Reader Appreciation Day: I Love Your Comments

It’s so gratifying to get comments. First, it is a thrill to realize someone, somewhere out there reads my posts! Then they took the time to reflect and comment and share a piece of themselves. I’d like to start a tradition of highlighting some reader comments from time to time.

If I didn’t mention your comment today, please, please, be assured: you are so appreciated, so welcomed, and every one of you makes my heart beat a little faster when I see the orange message “there is a comment”. It’s like seeing “there is a gift for you”!

In response to a post about Thrifting, Tammy outed herself:”I’m a die hard thrifter. I find better quality and unique items. I have a slightly wacky personality so unique is a good fit!”

Une Femme shared my love for flats:  “Heels aren’t for everybody, and foot health and posture are more important than a certain look.”

Pam wrote about a Beatles memory:  “I remember standing in a line at the movie theater to see Hard Day’s Night that went around the block twice! And then again to see Help! And the older girls screamed through the whole thing so you couldn’t hear anything.” Me too, Pam. I remember.

The always delightful Terri had a comment on a post about Accessorizing: “Maybe you should try stacking many bracelets on one arm. That seems to be the rage lately.”  After which I discovered the meaning of the “Arm Party” and there’s been no turning back. Thanks Terri!

A post about Vanity brought some thought-provoking comments:

Allie said: ” I prefer the blogs of real women, where I can see their faces as well as their bodies, it makes them real and makes me care about them as people . . .  A GOOD blog is about the person, not the quality of the photos. 🙂 ”

She Who Accessorizes Well: “Are we being vain? . . . Funny, but I went to my Mother’s today and she wanted to see the blog. I brought up the blog and on her computer screen I look positively skinny. Wow, who knew that is all it took 8-D!”

Joanie: “I feel if I am going to put pictures on the world wide web and call it a fashion or lifestyle blog, then I should be somewhat concerned with how I look in those pictures.  . . .  PS: I think grown women should be allowed to be as vain as they want 🙂 ”

Anne put her finger right on the pulse: “Taking good pictures is HARD. It’s not that you don’t look fabulous, or that you’re too vain, or anything. It’s hard to get a natural, yet flattering expression when you’re not trained as a model.”

Serene: “Style isn’t about perfection, it’s expression.” Amen, sister.

A post about the non-compliment “You Look Good For Your Age” stimulated some discussion:

Audi: “I think people have just forgotten good manners; no compliment that is heartfelt should ever be qualified.”

Retro Reva:  “And, it is especially ouchy when a guy says, “I’d go out with someone YOUR AGE”! . . . I think it’s time to start a beauty revolution!”

Paula: “It makes me crazy when I hear it; but then again, maybe they think I’m 29??”

Shayla: “I’ll be 45 this year and have not heard that ‘compliment’. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad now. I have started being called “ma’am” though which makes me cringe!”

I mentioned I’d seen the movie “Cowboys and Aliens” and wondered why the aliens are always bugs, never kittens?

Beryl: “One of my favorite films is “My Stepmother is An Alien” with Kim Bassinger as the Alien – not a kitten, but no slime either.” Beryl got that right.

WendyB: “The kitten aliens have been eaten by the bug aliens. It’s an alien-eat-alien world out there.”

My Boy King: Kitty …. or Alien?

Debbie: “I LOVE black cats. They have the best personalities.”

Thank you all, the listed and the not-yet-listed, SO MUCH, for reading and responding.

Visible Monday Reminder:  Monday August 8th is Visible Monday, a group posting for anyone who’d like to participate. The simple guidelines are here. Basically, just post something that makes you feel wonderful/visible, and link to it via my Monday post. Easy and fun.

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  2. Yes, Anne, thanks for noticing. It's such an honor to be recognized by Sally, whom I consider one of the finest bloggers around.

  3. Thank you for mentioning me. I really enjoy reading your blog and appreciate all your comments on mine as well. More than anything I appreciate the sense of community those of us over 50 as well as the much younger bloggers have together. It is a joy to read everyone's blogs each day.

  4. Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!

    I enjoyed reading your post, commenting is really a form of art. Seriously that was my conclusion, plus some really good EQ. I try my best to put down sincere thoughts, cause I believe it means a lot to the blogger. I enjoyed reading your readers' comments, some funny and some thought provoking. Thanks for sharing, they're really great tips on how to comment sincerely. I learnt something today. Have a great weekend!


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