Shop Second-Hand, Look Fabulous: Visible Monday

Shop Second-Hand, Look Fabulous. I have been progressing from retail to thrift/consignment shopping for years now. I bet my current closet is 80% second-hand. Shopping is more fun this way, there’s more selection, more statement pieces, better prices, and it’s kinder to the environment. It’s not only possible, it’s rather effortless to shop second-hand these days and look fabulous.

Welcome to Visible Monday. If you want to participate, it’s so easy: just go to the bottom of this post for the how-to. Link back to Not Dead Yet Style if you like – we’re on Easy Does It “rules” now!

Just as in retail, you have to shop well when doing it second-hand, and pay attention to quality, and to the reputation of your vendor. I always feel happy/lucky getting a vintage piece from Suzanne’s Etsy shop. She is a peerless curator of vintage goods. Some of my best stuff (hello, horsey dress and velvet blazer) has come from her shop. This fab African print skirt is my latest treasure, and here’s another beauty.

The new hair is the Curl Appeal by Gabor. I love the curls that never fade or fall.

The skirt is a beautiful print. It’s likely hand tailored, and it’s lined for a wonderful feel. I love-love the high waist; it has a cool 1940’s vibe. And this is the length I like to wear all my skirts, perfect. The black top is newly thrifted in NYC, a lightweight Merino wool, for about $8.

We just visited the Andy Warhol exhibition at the Whitney Museum in NYC (go if you can!). Having studied Warhol’s amazing portraits, I am going for a Marilyn look here, heh.😃  Navy lace-up booties are retail, and from Sofft. They’re great for walking in the big city.

Are you a second-hand shopper too? Show us in the link-up.

Now, let’s see what’s in your closet, Visible Women.The guidelines to participate in the Visible Monday Link-Up are so simple:

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Note to my wonderful readers: I’ve been forced to move to Inlinkz‘ new link-up software, and there are some differences. I don’t love the email verification changes, and I sent the company a friendly complaint. They responded with this cheery note:

The [email] verification process is a mandatory change, not only for protecting your account from spam links, but mainly due to the GRPD legislation regarding Private Information data. Entrants can use their facebook login with just one click or create an account with Inlinkz by using only an email and a password of their preference. The login is permanent for each browser and the system will not ask again for a login unless they explicitly log out or they login from another computer. So, it is something they have to do only once.”

Short version: Inlinkz had to do it for security, and security is a good thing. A small pain in the ass, but a good thing.

Stay fabulous and wear what you love, xo

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  1. Gorgeous skirt – Love the colours and so jealous of your curls. We always want what we can’t have – My hair is poker straight, apart from a slight wave at the back. If I try to curl it – it tries it’s best to return to normal.

    • Thanks Alison. Yes, I am envious of your silky straight hair – gorgeous color too! xox

    • Thanks, Imogen. I really enjoyed your article about the Oscar dresses that “worked” – lots of good tips there! xox

  2. Such a beautiful skirt, I love the colourful print! I’m not a fan of the new Inlinkz either, it seems to take longer to link up and the photos often don’t appear so I have to upload manually. That’s progress hey!

    Emma xxx

    • HaHa! Progress going backwards : > Thanks for linking up – you’re stunning in hot pink! xox

    • Thanks Linda! And how about Bailey’s in the pancake mix? You have inspired me : > xox

    • Thank you, Amber! Your photos of your sail, and of the beach, are gorgeous. What a wonderful trip. xox

  3. I wish I second-hand shopped more often—I’ve often found the best treasures that way, but it is definitely a time commitment. I love sites like The Real Real and Vestiaire Collective, so I can shop on a break at work!
    Cheryl Shops |

    • Hi Cheryl! Thanks for linking up. You’re right, it does take more time to shop at the second-hand stores. But you might find a treasure! : > xox

  4. Second hand shopping is not only good for the planet and the purse, it’s a guaranteed way to find unusual pieces, like that stunning skirt you’re wearing! xxx

    • Thanks Ann! Loving your dark floral dress. And I hope you are feeling 100% very soon, xox.

    • Thanks, Jess. You’re looking wonderful in your subdued green today – it makes your hair pop even more! xox

    • Thank you Suzanne! Yes, I know you are a sister-thrifter, and one who always looks polished and chic. xox

  5. What a fab skirt, such a lovely shape on you. Suzanne’s got a great eye!
    The boots are a perfect fit with it and I love the hair.
    There’s little joy to be had from buying mass-produced new clothes, secondhand is the way to go. Buy with love, wear forever. xxx

    • Thank you Vix. A day of heaven would involve shopping Suzanne’s vintage racks and your own! Have a wonderful week ahead, xox

  6. Patti, this skirt is AMAZING! I am slowly making the transition to primarily shopping second hand. Although I do love all clothing so I sometimes can’t resist new items. But working in the consignment shop for 6 months now, there are so many great finds second hand and it is so much better for the environment!


    • thank you, Shelbee! Working in a thrift or consignment is a great experience. And I’m loving your collection of cardigans today! xox

  7. Gosh, that skirt is absolutely lovely, Patti. The other thing I love about thrifting is you can get colors that you like but aren’t “in style” at the stores at the time.
    I was at Banana Republic the other day, and all the colors were so drab. I’m ready for bright colors and pastels!!

    • Thanks so much, Jodie. Nancy’s green moto jacket is totally gorgeous. And I wrote a testimonial for you – good luck! xox

    • Thanks Becky. I am a Florida friend who is not (I hope) losing my political mind (I do sob now and then though). Love the curly blue hair! xox

  8. Wonderful “Marilyn Look,” Patti!

    I’ve been second hand shopping for over 50 years, since I was a teenager. Treasure hunting in the truest sense of the word!

    • Hi Cee! Yes, a treasure hunt is how I like to describe it too! Thanks for coming by, xox

    • Thanks Julie. You look fab with that dark plaid handbag – and congrats on a Sunshine Award! xox

  9. I mainly buy secondhand these days too, for all of the reasons you listed. It has become easier, especially with online options. What a beautiful skirt you have on today, love the colour! X

    • Thanks, Porcelina. Love your photo tour of yet another charming corner of your country! Your vintage jacket and hat are splendid. xox

  10. Patti a black top and colourful skirt is so inspiring. I want to play now. Thank you. Yes I do enjoy shopping second hand as you get such unusual pieces. Thanks for the link up and would love to see you over on mutton style Monday. Have a good week

  11. I never shopper second hand untill last Year! Now I seem to buy nothing new anymore! Second hand is so much fun and so much more unique! Love it! Your skirt is beautiful and so is your hair!
    Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

    • Hi Nancy and thanks for coming over and linking! Love all the greens in your post today, xox

  12. Hello. My name is Rena and I’m a second-hand shopper (LOL). Patti, even though second-hand shopping has gained in popularity recently, are you ever hesitant to admit to it? Opting sometimes to keep it a secret? My wardrobe is also becoming predominantly based on thrifted finds for the same reasons you gave. Your ensemble is fantastic and you look fabulous. I really like the new do, too. I hope that you’ve had a wonderful weekend.


    • Haha, Rena, we are in the same support group! I am not hesitant to admit my thrift addiction. Maybe because my lifestyle is casual, and no one much cares what I wear : > Whereas, you work in a professional setting, (and look fab – love those red booties). Thanks for coming by, xox

  13. Yes,
    That African print skirt is truly stunning Patti!
    I love the artistic abstract print. II didn’t get to see that exhibit, but today I went to the art show at the park avenue armory. It was very inspiring.
    You know how much I love to shop secondhand.

    • Thank you, Elle. I missed the show at the Armory, will try to get there in March! Your photo edit is simple brilliant, thank for sharing it. xox

  14. Second-hand is the way to go! You find such unique pieces. Suzanne really has a great eye – ah, wouldn’t it be fun to go shopping again? Have a wonderful week, Patti! Thank you again for hosting Visible Monday!

    • Ah yes, we must shop again! And Sandy and I are looking at your island as a cool retirement spot; I would promise not to drop by without texting first : > xox

  15. The skirt looks fantastic on you! You really are capturing a serious Marilyn vibe with those sexy curls.

    I wouldn’t be nearly as creative with my outfit choices without secondhand shopping.

    Thanks for the shout-out girlfriend : )


  16. Patti, I’m not much of a thrift shop shopper, but you are inspiring me! That African print skirt is adorable!! And you are so right–it really is so much better for the environment!
    xx Darlene

    • Thanks Darlene! Yes, give it a go – start at a nice, big, clean thrift shop and look for labels you love! Have a lovely week ahead. xox

    • Thanks Kellyann! I always think of you when I get some new hair : > Love your leopard accent pieces today. xox

  17. I’m a big fan of consignment and thrift shopping. You don’t have to rely on what a store decides to carry. Plus, these days, you can find better quality and fabrics.

    • Thanks for coming by, Kim! I love peeking into the Nordie’s Rack dressing room. xox

    • Thanks Nicole! I love your winter white maxi coat – dramatic and chic. xox

  18. Thrifting, preloved clothing, vintage pieces, all very close to my heart, and things I began doing when I was still a teenager as, growing up, we weren’t very well to do at all. I love the unexpected treasures you stumble upon, be it at the store itself or online, although I feel there ought to be a much stricter policing of what constitutes vintage/retro, and quality control (we want gently used, not abused). I adore your skirt, and yes, I can see the Warhol influence very clearly, Patti!!!

    • Thank you, dear Sheela. The unexpected treasure, as you say, is one of the thrills of thrifting. And you are looking gorgeous and comfortable in your skin, in your great denims. xox

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