Street Art And Downtown Style: Visible Monday

Street art and downtown style.  I love downtowns, from our tiny district here in Melbourne to the fabulous, expansive world of Downtown Manhattan. If I had to move anywhere today, I would say, “put me downtown.” The cafes, thrift shops, jazz clubs, vintage book stores, boutiques – I want them all nearby.

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I think downtown everywhere also has an eclectic dress code – pretty much anything goes. I’ve worn dressy dresses, vintage jeans and everything in between for hanging out. Today it’s a Flamingo sweater (we’re in Florida!) with an a-line cord skirt and suede jacket. Only the sweater is retail, from J. Crew Factory; the jacket and skirt were thrifted . . . downtown.

Foo Bar is a fun, hip place to hang out in our small town, with lots of outdoor seating. Great wine and cocktails too. And this repro of an Art Nouveau Alphonse Mucha painting is my favorite part. My Annie Hall hat is c/o Tenth Street Hats, they’re a terrific company.


Love this street mural in the East Village NYC, by artist Chico. Did you see the cat?

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Stay fabulous, and wear what you love, xo

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  1. I always seek out the “downtown” where ever I travel. I’ve found amazing street art in Denver, CO and in Toronto. We have some great mosaic wall art in my neighbourhood here in London Ontario that is excellent for photo backgrounds.

  2. I live in Brighton in the UK and there are areas full of street art. I love them as the people are as colourful as the street art and there’s a saying ‘only in Brighton!’. You say that when you see people who wouldn’t look out of place as extras in Star Wars! And that is exactly why I moved back to Brighton!

    You look cool and thanks for hosting!

    • Oh I love that, “only in Brighton”! sounds like the best kind of place to live. Thanks for sharing and linking, and have a wonderful day, xox

    • San Francisco is an amazing place, lucky you! And I really like your split-hem pants – new and fresh. xox

  3. I feel privileged to be working downtown, but wouldn’t necessarily want to live there anymore, like I did in my twenties. We have quite a lot of street art down in Antwerp. There’s one I can see from my office window, and I even saw it being painted. I think you’re wearing the perfect outfit for hanging around downtown! xxx

    • Thanks Ann. It’s great to have a view from your office window – you can watch time fly by quickly, as you so rightly said! Loving all the vintage jewelry you scored. xox

    • Thank you Suzanne. As we’ve said, a hat always makes the look. Thanks for linking; your post was a wonderful mood-booster! xox

    • I haven’t been to Charlotte in ages – would love to meet you there sometime! Your Karina dress is Spring-y and so lovely on you, xox.

  4. I saw the cat…in fact, it reminds me of a place in downtown Denver, where an artist added a bunch of “cats” (they were statues) all over an area. It was so cool to walk around and find them…

    • Oh I love things like “find the hidden statue”. Thanks for linking up with your fabulous self, xox.

  5. I agree with you Patti , always enjoy downtown too. You look great amid the street art. Many thanks for hosting , still not sure why I am sideways again, may as well be different.

    • Thank you Jill. The wetlands you visited look serene and lovely. I’m fond of the big egrets too; we have them here on the Indian River. xox

  6. Thanks for the link up. We have a restaurant in town that I’ve been going to since I was in college. It’s a local bar/restaurant type place that strangely enough is kid friendly early in the evening. We’ve been taking the kids there since they were young and it’s everyone’s favorite place.

    • It sounds like you’ve made that restaurant your own – that’s the best fun! I enjoyed your packing tips – I always leave room for the things I might acquire, too! xox

    • It is – what people create and what nature creates can be equally beautiful. I enjoyed reading your “armchair shrink” experiences with people in your every-day life. You’re a wise woman. xox

    • Me too! Love your new Jambu sandals, they’re chic and known for their comfort, xox.

  7. I wish someone would spray paint Alphonse Mucha on our wall, it’s beautiful!
    You’re like a work of art yourself in amongst the cool backdrop of downtown NYC. xxx

    • Oh, that’s too bad! Art on the street makes everything more vibrant. You, on the other hand, are beautifully vibrant in your Spring looks, xox.

    • London would indeed make a great date location! Love your playing with accessories today, xox.

  8. I love all this fun street-art, Patti, thank you for sharing it. Your flamingo sweater is adorable, as are you. Hug!

    Thank you so much for hosting “Visible Monday!”

    • Thanks, Sheila. Loved the pics of Victoria in your post, and of course, your enviable closet! xox

    • Agreed! Your portrait of your late mother-in-law is so touching. She sounds a bit like you! xox

  9. Patti, I love the “downtown” backdrops you’ve featured! So fun and so urban–wonderful! I love visiting cities, even though we live in suburbia. But we’re near the coast so I would say the beach and the ocean are my favorite places to hang out and feel free! And currently, I am loving the flowers in our yard–the rain has brought out a gorgeous bloom and that forms the backdrop for most of my photos.

    xx Darlene

    • Your garden is beautiful, Darlene! Love your styling tips for a denim dress, xox.

  10. I love your flamingo sweater. I also agree that many downtown neighborhoods are lively and exciting. Certain parts of the Village are too crowded for me, but I do like the West Village and even Alphabet city.
    But uptown is quieter and I like that . There are no tall buildings and I get to see the sun. That is my favorite! Have a wonderful week ahead.

    • I adore the West Village, it’s like a step back into graceful history. Thanks for coming by and have a lovely week ahead, xox.

  11. Patti, I go downtown almost every week either after my run or on weekends to walk and enjoy some great food . It is just sentimental place for me and I love it.

    • I loved, LOVED your post today, Lisa, about shopping green. Especially:”Buy Less. Wear and re-wear good clothes.” Excellent advice! Thanks for coming by, xox.

    • Yeah, come on downtown with me, Becky! Would love to go thrifting with you, xox.

    • Thanks Heather. And wow, the leather wrap dress you’re showing today is fabulous! xox

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