortable things that are NOT photogenic; like this dolman sleeve sweatshirt. I wore both the other day!
    You have a great weekend too! Xoxo

  13. Since I began to work out early in the morning, I must plan my outfit at night or else it would make me late to work…sometimes I have to suffer through the consequences of a bad decision. But, if I know I have a day where confidence is critical for work success then I will always rely on a favorite or s known success. But, it has really helped me to think about it the night before…I think I am doing better with pulling things together since I must think about it now. Happy Saturday, Patti!

  14. Socks often trip me up. I'll have a pants outfit all ready and then not be able to find two matching socks.

  15. Looking gorgeous in monochrome, Patti! Those sandals are sexy!
    I'm not much of an advance planner unless I've got to get up and out ridiculously early, in which case I'll lay three potential outfits on the spare bed shoes, jewellery and all and see how I feel in the morning! x

  16. I'm not particularly a planner-the-night-before kinda gal but I have definitely had times when the outfit I imagined in my head doesn't pan out for some reason and I need a quick change. I'm like Sheila – a dress (any dress!) is usually my go-to option, with boots and a cardigan in winter. I think we should all have a collection of favourites which work every time and make us feel great – our best selves! Your white shirt and chic denim with fab shoes definitely fulfils that brief – you look gorgeous and you look like you, Patti! No photoshopping required for beauty here, thank you! xxxxx

  17. I used to be really good at planning my outfits the night before, but since moving I have become really lapse. I must get back into the good habit. X

  18. Well, I know it. Have set out during the night, but the morning is suddenly very cold or else my mood or a zipper suddenly broken … then rush begins: what to wear?
    Is often a bunch of clothes in a few minutes on the bed …and nothing is right –
    Fortunately, I have some favorite parts always to hand, which are tested and long imer well. They are usually not hidden in the closet, they always remain visible. Emergency clothing.

    Anyway: I often think I need nothing more than these few pieces.
    But then again I miss the funny transformation and so I always have too much in the closet and in baskets …

    Your outfit is great, so simple and beautiful.
    Have a nice weeekend 🙂

  19. I guess I tend to do that, too. I try something out that seemed good in my imagination, but in the mirror it just doesn't work. Then there's only time for something quick and dependable (and comfortable)!

  20. I wear a dress when I'm confounded by my choices (or by sleeping late!). Add tights and boots in the winter and a bold necklace/earrings.

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