Mixing It Up: Style Advice From Paris

I’m enjoying Ines de la Fressange’s book Parisian Chic (I don’t love the nearly 100 pages devoted to where to shop in Paris, as I am not scheduled to be there for . . . some time). Ines has a light, breezy writing style and although she issues edicts about dressing, she keeps her tone light.

We ripe and mellow bloggers feel no compulsion to follow fashion rules, unless our office has a dress code. Even then, we stretch the boundaries where possible. My own insubordinate rule is to wear what I love and what makes me feel fabulous.

So disclosures aside, I really like Ines’ list of ways to Mix It Up in style. “Too many rules, followed too closely, are never a good idea,” she says. Here are her ideas for a more personalized style, one that doesn’t give a fig for “good taste” or “head to toe” coordination.

For a change, try:

Untitled #48
Untitled #49
Floral frocks and biker boots
Untitled #50
Tux jacket and sneakers (and McQueen scarf – sigh)

Are you a mixer? I think you are.

Stay fabulous,

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