Packing For NYC: What Not To Forget

I have an inclusive packing list I’ve created after lots of NYC trips. It helps me remember the non-clothing items that makes a trip easier. And as for clothing, whatever I don’t bring, I can find there. It’s the greatest shopping city in the world (imho).

Here’s my list of “little things” that make a big difference when we travel, and I would love to hear about yours:

  1. Glasses. Extra readers tucked away in my purse, carry-on and pockets!
  2. Vitamins. I put them in a snack-size Ziploc bag.
  3. Meds. Don’t want to leave these behind, though they are thankfully few.
  4. Hat. I have a crushable sun hat that fits my big melon.
  5. Book lights. Because you don’t know what kind of lighting you’re going to find at an AirBnB apartment. And I have to read before I fall asleep, or I don’t fall asleep.
  6. Our itinerary. The LIST of all the cool things we’ve talked about doing, with dates and times and websites. I forgot it once, and actually cried.
  7. Tea bags and sweetener. For that first evening, in case we didn’t get to the grocery yet.
  8. Event tickets. These are mostly on our cell phones now, but I still like a paper ticket when traveling.
  9. Sheet music and pitch-pipe. For my newest obsession.

And here’s my core wardrobe for the week:

Untitled #51

Two boyfriend trousers and a casual skirt, solid and print tops, a light jacket for a cool night. The shoes have to be ultra-practical, as does the cross-body bag. A scarf for a pop and simple jewelry. That should do it, along with a comfortable Karina dress for travel days.

Stay fabulous,

Browse my suitcase:

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