Scenes From The City and Being Non-Traditional

We’re in the center of the universe, New York City and the West Village to be specific. Well, not the actual center of the universe but it feels like it for me.  I’ve got limited computer time on my iPad (that’s part of vacationing isn’t it?) so here’s a short post with some thrift scores, city scenes, and life philosophy.

The philosophy grew out of my hours-long visit with the wonderful Ally of Shybiker. We covered all the important topics of the day, and fashion of course. She said she’s very attracted to the non-traditional, in clothing and in life in general. Two old hippies, we are.

So thus inspired, I hit the thrift stores, using this criteria for all the stuff I touched: “Are you too traditional?” It really loosened me up and led me to the fab floral palazzo pants and boyish sneakers you see below. Who knows what today holds?


Fendi at Saks; we don’t have this in Melbourne FL : >

PicMonkey Collage

Awesome walking sneakers for $15, more lust-worthy shoes at the thrift, Rockefeller Center, and my crazy floral trousers. And, glue for 49 cents.


Here’s where I met Ally, and had the most delightful long chat.


At one of the two billion coffee shops in the city. I sipped and read an e-book. Heaven.

It’s been a more peaceful, organic visit, with Sandy still slightly under the weather following his appendectomy. But still, I have my city joy and can’t help smiling at strangers – that could get me locked up.

Stay fabulous,


As seen in NYC:

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  1. Nice to see some of your New York finds! It does feel like you are in the center of the universe when you’re there, doesn’t it? I’m glad you were still able to go even though Sandy was still in recovery mode. Hope he’s doing well. I would have tried on those orange plastic platform sandals if they were my size!

  2. Glad that your having fun and Sandy is improving! I’d have nabbed those leopard booties 🙂

  3. Patti, I’m glad that Sandy is recovering well! And super jealous of your shopping trip in NYC. I left the city a decade ago and haven’t been back since. I am long overdue for a shopping trip, for sure!

    I just wanted to let you know that I have highlighted you in my weekly blog post Little Bits of Inspiration as a great big thank you for always inspiring me!


  4. Holy sh*t, Sandy had an appendectomy?? Jeez! I am happy to hear he is on the mend, and happy to see that you are looking after yourself, doing things that are meaningful and give you peace. Take care, sweetheart!

    • Yes! He is too old for that, one of the doctors said. But he’s doing much better, thanks and hugs xox

  5. You’re in your happy place, Patti! Nothing wrong with taking things steady so that Sandy can keep up! Love those trousers, you will look gorgeous in them, I’m sure. xxx

  6. How exciting and fun! I hope Sandy won’t miss out on too much – I suppose a NY coffee shop is a good place to recover.

  7. Stay away from the glue!!
    Hope you’re having a wonderful time and Sandy continues to get better. Those trousers look fab, can’t wait to see you in them! x

  8. So happy that you still managed to get away after Sandy’s emergency surgery. I’m impressed with his stamina.

    I think those flowing floral pants are going to look lovely on you!

    One of these days I will be in NYC at the same time as you and we can thrift shop till we drop and then fall into some great cafe or restaurant to chat for hours.

    I’m so happy you and Ally had a chance to meet. She has been getting around lately : )

    I hope the weather picks up for you.


  9. Looks like you are having a blast! I would love to go there sometime. That dress in Saks is gorgeous! Miss u! Xo

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