How To Slow Down Time

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Remember when we were kids and summer vacation lasted about, oh, two years? Then of course the school year stretched ahead – at least three years there. I got engaged for the first time just when I graduated college, and we planned a wedding for twelve months later. Twelve months! I remember it feeling like a lifetime (I was 22, that’s now 36 years ago!).

Time does “warp” depending on our age, and our activities. Claudia Hammond wrote a book about it, Time Warped, and she’s quoted in the latest issue of Oprah magazine:

When you’re young, you’re doing many things for the first time, and your brain notes them as particularly memorable – so when you look back at those years, they seem to have lasted forever. As you get older, you’re having fewer novel experiences, so it’s easier for the days to slip by. To stretch time, make new memories – go to places where you haven’t been, take a different route to work.
When we go to New York, we always remark on this phenomenon: “Was it just today that we had coffee at Joe? Seems like two days ago.” Our routines there are anything but routine, and time seems to stretch out.
One of my commitments is to suck the most juice as possible out of every day remaining, the “routine” ones and the extra-special ones. We are all time-traveling at the same pace, and it’s up to us to make the memories that persist.
Fashion tidbit du jour:
I saw these boots on the Oprah magazine site and yikes, they are calling out to me. Leopard, moto, rugged and chic, and on sale at Dillard‘s for $130. Yum.
Sperry Top-Sider Britt Leather Boots
Have a wonderful, time-warping day!
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  1. Very interesting Patti – you know what i already do that somehow, always done it – I get bored easily or i constantly want to change the routine a bit –

    Those boots Oh My Girl, never seen a model like that, they are gorgeous, buy, buy buy!

  2. Time has definitely started to go faster! I am trying to be more mindful and take the time to notice the small, beautiful things. I'm finding it very therapeutic xx

  3. I definitely think the difference comes in how much we CAN wring out of that day. I imagine the time we spend on vacation, we're planning and doing all the time. But on regular days we may do one or two things. I know the days feel infinitely longer when I'm marking stuff off my to-do list!

  4. I have often wondered about that phenomenon of time passing more quickly as we age. I had a feeling that was why but it's good to see it on paper, you know? So novel experiences…that's the secret. I must start making some new and exciting memories as a life of routine will pass by too fast!

  5. Good advise Patti. I'm trying something new in the morning, this is such a good idea. I went to New York for the first time a few years ago and you are right, all new so many memories.

    blue hue wonderland

  6. Amen, Patti. I had similar experiences on our recent holiday, as well. Also, I think you should absolutely heed the call of those boots — they're fantastic.

  7. First I have to comment on the boots…..they are FANTASTIC! I'm a sucker for anything with leopard print and I love how these are, as you described, "rugged and chic". Claudia Hammond has touched on a great point in that many people slow down or don't have as many "first time" experiences time as they age, so it does seem that time passes by. I hope that people who are reading your post are taking the information to heart and going out to make new memories because we are never too young or too old to get out there an enjoy all that life has to offer. Thanks for sharing. =)


  8. Great post Patti!!!
    Those boots would ber a good buy even at $130 as they are classic and would get lots of wear!! and they are LEOPARD

  9. You're exactly right, we NEVER have this millisecond again to do over. Live life with no regrets, do it right the first time. Sometimes hard to do:( I guess it's those detours or lapse in judgement that make life interesting. If you have kids, life goes fast when you're young too because you literally feel like "your catching yourself coming and going" without a breath in between!

    OMG-love the boots! May have to have them.


  10. Your title makes me think of Cher belting out 'If I could turn back time'…

    Anyway, great post and great point! I'm always keen on trying new things and noticing details i.e. ladybirds on the handrailing by the river where I walk to work. I am also prone to 'wishing my life away' looking forward to things like winter when it's autumn. I do try to focus on enjoying this moment instead of always looking forward to what it's leading to.

  11. I really like this post, Patti. One major thing I've learned from my Ex is "Look at the small things" and "Make the most of the small things!" He was at least right there 😉

    Love the booties!!

    Annette | Lady of Style

  12. I keep reiterating this to my husband all the time. It's the new experiences that we remember…time to do things differently, shake things up. Don't rely on the "tried and true". I find the biggest issue as I age is that I'm not as energetic. Doing something new in my brain always seems to take more energy even though I feel more energized afterwards. Getting over the perceived "hump" is always the biggest issue.

    A great challenge would be to do something different each and every day. It wouldn't need to be big. Use a different coffee cup in the morning…change up your breakfast, try a new tea…anything to expand the brain. See, read, listen to or do something a little new. It'd be a fun thing to try!


  13. Too right! That's why we constantly travel round when we're in India, it's a hassle sometimes but way more memorable! Great boots – rock and roll! x

  14. My goal has been for a long time to live each and every day to its fullest! Love the boots Patti!

  15. I'm with you Patti! Make memories. It sounds like i need a trip to NYC. And the boots are fab!

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