Social Consciousness, And Cool Style: pRana Hemp


As a long-time blogger, I get asked to do a lot of product promotionals. I almost always decline, if the product is not something I would buy with my own money, e.g., baked ham. We bloggers have a code of integrity!

When pRana clothing contacted me to do a promo, I was truly delighted. They’re an eco-friendly company that makes wearable, affordable clothing with a social conscience. I was asked to choose three pieces from pRana’s hemp line, and they are all excellent. Hemp is quite the miracle fiber, as I learned from this pRana video:

“Hemp is a medicine, a source of food, and a sustainable crop that can be used to create soft, vibrant clothing. It has a short life cycle, is anti-microbial, and thermo-conductive.”

Here’s a look at the pRana hemp pieces I chose, and a couple of other goodies from the site.

The Leda pants are like wearing a cloud, super soft and stretchy. They have cute back pockets too, and you can cuff or scrunch the legs at the hem. I’m wearing some different hair today – a cute blonde pixie whose tag I cut out long ago.

This Beaker knit skirt is going to get a workout in my wardrobe. It’s a nice medium weight, stretchy and a great length. I can wear it all winter with leggings and booties. More new hair – the Sweet Talk by Gabor.

Certain to be another closet favorite: the Ostara hemp top in a subtle print. It’s as warm as a sweatshirt, but more refined with tie-up sides.

And here’s a chic, super-soft dress I’d like to own and wear any day:

The Simone dress also comes in black and weathered blue. Nice.

Or how about this brilliant tote, in hemp plus organic cotton:

Also in forest green/blue.

If you decide you’d like to try a pRana piece, and enjoy the chic comfort, here’s a code that gives you a 15% discount: PHPG18. The items I’m modeling above were provided to me by pRana at no cost, but all these sentiments are my own. This is good stuff.

“Start asking questions about your clothes in the same way you ask about the food you eat, and you can help fundamentally change the way clothing is made.”


Get cozy, ask questions, and stay fabulous, xo,


Here’s some accessories to wear with your fab knits:

Please be aware that links to vendors may be affiliate links. I may benefit from your purchases through the links on the blog. Header image via this informative site.

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  1. I regularly get asked to promote stuff on my blog too, and it’s rarely ever anything I would actually buy. These are nice pieces and I have no problem with bloggers promoting something from an eco-friendly company.

  2. Fabulous pieces, Patti – they look great. I love how versatile hemp is, and the pieces look super soft and comfortable. Plus, I adore your hair! All the styles!!

  3. Good on you for choosing an ethical brand to promote, I wish more bloggers would put the environment first.
    You’ve chosen some gorgeous pieces and your hair looks great. Love that huge bag, it looks like my trusty charity shopping bag i made from a vintage curtain only far more professional! xxx

    • I love the bags you’ve made! And yes, this is a good company that’s trying to make a small dent in the fast-fashion world. Have a lovely day, xox

  4. Patti that pixie is absolutely adorable on you! I love this clothing line and the way it fits your style. Casual yet chic! I love the Simone dress, wow!

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