Roaming The Great City, Without Great Style

I love this city. Not news, is it? We’re having a wonderful visit, walking to our old favorite haunts and discovering new ones. It has been stressful, however, as Sandy’s mother fell and broke her femur the night before we left. She’s in the hospital and we may have to cut our trip short to go back and add to her care team. Sandy’s brother is a top doctor at that hospital so we have that confidence.

The West Village is overflowing with things we love. Here’s Sheridan Square Garden, across from the Stonewall Inn.  The Stonewall is considered the birthplace of the gay rights movement: in 1969 the patrons fought back against police harassment and that rebellion sparked a national firestorm for equal treatment.

I asked the guys behind me if it was OK to be on a famous blogger’s blog and they agreed.  : >

I’m not much of a fashion icon today. I dressed for comfort and walking ease. I’m wearing my old thrifted tulle skirt (similar) and a thrifted Tahari blazer (sim). My feet got sore in my oxfords, so I had to add little black socks – not for looks, I tell you!

One does not leave home without one’s iPhone any more.

Another never-miss spot is in front of the Washington Square Park arch. We take this picture every trip, as a symbol of our love for this place. It was built in 1892 to honor George W. and the design was based on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

Stay fabulous, my friends, and don’t wear black socks with your oxfords,


 Browse some NYC style:

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