Show Some Skin Over 40: We’re Not Dead Yet!

It’s always up to you, how much skin you’re comfortable showing in summer. And of course, our workplaces may have dress codes (blergh) that prohibit a hint of skin. One thing that should not stop us, however, is our age. We might pass on a tube top (unless you want to do it). And super short-shorts don’t make me feel comfortable, but maybe they’re your jam. So show some skin, ladies, we’re not dead yet. : >

Go simple, classic, denim. Pam of Sidewalk Shoes is polished and summer-y in her classic white jeans and off-the-shoulder chambray ruffled blouse. A lot of us feel comfortable showing some shoulder; here’s a simple-chic way to do it.

Do summer-dressy with a little skin showing. Amy of Amy’s Creative Pursuits modeled one of her StitchFix pieces, and she looks divine. Love the way this dress flows, and the charming open neck/shoulders. She decided not to buy it, as it doesn’t mesh with her lifestyle, but she does look fab.

show skin


Shorts can be dressed up and keep us cool. Anna of Looking Fabulous At 50 put together an unexpected and sophisticated look for dinner-out, with crisp white shorts and peep-toe heels. I love this look, and showing leg this way is so dashing.

show skin

If you prefer to show just a bit of skin. Darlene of Aquamarina Style chose a slightly more covered, but still skin-baring blouse with a flattering wrap waist. If you really, truly prefer to stay covered, this is the perfect way to go: cool and modest. Love the pops of red from her bag and garden.

show skin


An easy-fitting tank top with cropped trousers. Christine of Bon Chic Style is easy-breezy in a white tank top and cropped wide-leg trousers. The tank looks perfectly fitted, not clingy, and shows a picture-perfect amount of skin for a walk at the marina. Love, love Christine’s hat and sunglasses too.

show skin


Stay fabulous and share as much/little skin as you like, it’s hot out there, xo,


Here’s some cool summer beauties to browse:

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  1. The women you feature all have great style and summer spirit. They’re clearly undaunted in their pursuit of style that makes them feel good.

  2. I would cefinitely wear the white tank and wide leg pants combo. I know that many of the women I know who are over 50 don’t feel comfortable with wearing sleeveless tops but when it’s hot, I say to heck with it, and even wear sleeveless dresses to the office (where they are very liberal about what we wear).

    • Oh yeah, sleeveless dresses are a big relief in the heat. (You live in the hot part of Canada, right?) xo

  3. Excellent examples! Thanks, Patti, for reminding me that there are bare legs and arms under all my clothing. It may get warmer soon so I’ll be ready.

    • It *may* get warmer. How I love your part of the world, we’re just able to breathe in and out here today in 100% humidity. xox

  4. Yes Patti . .lets show off the skin we are in. I love an off the shoulder or cold shoulder look too.

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